Woman Brutally Slaps Crying Toddler When She Thinks Nobody Sees Her

Woman Brutally Slaps Crying Toddler When She Thinks Nobody Sees Her

With her back turned to the public, a woman thought nobody could see her, and used the opportunity to brutally slap and abuse a crying toddler she had in her care.

What absolutely despicable behavior. That baby is tiny, probably only a few months old. And that woman is probably the baby’s mother. She should be the loving carer for the baby, but instead, took out her frustration on it.

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  1. Woah, that’s absolutely horrible. Waste of human life, hope we see her on here soon dead in a ditch or shot in the back of the head. I can’t comprehend how someone can be so cruel that they would slap a completely defenseless baby, such acts should be punishable by death everywhere.

      1. Hmm looks like I’m a psychopath cause it doesn’t cause anger or sadness,it just bring back those memories where dad hit me and Mon scold me (I guess,cause I only remember her saying baka) but it’s all in the past you get used to it,it’s just part of life I guess ๐Ÿ˜†

          1. I meant if you don’t feel bad for the child, if you don’t feel bad for that child then you’re a monster. I don’t care what your parents did to you, you’re a monster if you have no sympathy for this child xD

          2. Hmm another hypocrite,complaining about this mother but at the same time wishing I was hurt badly when I was little huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          3. When I said pyscho I was doing what pretty much everyone does from time to time, misused a psychological term but in my defense I was extremely pissed off after I watched this video. ๐Ÿ˜›

          4. Lol sorry iwjk I’m a nice person but honestly I didn’t feel anything and I’m not afraid to say it, I was like this since I can remember ๐Ÿ˜†

          5. I try.but honestly I don’t know how to do it,it bugs me a lot cause I know you guys will think I’m being sarcastic or fake ๐Ÿ˜‰

          6. But saying stuff like that makes absolutely no sense to me. If you feel nothing at a when you watch it, then why would you even bother to comment? It just comes across as just wanting attention ya know? Maybe that’s not it, but that’s how it seems.

          7. I know my comments sucks like shit but I like to participate,I just like to say what I think,and I’m not gonna lie about it,it’s easy to ignore my comments almost everyone does it insulting doesn’t help ๐Ÿ™

          8. It has been noted before @Mikey, a fact of which I’m sure you’re aware. It’s the constant need to prove how contrary she is to conventional thought processes and actions, that becomes tedious.

          9. @hanabi, there’s a big difference between wanting to participate and talking for the sake of talking. It comes off as “Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me!!”

          10. Believe it or not I’m learning a lot from you guys I even admire some of you but it really bugs me how hypocrite are some members,I realized here’s not such a thing like a friendship but what bugs me more is that constant frienemy comments you guys aren’t sincere at all or you like me or you hate me, it’s confusing cause suddenly I find out some of my “friends” hate me let’s just be honest ๐Ÿ™‚

          11. I’ve tried explaining this before. I’ve never acted like a hypocrite toward you. I’ve never said I hated you. I’ve definitely never wished harm on you, not even jokingly, and I’ve never even called you a name. I’ve only been, and always will be, straight up with you on how I see things. Case in point: @Der just wrote that comment, but that’s the way he feels. Even though he was saying that about me I still consider him my friend on here. I’ve said it before, we can argue, we can call each other out, etc. because that’s life. When it comes to me then the next post is a blank page and everything’s reset. That’s not how everyone is, but it’s how I look at things.

          12. I’ve tried explaining this before. I’ve never acted like a hypocrite toward you. I’ve never said I hated you. I’ve definitely never wished harm on you, not even jokingly, and I’ve never even called you a name. I’ve only been, and always will be, straight up with you on how I see things. Case in point: @Der just wrote that comment, but that’s the way he feels. Even though he was saying that about me I still consider him my friend on here. I’ve said it before, we can argue, we can call each other out, etc. because that’s life. When it comes to me then the next post is a blank page and everything’s reset. That’s not how everyone is, but it’s how I look at things.

          13. thanks Mike and sorry cause it wasn’t aimed directly to you, it’s weird cause after all we’re on a gore site we are no longer “normal” or sane That’s why it bugs me how some come to be so moral ๐Ÿ™‚

          14. @Der, I’m sorry brother, I screwed up & read your comment wrong. But that’s almost kind of good because (hopefully) it shows that we can disagree with each other, even to the point of making each other mad (not that I thought we were actually upset with one another) or something once in a while, but we still respect each other, ya know.

            And @Hanabi, it seems like your (“you’re” ;)) getting what I mean. Although you’re not exactly right when you say that it’s weird or it’s not normal about being real friends because we’re on a gore site. Hell, I might have probably agreed with you a long time ago. But I know now that it’s not true because I talk to 4 to 5 B.G. members off-site, and 2 to 3 of them I’ve gotten very close to and consider them my very good friends. So anything can change ๐Ÿ™‚

          15. That’s awesome I wonder how you guys look outside this site cause I have this problem I picture you all at my age and I have read here are some 50 something years old dudes ๐Ÿ˜†

          16. @hanabi We’re a diverse community of a large pool of people so you can pretty much expect people from all ages, from 18-80. Lol. I, for one, am just a year older than you, or perhaps just about exactly your age…if you’re already 19, that is.

          17. Sounds a little creepy don’t you think? I could be talking with my grand grandpa ๐Ÿ™‚ and yeaaah I think we’re at the same age ๐Ÿ˜‰

          18. I don’t think it is creepy, at least on my end. I’ve proven to this point that age doesn’t define maturity.

            But if my grandpa comes back from the grave to comment here then hell, that’s beyond creepy lol.

          19. Lol you’re right @kp I have some 12 years old friends way more mature than me,I would shit my pants if I found my grandpa here ๐Ÿ˜†

        1. Thats what happens when little kids get a hold on a computer or a phone and find sites like this…he/she just feels like he/she has something to prove…he/she just wants to fit in dont pay it no mind maybe it will go away

        2. Yes I’m what people like you call a “Monster”.
          But honestly I don’t give a shit. People like you look at the world as a glass half full, I look at the glass as half empty. I’m taking @hanabi side on this so bring on the hate. I love it <3 XD

        3. @hanabi, Why do you feel the need to make EVERYTHING about you?

          It’s incredibly annoying how you hijack every post, as all I seem to do lately is scroll scroll scroll past @Hanabi’s comments, defending yourself after calling yourself a psychopath……

          We don’t care if you or if you aren’t, ok?

        4. I’m sorry you were treated badly as a child. You of all people should know the feeling of being mistreated. Maybe a little sympathy for someone waaay younger than you. People should not reproduce if there going to treat their child/children like this.

          1. @hinhead A rape baby? What are the odds About.0001%.What a stupid comment You can’t stand people who have a harsh judgement against some heinous bitch who’s beating and smothering a baby? Or is it because you think stan was slut shaming?”OMG. HE slut shamed a woman. Who cares about the baby” I hope he was. Because being a slut SHOULD be shameful.

      2. Especially if you’re a woman, we are the more sensitive species I don’t care what feminists say…
        Soooo, those souless fucks who can’t feel anything for a hurt child is a f****** evil c*** and obviously on their way to hell. My mom was a heroin addict my dad wasn’t there I was abused I was in foster care I developed many disorders because of it boohoo Cry Me a River I don’t give a fuk I love everybody and everything and I hate that some dumb ass poor excuses are even making me say these words…. but thank you for the warning i did not see the video I just wanted to read about it and it doesn’t surprise me because remember we live in a nightmare.

    1. I’m all for seeing her cut up on bestgore!! Wtf it is a tiny baby they don’t know any better. She held his nose hard!!! I would’ve kicked her effing skull in. I bet you its her daughter in laws baby….vindictive women sucks balls!!!

      1. That baby is literally a week or two old,, nothing more, seems a birth a person has regretted,, so why keep the child? If you dispise it so much,, I hope this video went viral and the family and friends saw what she did, I hope they took the vid to the police,, that she goes to prison, and does not have a day/hour without being treated as a child killer/abuser

        And if was there and saw her, I would take the child instantly, call the police, and stand my ground that ends up locked away! And never sees that child again,

        1. Exactly I can’t believe they just stood there and watched unless they are filming from a distance in a building. She didn’t even care to look over her left shoulder. Poor baby will more than likly end up dead in a red trash bag with pointers ๐Ÿ™

          1. @hanabi

            I’m sooo over reading your fucking comments and hijacking EVERY post. You have no idea and I don’t care about what you think. You are THE most annoying commenter on here.

            There you go, me just saying what I think and like you said, no point lying.

            Can you take a break, from here, for a while? Just to give all of us a break from you? Please…….

          2. Lol i bet this is the highlight of your life aint it? Little kids love attention and everybody is fallin right for it xD. Oh well, isnt it past your bedtime ?

    2. Cunts like this make my blood boil , a baby won’t stop crying so the solution is to make it cry more ? Anyone with kids knows the first year is the toughest when raising them , you just have to grit your teeth sometimes , me and my wife work 120 hours a week between us and are exhausted but have managed to raise our daughter just fine without having to slap her , instead we spoil her rotten and see ourselves as the luckiest people in the world every time we tuck her in . Pieces of shit like this should be strung up and I hope to god the next video on BG is of this whore getting street justiced .
      P.S Hanabi stop being an attention seeking knob nobody is impressed with your put on coldness .

    3. No shit. I’m ready to slap who ever was filming and didn’t slap that bitch after 1st slap! I don’t agree with hitting a woman but this woman lost all her rights she’s a animal and needs to be put down. Slowly!

    4. If I was videoing that. After that last little grab of the nose (By that point as a man having enough evidence on camera) I would take out my pocket knife and stab that bitch in the back of her spine right under the head. And TWIST!

  2. There are certain crimes that I think should be handled with the ‘eye for an eye’ type punishments. You want to abuse a defenseless, innocent child? Then it’s only fair that your punishment is being someone’s punching bag who is much bigger and stronger than you.

      1. I hope he/she tortures her first if that is the mother, could be a nanny or relative I guess.

        It sounded like there was some type of prayer music in the background and I’m wondering if she was trying to get the baby to be quiet during the prayer?

        1. Quite possible… that would tell alot from those religious fanatic idiots…

          And then people whine about the sons beating their parents and all that stupid drama… indoctrinating people to believe its not the parents’ fault for the education they had…

          1. Abuse is a vicious cycle that either a child repeats when they’re old enough or they strive to be the opposite. It’s a 50/50 chance really and I won’t be surprised if this baby grows up and acts like her. However, if this little one grows up wanting to kill this woman I will gladly cheer him/her on.

          2. I think that’s a good possibility, but I still hold her responsible for her actions. At her age, she has a choice and she’s choosing to hit that child. She may have her own personal demons to deal with and rage inside of her from her own abuse but at some point your past can’t be used as an excuse or a crutch for your behavior. But hey that’s just my opinion lol.

  3. I’m not holding out for much of a nice, loving mother child relationship here. How did the sad bitch expect the infant to respond to a hard slap round the face !?, by quieting down and looking doe eyed into her own evil eyes !?.
    Sick, cruel bastard should have taken steps to avoid having a child if this is the way she sees fit to treat them.

    1. Yea I can never comprehend why someone would hurt a defenseless baby, does this bitch really think it’s going to respond like “Oh my, did I disturb you? I’m sorry, I’ll be quiet now”

      She’s clearly a heartless bitch that I’d love to see subjected to the same treatment. Beaten by someone superior to her and see how it feels. I really really hope they find this women and send her to hell where she belongs.

    2. @Stomper.

      I can’t believe that’s the mother more likely a carer who does this on a regular basis to others as well, you usually feed crying babies not beat them senseless.

      I hope the video gets her convicted.

      1. @bobcat.
        Maybe she is a carer, we can’t know for sure.
        It’s pretty simple to stop a baby crying, just pop a dummy in their mouth and quiet will be restored. I get the feeling this bitch gets a kick out of her actions, a dirty fucking baby abuser.

        1. Didn’t even think about that till you said it ๐Ÿ˜› Maybe she is some sick fuck that get some messed up pleasure inflicting pain on innocent. helpless people. If so she’s a violent offender and needs to be locked up for life but sadly people don’t get life sentences for this shit unless they’re tried by the towns people and sentenced to a good ol’ lynching.

          1. @Themadpooper.
            She deserves no less.
            Although there’s probably more of this type of abuse going on than we could ever know about, it certainly goes against a women’s natural instinct to nurture and care for an infant, especially when the infant cries.
            I suppose it boils down to there being bad people who, for whatever reason, can’t halt the urge to inflict pain on the weak and vulnerable.
            I have no sympathy for those types no matter what demons may be driving their actions.

    1. Agreed. That’s definitely a newborn, probably less than two weeks old. I saw a longer version of this video and the woman actually turn to talk to the person filming. So she knew she was being film, just didn’t give a shit.

    1. Hardly the child’s fault.. Last time I checked they had some Isis kids but I’m sure there not born extremist pieces of human excrement… This bitch is a piece of shit.. I hope the father beats the living fuck out of her to avenge this defenceless New born, it’s justified in this case I think.

  4. What the absolute fuck! You can see the poor child momentarily lose consciousness from the hard blows this fuckhead is administering to it. Absolutely heartbreaking and infuriating to watch…Does anyone have the backstory on this abusive whore or where this footage was taken?

  5. It?s the most basic and simple form of communication, to dominate with violence.

    It?s unusual for a parent to beat such a small baby but hardly rare for a parent to beat their small children, child physical abuse after all is quite common in every society.

    I expect many people, including BG members, had an alcoholic father or a rotten mother who used to knock them about a bit.

    If the child survives into adulthood it will either break the cycle of violence and become a good parent or it will continue the violence onto it?s own children, such is often the way in life.

    1. Your assumptions are correct, atleast on my end. My dad was a sadistic prick who drank and beat the snot out of me. Also he showed me exactly how not to treat my children, so the cycle of violence stopped with me.

        1. Hell i feel guilty as hell when i give my boys a light spanking. Im a single father and at times it gets very hard and frustrating but i would NEVER put my hands on my children out of anger. Just a very light butt smack when they are really out of hand. It’s out of love because i want them to grow to be good men.

          1. I can imagine it does get frustrating and I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with spankings even though I do understand feeling guilty afterwards. I had them when I was little and I learned that when I got a spanking that what I did must’ve been really bad and I didn’t do it again. Kids need love and discipline and it’s all about finding the right balance but it sounds like you’re doing just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. Single working moms have one of the hardest jobs there is and I respect the ones who do it day in and day out and do it right.
            I’m a single dad too (3 yr old boy) and frustrating is exactly right. There are no sick days for single parents. No vacation, no down time. Going to work is the only break you get. Discipline is just part of raising children right and it can easily turn to abuse. My method is to stop and think. If you can take a short moment instead of reacting, you likely will not beat your kid.
            This woman, however, is already smacking an infant. If she hits a baby, what will she do to a toddler who can walk and talk and really piss her off?
            I didn’t watch this one. The write up was enough.

  6. If shes trying to stop the baby from crying, maybe she could hit it harder… and that way it will not cry anymore. ๐Ÿ˜†

    Seriously… some “people” (if you can even call them that) should never have kids in the first place. Even animals treats their offsprings better than this creature does…

  7. A mothers loving touch is sometimes all a poor soul needs, with tender love and care for the little mouth to feed, so vulnerable and innocent is the only sins for her seed, but just as life was given as so it is taken burning bludgeoned and left to bleed

    1. Once you’re not cute anymore it’s open season for people to push you around but children are absolutely defenseless. They don’t know the evil of the world, why should they be subjected to it? Plus at least when we see an adult there’s always the remote chance the weren’t completely innocent and most likely knew the risk of whatever they were doing to end up on here in the first place ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. I want to kill that bitch!!!, dont deserve to live anymore stupid bitchass, you will be in the next video on bestgore bitch, why people like this unhuman waste of shit keeps alive??? FUCK!!!

  9. And women are meant to be the fairer sex. Anything a man can do a woman can, doesn’t matter how fucked up it is. This slag has pissed me off so bad, if there is a god then this cunt will be gang raped then hung drawn and quartered the bitch.

  10. Ahhh brings back lovely memories, I’ve developed cheeks of a boxer at the age of 1 from all the slapping, and it did me a lot of good. Culture is in it’s essence violent, we’re forced to fit within the mold of communal standards from our little age. Just remember how many times you were beaten to shape in order to act accordingly (if you were lucky like me). Today, sadly, we have way to many brats. Punishment is the most convenient thing to do, however it fails its purpose if the child is so small that it’s unable to understand why is it being punished.

    1. @Hanabi, you could at least try not to act like an athlete who failed to make the Special Olympics speed shit-eating team on account of your mouth already being full of it.

      The woman bitch slapping the baby and the ones who want her dead are very much different in so far as the latter bunch wish to pass judgment on and punish an adult for their crimes against a defenceless baby whereas the former passed judgment on and punished an innocent child.

      You might as well argue that the jury who sentenced Ted Bundy to death are no better than Bundy himself when the reality is that they were on the grounds that they were not serial killers themselves.

      1. I know it’s way different,but my point is killing the woman doesn’t make them different from her,they follow their first instinct “kill” instead of say I “I hope she get in jail” or something like that,we have seen where that first instinct lead us in all that lynching post, I don’t want to live in a world where you can get lynched for a misunderstood like a bunch niggers killing me just because I sit on a hamburger,we must not let that animal instinct take over us so easily ๐Ÿ˜†

          1. And that’s you’re problem, I’ll chalk it up to being a child (maybe). Because it @Empty had wrote that about me, I’d be pissed, embarrassed, whatever. But I’d still acknowledge that it was a clever & great statement. Grown-ups recognize things like that.

  11. She not only slapped that tiny baby, repeatedly, at one point it looked like she held it’s nose so it couldn’t breathe.
    If I’d been there… I’d have needed to be bailed out of jail, afterwards.

  12. What a total piece of human Shit! A poor Baby! If your in poverty and can’t afford to have a child , give the baby to someone who can look after him or Her! Just because your stressed doesn’t men to say slap a baby Fuck! Keep your legs closed Bitch!

  13. With every passing moment in time, we continually fail as a species.

    The only things missing in this are the finger pointing lecture about religion, the edited beheading, the bloody aftermath, and the snackbar cheers.

    I wish I could do something about my utter disdain for and complete lack of faith in humanity. I know it would severely depress me if I let it. It runs in my family.

    1. Good point rayf. This filming every damned thing from a distance, or close up on this occasion, yet doing bugger all about what they are seeing, is really pitifully sad. A worldwide new generation of voyeuristic cowards, hiding behind their smartphones.
      Really makes me wonder sometimes.

      1. @Stomper.

        Bit of a catch 22, if it’s not filmed how do you prove it happened?

        Like the previous vid, although the murderer was convicted in part due to the video, had people intervened instead of filming, a murder may have been averted .

        1. Yeah I thought about that too, but I’m conflicted. Instead of filming, the person could’ve stopped the abuse from happening right then & there. But maybe the woman would’ve then be more aware & continually beat the baby in private. Or, let the beating happen while you film it for evidence, and hopefully that’s the last of the abuse. I don’t know.

          1. No two incidents will be exactly alike. In this incident, a person could record the woman once they see the abuse and at the same time tell the abuser that she is being recorded and that she needs to stop hitting the baby immediately. That should stop the trouble then and there.
            If she continues hitting the baby, shut the phone off and intervene.

        2. @bobcat.

          I suppose it comes down to the fact that in Brazil among other similar countries, the forensic techniques leave a lot to be desired, so, without that particular footage the perp would have got away with it. Still doesn’t explain why the people filming feel no urge to assist a person in dire need. Plus there were no smartphones 20 years ago, so why the sudden need to rely on captured footage ?

          1. I can see the point of collecting evidence.
            You always hear cameramen talk about becoming detached while viewing events they are filming and I think we have all seen examples where were like ” Put the camera down and put the flames out ect.” Do you think people who film an event get so caught up in it that the safety of others or even themselves becomes secondary to the filming ?
            I know we always congratulate a good cameraman but….

          2. Cameramen yes. These people aren’t exactly pro cameramen though are they !?, you know, out in the field filming some major event. No, these are detached in a different way I’d say. Detached from reality as a consequence of way too much time sat gawping at a games console while permanently gripping their phone in case an important call or whatever comes through !.
            Basically, these folks need to get out more. Especially those who claim to be oh so worldly wise, yet never step away from the confines of their sofa.

  14. I think that woman does not love her baby, if she did she could never treat the baby that way. It did look like she was pulling on the kids nose in a mean way.
    The mother needs her head cut off

  15. I wanna kick her in the face and take the baby home with me. What could that baby have possibly done? Cry.. like babies are supposed to do? Some people don’t need to be within 100 feet of a child, let alone care for one.

  16. I don’t condone men beating women, smacking around children or vice versa, but if I had seen this, or was within arms length, I would beat the everliving fuck out of this sorry excuse for a bitch. She would pray for death before I was finished with her.

  17. Ok so let’s slap and torment the child, because surely that will stop it from crying!!! Stupid cow needs shooting! Maybe alittle harsh? Ok she needs teaching a lesson ……………………..in child care? No I stick with shooting!

  18. I would have beat the shit out of that woman if I saw her doing that to that baby. I have 3 kids and would NEVER even think to harm them like that. What ever happened to just setting the child down and walking away for a min? I can only imagine what that poor baby was thinking. How could a mother do that? Those screams and cries are haunting.

  19. wow this is fucking disgusting. anyone know what language she is speaking. sounds like islamic death cult music in the background. it’s not arabic, and doesn’t sound turkish to me….maybe caucuses, chechen? or albanian?

    fuck i hope whoever videotaped that got that women arrested and that child removed from her custody. who the fuck slaps a newborn baby…such uneducated, dirty motherfuckers.

  20. Just another person in this fucked up world who doesn’t deserve to be a parent and have a child…this woman deserves death for beating that helpless infant…couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old…..I hate this toilet of a world…so many pieces of shit living in it…..

  21. Everyone here, please call me a bigger fuck up than this MFugly, infant-beating-low-life-sexless-piece-of-shit-of-a-horrific-fucking-bitch, but if I could get her, I promise y’all, I’d tie her hands and legs up, and would use electric drill machine and would make a new hole between her ugly fucking pussy and fucked-up dirty ass, and would fill that nasty hole with at least 30 finely chopped slices of four ghost-peppers. And would then stitch that hole; PERMANENTLY…….!!! Duck tape her mouth, and would watch her till she dies, slow and one of the most agonizing death, with no food, no water, no nothing, just ghost-peppers inside her Pussass….!!! Yeah, I know, I am crazy….!!! New word for a new hole……!!! Enjoy you fucking infant-beater…..!!!!!!!

    1. Lol! Did you say Pussass? HaHa.
      The old peppered taint surprise. 10 of 10 for originality.
      3 of 10 for practicality. A little labor intensive what with the drills and the cutting board and slicing the peppers…

      1. @nutsnack hell to the yeah…!!! Pussass is exactly what I just said, my friend. And I don’t mind doing labor for doing that kind of stuff to torture baby-beaters, child-beaters, and child molesters and such kind, period.

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