Woman Pepper Sprays Man Who Spat on Her on a Bus in Grand Rapids

Woman Pepper Sprays Man Who Spat on Her on a Bus in Grand Rapids

Video from Grand Rapids in Michigan shows an assault on a public transport bus which started with a man spitting on a woman who in return pepper sprayed the man, blinding him temporarily. What followed was an exchange of verbal insults with a man coming back towards the woman who used her pepper spray once more, this time also macing a 2 year old child in the face. The rest was a beating on the back of the bus and a disappearance of the man.

The video was filmed on November 29, 2012 by a Rapid bus onboard camera and doesn’t include audio. It is unclear what prompted the man to spit on the woman but I have my guess. Ghetto slash Latino women I’ve met were arrogant and obnoxious with little to zero respect for others. I can imagine this ho was being loud on the phone, highly bothersome to the commuters and when asked to tone it down, she let her arrogance fly and turned the obnoxiousness up instead. Everyone who’s ever had a displeasure of spending more than 5 minutes around Latino or Ghetto bitches will know what I’m talking about.

Props to Best Gore member anonymous who hooked me up with a different version of the video but I had this post already made when it reached me. Thanks either way.

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48 thoughts on “Woman Pepper Sprays Man Who Spat on Her on a Bus in Grand Rapids”

  1. Pepper spray is extremely nasty shit. Pulling it out in a confined space is pretty damn stupid except in a pretty extreme situation, which is not what we have here. In the end a two-year-old kid is the victim of two idiots who should both know much better.

    1. When you sit on your ass and do nothing but eat cookies and other bullshit.. And usually they turn their poor kids into fat slobs just like them because they see nothing wrong with it. Failed parents.

      They then take their 3 year old to 3D movies, and let them stare at a smartphone playing stupid video game for hours, and then don’t think it will destroy their eyesight. Failed parents.

    1. No, I suspect she was talking extremely loud on her cell phone, having no respect for the people around her. Then he figured he’d give her some of that disrespect back in the form of a big Loogie and then the fight was on!!!

  2. I would love to have had audio on this just to hear what the black woman was saying and how loud she was screetching! The woman and the guy are not the only 2 adults who were behaving like assholes; did you see the guy separate the woman and the child in the green when the woman went to grab the child? The guy was so eager to get off the bus that he shoved them.

      1. No shit! That was the part of the video that most upset me! This poor child was probably crying and trying to cross the bus to his mommy (fail btw he should have been next to her) and that fat piece of shit nearly tramples him running from 2 other fat peices of negro shit. A baby is a baby no matter who it belongs to, I’ve stepped in to protect a child I didnt know, this dude almost stepped on one.

  3. What we have here is a fat cunt who has no regard for anyone other than her own fat ass. Why would this dude spit on her? Probably got mouthy when asked to keep her conversation down a tone. He did shut her the fuck up in the end and punched her out. Little kid gets an eye full of reality…

  4. She should have known – gunshots come after being spat on… not pepper spray! She isn’t even trying to keep it real! She does not have “heart”, you all.

    I try to use Ebonics but it still comes out all dignified… I guess I’ll never be ghetto… *sigh*

  5. Anybody watch hodgetwins on yt? i love how the sheep get the “fuk out da wey!” when the punches start flying as they wanted no part of a beatdown. i’m sure the ghetto beast deserved the spit and the beatdown as ghetto wildebeast are quite nasty. hope that you do not come across one. on another note some dude just got his head blown off in mid town nyc. in ghetto speak someone “blasted a cap in hiz azz.” as @future days is familar with niggas, i would like his thoughts on the subject.

  6. BBC Documentary on the Hood-Rat:
    Hood Rats are known to be extreme loud and obnoxious, both the males and females. The Males usually rap out loud all his various rap diddies from his headphones, while the females usually speak loud and obnoxiously from her selzfone. Biologist classify this Hood Rat behavior as “Look-At-Me”, the loud and obnoxiousness is an attempt to attract as much attention as possible in an attempt to gain a mate (Sperm-donor), the more Obnoxious and loud the Hood-Rat can be, the higher his or her chances of attracting a mate. When in Areas with a high desnity of Hood-Rats…this competition for mates sometimes goes to ridicules lengths, as many Humans who are forced to live among Hood Rats can testify.

  7. Ahaha I never thought I’d see this on Bestgore! I was on the front of the bus that day! But yes, the area where that took place is a pretty ghetto shitty area.. I was on my way to work.. Car broke down. Out of all the days, yah?

      1. Shit I didn’t know that she had pepper spray in the first place. I just heard yelling and alot of noise and turned around. If I had gotten up to try and do something the kid has already been sprayed at that point.

  8. Black girl was probrably talkin shit so he spat on her , he got sprayed
    and probrably said “aww hell nah” and commenced a beat down on the bitch..aint no fun when the rabbits got the gun is it black folk !

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