Woman Brutally Mugged in Borough Park Subway Station, Brooklyn

Woman Brutally Mugged in Borough Park Subway Station, Brooklyn

Caught on CCTV in Brooklyn, New York – young punk wearing college fraternity hoodie with Alpha Phi Delta letters on it brutally mugged, beat and robbed 56 year old woman before running off with her cash. NYPD arrested 21 year old Aidan Folan for alleged crime.

In the video dated March 9, 2013, the assailant is seen grabbing 56 year old Dina Perez by her coat and repeatedly pushing her against the wall of the 18th Avenue Subway Station in Borough Park in an effort to grab her purse.

During the minute long attack, the attacker threw the woman to the floor and kicked her as she tried to get up. He then dumped the contents of her purse on the ground and chased after her as she tried to run away.

NYPD reportedly didn’t have hard time tracking the mugger down thanks to the Alpha Phi Delta letters on his hoodie and his nickname of Stugotz on the top back. Aidan Folan was a member of the Alpha Phi Delta fraternity while attending St Francis College from which he dropped out after one year.

Looks to me like the mugger is a guido wigger. LOL, that’s some pretty fucked up combo right there. Guigger!

Gallery of a few pics:

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        1. Nobody is trying to take anyone’s guns just high capacity ones. There is no reason people need an assault rifle in their home and at least when someone has a hand gun you have some chance of fighting or running

          1. I’ve been a regular visitor to this site for many years, but felt obligated to create an account solely for the purpose of responding to your statement…

            Semi-automatic rifles are NOT “assault rifles”, which, by definition, are select-fire — that is merely a term utilized by the media to draw negative emotions from people who are ignorant. There is NO difference whatsoever in basic functionality between your ‘standard’ hunting rifle and an AR-15, that I promise you. The latter simply “looks more scary” cosmetically, and that is precisely where peoples’ fear is derived.

            Second, who are you to proclaim what an individual “needs”? Is any “need” requisite? What gives you, or anyone for that matter, the authority to decide what “need” or “right” trumps others? Why do you “need” a vehicle that is capable of exceeding the posted speed limits?

            Regarding the “high capacity magazine ban” proposition, it’s a load of bullshit: Seung-Hui Cho was able to murder 32 people and wound another 17 using nothing but two handguns — one of which was chambered for .22, mind you; the other, 9mm — with 10 and 15 round magazines respectively. Hell, even Anders Breivik popped 67 people with a Glock and a Ruger Mini-14.

            We used to have an abundance of firearms in the mid 20th century, much more so than now — even automatics were more easily obtainable then now — yet we didn’t have any kind of mass school shootings like are being reported today. Obviously there is something seriously wrong with our current society, and kids. You can’t force blame upon an inanimate object for the actions of stupid people – I’ve never seen a firearm suddenly sprout legs and run to the nearest public event.

            Connecticut already had a ban for the AR-15 used; see how well that worked out for them?

        1. It’s not only the Black Stalin robbing Americans of their rights, it’s the ideology he stands for. Democrat is a party that aligns itself on the Left spectrum of Politics, and modern day Leftism is basically Marxism and incredibly poisonous.

    1. Indeed, or half tanned? I’d say there is a definite mix of race involved in this guys genes, maybe it’s his confusion over what race he is, that led him to be such a no good scum bag??

      1. Or maybe he’s just white. I love how you people try to find any way possible to say someone like him isn’t one of YOU. As if white people would NEVER commit a crime like that. He’s gotta be another race or mixed because whites are pure and don’t commit crimes that are violent. Pfffft, he’s a WHITE BOY and a savage animal, period.

        1. If he was Puerto Rican bet your ass they would have said 21 y/o hispanic male, but they didn’t.. See in New York they take all the police and put them in neighborhoods with minorities black, hispanic whatever, and they stop them and interrogate them on some Nazi Gestapo shit. Its called stop and frisk. This italian kid was not in a stop and frisk area. SInce borough park has the biggest hasid community outside of isreal, you will never see a damn stop and frisk out there. Im just saying the system is so fucked up out here

          1. As far as the stop and frisk.. Well, Blacks and Hispanics do commit the most crime per percentage.

            I’m sure Indians, Asians etc. aren’t being stopped and frisked.

            I don’t think it’s a minority thing – it’s a simple fact of the USA and other Countries – Black youths are more likely to commit crime than any other (even Hispanic youths) and Hispanic’s are more likely to commit more crime than others that are not Black.

          2. either way stop and frisk doesn’t work, i think they have it to take away the guns but Guns are found in less than 0.2 percent of stops,its just ineffective to say the least. yeah your right about blacks and hispanics are more inclined to crime however its more of the social economic thing low income black hispanics are more inclined to crimes but thats not something police can ever stop or fix, its all part of the program

    2. He “looks” Puerto Rican? And you are? The dude is probably and more than likely of Colombian descent as this is Queens NY, an area with a heavy Colombian and Ecuadorian Hispanic population. Are you in the midwest claiming to have lived in NYC where I live? Keep trolling.

  1. Ill Tell You Something That Kid WAs A Giant Pussy For Hitting On That LaDy, And He Was A Punk Slow Punches And Kicked Her Whole On The Floor, Piece Of SHit I Hope He Uses That Money For Heroin And OverdosEs A Slow Death So We Can See His Rotten Ass On Bestgore.Com Hahahahaha

  2. No one is safe anymore, crime is out of control, filth on every corner, yes, it is exactly how our “leaders” want it.

    If we had no crime we would not have need for the police or the criminal prosecution service or the lawyers of those services, or the prison services or the rehabilitation services, yes, crime is very profitable and good for business.

    1. No jak_bot wrong attitude whats mine is mine, fuck off you will not be taking my shit.

      If your a lady i understand your logic, and i actually agree this lady should have just given up the bag, however is 2:40am your 56 years old, you need to be a little more vigilant than just being surprised like that. Granted it was a safe neighborhood, probably one of the safest in Brooklyn, however if you feel comfortable in a train station at almost 3:00 in the morning you are crazy, i rarely ever see women by themselves riding the train that late.
      my advise BE MORE VIGILANT!

      1. People hear Brooklyn and thinks its like it was in 1985 when the truth is its filled with hipsters, Jews, and yuppies and is actually a very safe nice place that you can absolutely avoid the bad areas of.

    1. I dont know his ethnicity, but how did he get into an italian frat, and get the nickname “Stugotz’ he also lives in bay ridge, where there is predominately italian guidos, he might be a mut, personally i think he is mixed but he definitely has some italian in him so hes half white, not that i give a shit and it doesn’t matter he still a scumbag, lowlife

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