Woman Brutally Beaten During Home Invasion in Millburn, New Jersey

Woman Brutally Beaten During Home Invasion in Millburn, New Jersey

Feeling culturally enriched yet?

At around 10:30 am on June 21, 2013 a diversity’s finest invaded a home on Cypress Street in Millburn, New Jersey by kicking a door in and beat up a young woman in front of her 3 year old daughter who sat on the couch. The brutal black on white attack was caught on the woman’s nanny cam.

The intruder punched and kicked the woman with full force, put her in a choke hold and threw her down a flight of stairs. After the beating, the diversity’s poster child made off with the victim’s wedding ring and an undetermined amount of other jewelry.

The woman also had an 18 month old sleeping upstairs. She was taken to a hospital where she was treated for injuries to her face and legs.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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245 thoughts on “Woman Brutally Beaten During Home Invasion in Millburn, New Jersey”

  1. What a fucking piece of shit, fucking bastard, it’s ok they will find him and when they do he’s going to prison and there gonna beat his ass like that and then butt rape him, this video made me mad :)(

    1. No. That nigger will probably come up with an excuse for what he did. Like “She kept driving by my house and shouting racial slurs” or “She is a member of the Klu Klux Klan and tried to kidnap my grandmother” Or some shit like that.

        1. Just wanted to give an update to those who may not know. This fucker was apprehended in Manhattan, NY today and is now in central booking. Hopefully he will be on the receiving end of many similar beatings very soon.

      1. Because this is a black on white crime you’ll never hear anything else about it. There are more than a few cases of black on white crime that you’ll never hear about unless you see it here on BG . If it were white on black crime it would be all over the news. Whites are being thrown under the bus. You have brown pride, black pride even yellow and red pride but if I happen to say that I have white pride I’m called a raciest. wtf? We as whites need to wake the fuck up and take care of ourselves. The government isn’t going to take care of us. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

        1. You’re exactly right. You’re not alone. I think most whites over the age of 30 agree with you and know whats going on. The pussy ass faggots that make up the 18-25 age group are who are ruining the U.S. Soft little PC bitches.

      2. Hi everyone! I am new here. I really love this site, i am completely addicted BUT… Whenever i try and tell people about the videos they look at me as though i was a serial killer. I don’t think it’s strange to be curious about things like this. This video is sad, you’re not even safe if your own home. That is why i keep scalpels all over my house, they’re used medically for a reason! I would slice that porch monkey’s throat if he came into my house!

      1. Niggers disgust me. All they do is nag about how their put down in society and blame the white man for all their problems. All these worthless ass niggers don’t have anything to do in their lives unless they make it into the NBA or any other sport or if they don’t make it as another fucking mindless shit rapper. Niggers are the biggest scum on this earth and should be sent back to their country so they can go fuck more monkeys and make another strand of AIDS. I can’t even go go watch the fucking news because 9/10 of the fucking crimes are caused by these fucking niggers. Why don’t you fucking monkeys get off the fucking welfare check and the KFC and go get a fucking job and live a normal life.. oh wait your ape genes don’t let you.

      2. That’s a big black dude right there. He probably will victimize other inmates in prison. Smaller guys who are thieves or drug possession convicts. Too bad the lady didn’t have a gun to defend herself. She could easily be dead right now. Last Wednesday, here in Florida, a friend of mine was sitting in his bedroom and 3 black males kicked in the door and came in with shotguns. My friend some how managed to shoot two of them dog dead and the third guy ran away.

    2. Bitch ass nigger mother fucker this is a coward I hope n pray he rots in jail and gets what he got coming to him he deserves to be beaten to death , he could of took what ever he wanted he didn’t have to hurt her

  2. just reinforces the fact that you can take a nig out of the jungle but you cant take the jungle out of the nig… i saw this today and was just sickened by it. a good reason why some folk need guns and be trained to kill on sight.

  3. This makes my blood boil. What a Fucken piece of shit. What a Fucken cunt! What right does anyone have to come into your home and feel they have the right to attack like that. I’m soooo pissed I can’t even put it into words. This arsehole needs to be strung up by his tiny balls and brutalised to a very slow and painful death! Cunt.

    1. I agree. It is hard not to feel anger and disgust, watching this. It helps to see it though. Because it made me think of my scenerios if it were to happen to me. And the first chance I got, I would grab my gun and shoot……Thanks to my 2nd Amendment Right.

      I pray he is caught soon.

    2. He probably watched her husband leave knew she was home alone and what a big brave fuck he was to beat a woman in front of her child what a fucking coward but they are cowards they either beat up on women or fight in large numbers. absolute scumbag coward they are not raised right and it shows, always bleating about why is it always blacks in prison, because its blacks like this spineless bastard that commit hate crimes on defenceless white women I hope he gets caught and he gets a good beating.

    1. there’s this burger king near my house that had nothing but mexicans working there. orders always came up fast and the place was actually clean. now its nothing but black people working there and all the orders take at least 20 mins, drive thru is always packed and the inside looks like shit with all the tables sticky as hell and the bathroom is literally piss soaked.

      1. Yea there are good blacks just like Latino’s however i do feel that there should be certain states where only blacks, can live. also Mexican’s should have there own state. In return there should be only white states. That way people that don’t want to live with blacks or Latino’s or Asians can live there.
        I think that those cultures should have a place to.
        I do respect Hispanic and African american, there are allot of them who fought and died for this country just like Caucasians. However i do feel like if people don’t want to live with other cultures, they should have that right.

        1. ” However i do feel like if people don’t want to live with other cultures, they should have that right.”

          Absolutely. People call Whites racists, Nazi’s, White Nationalists and White supremacists for simply wanting our Countries to remain.. well, our Countries, to retain their European heritage and feeling.

          Yet, they won’t say a thing to Japan, Korea and so on who are the very embodiment of that.

          We shouldn’t be forced to live around people we don’t want too.

          I don’t want to live around Blacks or Muslims. I’d absolutely prefer to live in a Country 100% White, to be honest, with my own people.

          Why is this so wrong?

          If Japanese want to live around Japanese, they can go home to Japan. Koreans, same thing. The Far-East side of the Asian continuent is all predominantly Asian.

          Similar for Blacks and Africa, Arabs and the Middle-East and so on.

          Whites have nowhere to just live around, work around, play around, raise a family around just Whites. The very thought would have us called racists and other names.

          1. well to be fair, then we’d have to give there there own state, but dam there’s alot of em. I think some states should be segregated.

          2. In America, I imagine that’s a compromise many would be willing to make. Americans are never getting rid of Blacks – unlike Europeans who do have a small chance of expelling the hordes of Blacks and Muslims roaming their Countries.

            It would never happen because of the lesson of South Africa: Whites can build a prosperous, civilized Country in the worst spots on the planet, like they did with South Africa, and Blacks cannot do anything but destroy that.

            You’d have a situation whereby one state would be like Switzerland, and it’s neighbour would be like Zimbabwe.

            Blacks would be invading the White state en masse.

          3. Why is this so wrong?

            its not wrong. I think the big part of america, being that it belongs to everyone. Because it started out belonging to the native american’s. And well now its run by whites. So in fairness. Native americans should have a state of there own. However this would cause another issue. the issue of, we’ll we want california, no, we do, no we want colorado, no we do.
            So put it to lottery. 2 states, for each race. I don’t think its wrong to not want to live with blacks, muslims, jews, hispanics, aisians, indians, whites, whatever.
            Segregation is absolutely the best way. For those that want it.

  4. This nigger could have taken what ever he wanted without harming the woman. He’s a violent piece of filth that should be put down like a lame dog. If the community people catch this guy first I would love to see a good ole lynching American style…

  5. It’s no wonder they have such a high number of aids cases, natures way of eradicating this species of incompatible fucking animals. This fucking coward needs the old pliers and blowtorch treatment. Or to be run over by a steam roller at a rate of 1 foot a day, while medics stand by just to keep him alive longer so he suffers more. It’s cunts like this id spit on. Now I see why they lynch people in 3rd world countries

  6. And then they ask why do they get stereotyped. It’s not even a racial thing, it’s more of how they act and the things they do that makes everyone think of them as APES.

    Monkey is as monkey does.

    1. That would be the day that this guy uses the two terms “victim” and “society” in once sentence.

      The awesome way the justice system works here is (hopefully) arrest his ass, take him to trial, send him to jail for a couple years (if even for that long) and simply wait until he gets out (fully rehabilitated – my ass) and walks into the next home pulling off the same shit all over again. Nice.

  7. I am sure that there is a perfectly good, politically correct reason for this man’s actions.

    Does he feel anguish about what his ancestors might have gone through during the slave trade?

    Does he believe that the government are always trying to keep a player down?

    Does he feel that twerking should become a national sport?

    Does he need dat mad respectz without having or trying to earn it?

    These questions need to be considered before we judge this man otherwise I fear that we will lose our humanity.

    1. lol, I am sure this victim of society has a reasonable and justifiable cause for just trying to make ends meet…
      However, if ever diversity’s finest tries to make ends meet by breaking into my house- well, lets just say I have a “little friend” that is neither racially inclined nor sexist.

    2. so you honestly think a black guy does this and goes up to other blacks and in detail describes what he has just done to which the other blacks respond to it y saying “my nigga”……GTFO…….this shit is frownedupon in very society…..ever wonder why theyhave so many lynchings in africa..because of theifs and rapist and murderers…….its not tolerated

      1. Every*……..Come on guys I give fault to those committing the acts not the whole race…… Back in china this kind of stuff happens on a daily basis and if caught the perpetrator is given quick street justice simple because it is not tolerated.

      2. South Africa has one of the worst crime-rates and murder-rates in the entire world.

        The only time that Country even looked partially liveable was when the Whites ruled it. Now it’s like Detroit in the United States, but worse, obviously.

    3. Honestly empty,I believe that a human being that has acknowledged everything you said, would not resort to such violence. A man that is capable of doing so would consider the undeserved long term effects he brings onto the person he harms, the man I describe would steal a loaf of bread, but not by resorting to violence. The fact is, and you know it as well, that man is not human. He may resemble our anatomy, but his brain has yet to develop to our level of consciousness.

  8. That’s why i installed metal security gates outside my house. No fucker can get in but i still sleep with a baseball bat under my bed. If you ever tried to get in my house to hurt me or my son your getting the bat over the head as you try to come up stairs. I know it’s easy to type things to try to sound tough but when it’s just you to protect your child in a dangerous city you will do some weird stuff to proetect

    1. I’m going to tell you the same thing I told my mother. A baseball bat is not a great weapon for a woman to use against a man. If you’re not strong enough to bash a guys head open with one swing, he’s probably going to take it from you then you’re fucked. A knife is a much better choice. The guy will come at you real close, zip zip zip, a few pokes in the neck and its all over. In a home invasion situation, always be the attacker, never the defender. The invader will be shocked and run away 90% of the time.

          1. I wrote several comments regarding this article, and deleted them all. I’m finding it hard to put my stirred emotions into words. Prison is too good for this nigger. I think track him down, kidnap him exact your revenge and either kill him or leave him crippled for life. Actually death sounds better when I think about it. I don’t judge all niggers to be like him, I know there are descent black folk around so I will not judge the black race by this mother fuckers actions.

          2. And that’s why this kind of thing will continue. Until all Blacks are judged like this, there simply won’t be any change whatsoever. They are content to just let this kind of thing continue. Why stop it?

            Until Blacks are ostracized or outright segregated (which is what should happen) things like this will simply continue and get worse. They have no responsibility, morals or character in that community. They blame everything on the White man and racism.

        1. Go one step further and get a friend to practice some stabbing techniques with. Get something thats not sharp, a toothbrush works really well. Have your friend grab you then practice ways to stab them. The neck is a good spot but also the area about two inches below the bellybutton. You stab someone there in real life and the fights over.FYI if you have a guy to practice with be sure to tell him to use his full strength.That way in a real situation you already know what a mans full strength feels like and how to counter it.

      1. I understand totally of the concept of a man just taking a weapon from a woman and turning it on her. normally I would say to a women try to talk yourself out of a situation and never pull out something to use as weapon against a man because they will take it off you. But trust me, if someone got in my house it would be a creeper, their not going to come running full force their going to be creeping up the stairs and I’m going to hear them as soon as they get in my house. A baseball bat can be a great equalizer, he won’t see me, I’ll be standing in the dark stealthier than he thinks he is. I’ve been through this scenario in my mind many times, I know exactly the right time to club him coming the stairs withouth him realizing. I know i’m just a woman but trust, I can brain a man with a baseball bat if I get unaware.

        1. sorry but no! you don’t want an invader that close to you ! and making a kill shot with a bat in the dark is very tough and no they don’t creep it is an invasion , a bust and run , get in fast and get out fast ! I knew a nigger in Houston that did this kind of shit , glad to say he’s in jail now ! you need a gun cause you don’t want them bat or knif close ! even if you miss with the shot they will still run out trying to keep from getting shot !

        2. That’s what great about having a dog. They make it known when an intruder is in the house. My alarm company told me that just having a dog (or even just a “beware of dog” sign) decreases your chances of an intruder breaking in. I guess intruders prefer not to have barking sounds that could draw attention to their activities. Plus, a “beware of dog” sign could mean anything from a single chihuahua to pack of pit bulls who have been trained to kill. It’s a gamble that some intruders don’t want to take.

      2. You’ll just make a filthy mess of your house. Unfortunately, a home invasion is unpredictable; Not everybody has the fortitude to lay plastic sheeting down, ala Patrick Bateman – prior to ventilating the flesh and releasing the wine.

        Cheers ! ! !

    2. i have no doubt your good with that bat, but in all honesty, if your a woman or even a small man, you should consider getting a firearm. Think about it, do you think you could take on a cage fighter with your bat?
      Because that is the cituation. I myself am a pretty big guy, but there are true hard people out there that will take a blow of a bat, and turn around an beat me to death with it. This guy is not that big, but there are real monsters. I would suggest a hand gun, or shot gun. Training to use it as well. Most important tho. Training to keep it safe from your son. Locking safe, with you only have the key. But yes, a firearm is the true equalizer. God made men, Sam Colt made men equal.

      1. We can’t really have guns in England, like I said I have thought about this scenario a lot of time, you need a plan. running around freaking out itsn’t going to help you. I really have thought about this, I;m not just trying to sound tough. I know exactly the right stair to swing the bat at them and I would do what I hat to do. I would hate to have to spill someones brains but if I had to protect me or my son I would and I’ve thought about it enough to know what to do because there is no one that’s going to protect me or me son except for me.

          1. @it’s,
            I only ever had one dog, i’m a cat person. I like dogs but I just don’t understand them and it seems the responsibility of having a dog is like having a child. A cat just fucks off out the window and you might see it for days, but dogs seem to need constant attention.

        1. Lucky for you, You’re not that special. The chances of something like this happening to you are still quite low. Unless of course, you put yourself in a high risk living situation , like being a single white female in an all-black Niggahood. Or worse, voluntarily fucking one, in which case you would deserve your chocolate chimp daddy’s loving punches to make you feel special.

        2. Nothing ever goes down like it happened in your head. Best bet would be a solid metal bedroom door with great locks. Bear mace and a large fighting knife. Feel around MANY different knives and get one that you basically don’t even realize you’re holding, the more natural it feels in yout hand, the better. If someone breaks into your house stay in your room behind your large metal door and get the mace prepared. God forbid he comes (some how) through the door, mace him then stab him, till he’s dead. Look up Israeli knife fighting, great for close quarters knife fighting, also take a class or two. A bat isn’t a good choice.

        3. Don’t feel the slightest bit remorseful about spilling someone’s brains that invades your home. It’s like I tell my fiance….they’re not coming in to tuck you in and kiss you goodnight.

      2. I wouldn’t recommend the knife or bat if you’re a single mother. Not a chance in hell. You fuck that up and suddenly there is an adrenaline pumped psycho doped up on fight or flight. The natural response for most males in that situation is rage and you don’t want to be on the receiving end. Like someone else said, you want a dog. A big, trained, loyal Rotty or German Shepard. That and perhaps (and I say this with relativity) a firearm. You don’t want to kill anyone, so an idea would be to load a shotgun with rocksalt. Goes off the same, feels the same and is significantly less lethal.

        If England is anything like Australia, causing your attacker the least physical trauma is also in your best interests. The law will prosecute you just the same as if you killed a guy in the street. There was even a case here where a burglar successfully sued his victim after cutting himself on some glass he smashed making an entrance.

        1. my 2cents would be a can of mace, a beware of dog sign, and if you are not into dogs there are some recordings of loud dogs barking that you can get worked into your security features so if someone breaks in the dog barking goes off…that would pretty well take care of most intruders

  9. I saw this yesterday. Can’t say I’m surprised. I’m pretty sure they’ll eventually find this gem of a “man”. When they do, I’m pretty sure there won’t be any police brutality action either. Lol, there never is when there should be!

          1. I?ve been thinking about this the whole day, and I came to the conclusion that it has to be the way how I click my mouse. I was also hesitating, how to answer this horny guy, but the drawbacks would be too unpleasant to pull through my female alter ego. Its funny how this site slowly turns into a digital dark room. 馃檪

          2. heh @cooch

            you are just so warm and fuzzy…im expecting you to be throwing kisses and hugs in your next post…lolol
            it must be the tender way you are handling your keyboard/mouse…

            soon we shall read, ‘How do I love thee; let me count the ways…’

            *sigh* sensitivity..isn’t it beautiful?

          3. Hahaha, I?m rather warm and hairy, but I like to lure the women with my fluffy nature and pretending that I?m brittle like a little puppy. Why should this tactic be only reserved for ladies?
            Then, when they cant escape from my sticky web, I cocoon them and put them in the fridge.
            Sensitivity? Hell yeah, its beautiFOUL!

  10. Motherfucker, he could’ve taken anything he all he wanted was to steal. The ape had to beat the poor woman in front of her child. Now this poor kid will grow up traumatized by this incident that will make her be afraid of any “brother” that she sees. And people wonder why we hate niggers ,pieces of shit that instead of working like a normal person does they steal and steal.

  11. That’s classic nigger behavior right there. He might be big and bad on the streets but when you go to jail or prison and word gets out you hit a female all street cred goes out the window. And your bottom of the barrel, baby. Hope the real niggas on the inside gut this little bitch boy pussy

  12. This has been all over the news in the NJ/NY area. He’ll be in jail by the end of the week and receive many beatings several times worse shortly thereafter. Even hardened criminals have a code when it comes to violence against women and children, he’ll be getting straightened out soon enough.

  13. this is the reason people think bad about blacks yeah most serial killers are white but there are more crazy attacks like this on an everyday basis then there are serial killing. ugggg bp

  14. Thats the thing with guns, you need to have easy access yourself, but keep it under lock, a good non pick able lock,. You and you alone have the key.
    Kids are curious. Be aware that they are clever as well. Kids, especially boys, love guns, so keep it locked. Only access to you.
    But really a firearm, is the only real protection against hard core pit fighters. You got to keep that in mind.
    Safety first always. If you put as much time in training and safety that you do surfing the web. You’ll be ok.
    I was raised in Canada, with firearms all my life. From the time i was six i was shooting with my father. Safety was his main rule, and its the best. Because thats more important then protection. Alot of times, we needed to depend on firearms, due to bears and wolves. But, i never once had to use it against a bear. So that being said. It was more important to put the gun in a safe after hiking, and lock it up. And keep the key on me at all times. on my neck-less. That is the importance of safety. Because if i went to the restroom, my kid brother who was 10 could that fast, swipe the key, and open the safe. So me and my father only had a key. At 16, my brother was far better with a weapon the me, so he earned his own key. Thats how it worked in my family. Respect the weapons, cause its not a movie, you can’t rewind. Knowledge and training.

    1. Smart lady. This is the truth of it. Don’t like the media or brainwashing leave you unprotected and at their mercy. Don’t let people who say “I like Black people, but niggers are..” confuse you.

      There is very little difference. If you live around these people, always understand this type of thing is highly possible.

      1. Although Blacks are a small minority in this place (around 3%) it shows you always have to be vigilant around them, not matter what.

        Personally, I’d advise moving to Maine or New Hampshire, or some place in Europe, but they’re all getting bogged down with them now, too.

        There isn’t really any place to go where you can escape these people.

          1. I’m not sure if they’ve invaded the extreme north of Canada yet.

            But they will. I lived in a place devoid of these people for 20+ years. Now they are everywhere like a cockroach infestation.

            Over the last 2-3 year period, we have been getting absolutely hammered with them.

            And of course, they get jobs ahead of us, housing placement, Uni placement, they are all over the club and bar scene etc.

    1. One doesn’t simply touch a subject that paints the privileged people negatively, Fapple.

      No – they’d rather keep up the charade of Blacks being these noble, honorable, intelligent peaceful people, discriminated against at the hands of the evil Whites.

      All this video shows is a racist White woman being attacked by a said peaceful privileged man. Most likely she turned him down, and thus it was her own racist fault. Or at least, that’s how Liberals and Whites who suffer from White-self hate and White guilt will see it.

      Those of us who are aware know the truth – this behaviour is all too common, it’s not an aberration, an outlier – it’s normal, it’s daily.

      1. And it’s a fantastic example of where a lot of countries in Europe including mine (Ireland) are heading. Like a crystal fucking ball. And the state rams it down your throat like a big dirty multicultural cock. Well, get ready to fucking gag cause its coming. (I’m to pissed off for puns so il leave them to the good folk here at bestgore

        1. Yup – Western Europe is absolutely fucked. They are brainwashed to the 9th degree into accepting this garbage, and their populace is way too weak and passive to do anything about it, well, the ones who want to do anything about it. The majority of them are LIberal Leftists and support ‘multicult’ and massive immigration.

          It broke my heart the other day when I clicked on a video from Ireland with the title “Two Irish Lads Sing” or something to that effect, and one of those ‘Irish’ lads was Black as tar. I knew England was fucked – I didn’t realize the other parts of the UK were, too.

          I imagine you have a ton of race-mixing females there, too. England is absolutely full of ’em. If not worse than the US, they are just as bad.

          1. Absolutely @Silenced, in my opinion we are 2.5-3 generations behind the UK in terms of infestation. Illw put it to you this way; 90% of immigrants here still speak English with the accent from their country. The day some black wannabe gangster threatens me or starts shit with me, I’m dropping the fucker. I’d rather fight and risk the consequences of injury/arrest than bend over and let my soul get raped by taking this bullshit. I often find myself remarking to my friends about the lack of blacks/Indians etc. when we watch movies/tv shows from Ireland as recently as the early 90s. They are fast becoming distant memories unfortunately

          2. And the race-mixing females you speak of, they are all welfare receiving degenerates ie. no interest in contributing to the country, just bleeding it dry by having 4 or 5 kids so they get more free money and a house given to them. Guess what type of foreigners they are shacking up with? Ones just like them, with a sprinkling of violence and the scumbag hustle they took with them from the shithole they came from.

          3. Where I’m from in Canada, for the first 22 years after I was born (and obviously, many, many years before that) you wouldn’t spot a single one of them. The only time you’d see them is if you watched a movie from the States, or watch MTV or some other garbage.

            For the past 3 years, they are everywhere. Like an infestation of termites or cockroaches, with the exception that this infestation will destroy an entire city and turn it into a hellhole and we aren’t allowed to treat it.

          4. Regarding race-mixing, I feel confident in saying I estimate around 80 to 90% of the White female population in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia at the age of 18+ have either race-mixed (primarily with Africans) or have no problem with it.

            Really, it’s just part of a larger problem with our women, I think. I don’t use ‘our’ as a possessive, either, but a descriptor. ‘Our’ as in ‘White’.

            I can’t explain to you how I got that number – it’s just the way my mind works. I see trends, how they develop, how common they are, how far they spread, how fast they spread, etc.

            I can’t speak on Eastern-European women.

  15. This chick said that she didn’t fight back or scream because she thought it would make things worse. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Every woman who gets raped says the same thing ” He said be quiet and don’t struggle or he’d kill me.” If an attacker isn’t willing to kill, fighting back won’t make him kill. On the other hand if his intent is murder, or rape and murder then he’s going to kill you anyway. Fighting back is the best thing you can do. Make as much noise and fight as much as you can. This guy could have beat this woman to death without any struggle from her at all. Who would have protected her children then?

    1. The main reason she said she didn’t scream was so she wouldn’t scare her daughter and make her scream for fear of that nigger turning on the innocent child too. If I were in that situation, I would probably try and fight back. She lives in a rather busy neighborhood, so chances are that someone would have heard her. It is scary that shit like this happens in your backyard, I live less than an hour from there. Thankfully I’m in a very rural part of Jersey where there are very few niggers.

  16. In Texas he would of had 17 rounds put in his chest . An people want take our guns away get the fuck out of here . Poor women had to endure that brutal beating . Hope she is well. I carry my gun on my hip 24 hrs a day on me to kill scumbags like that . They shouldn’t be tried in court they should get a public beating and a deadly beating

    1. Glad there was no sex assault,and what with the kid being right there.
      The one who mentioned self defense is one way to go.And great exercise. I dont live in the greatest of hoods so that is one thing I have been thinking about.

  17. if she had managed to fight him off and injure or even kill him, she would be a racist and sent to prison.
    you basically have to let a nigger rob you, rape you or kill you, otherwise you are racist and guilty of hate crime for stopping him from doing what he wants to do.

    1. You watch TV with your AK on your lap all the time? Constantly with you? Didn’t think so. Stupid idea. Also, you shoot your AK in your house and you miss, those bullets travel possibly killing your neighbors. Stupid idea.

      I’d kick your dumb fucking dogs in the throat the second they looked at me.

      A pistol in a shoulder or hip holster. The only way of surviving.

  18. Guns guns guns guns guns guns guns.

    I’ve said it once and I will always say it again: If the GOOD people all had guns the BAD people would be too afraid to pull theirs out. Shit like this wouldn’t happen.

    1. people might think twice about their actions if 90percent of the people were carrying. it’d be a little of the Old West. might have people thinking shit through, like “do i really wanna risk death over this or should i just keep walking?”

  19. I have arrested many pieces of shit like this after he is arrested and he is on his way to jail he will get a first hand course on why you dont hit women and it will be even worse since he did it in front of her child

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    1. Yes thats the best bet. Teaching people to live safely with guns is a goal for all good souls. I don’t have children so its just me and the wife. I have weapons placed all over the place. When we have company. I put them all in the safe. When the company leaves, i put them all back. It just takes a little extra time. My wife knows how to shoot as well. If this dude broke in on her. It would of been a different video. but again we don’t have kids.

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