Woman Struck by Police Officer at the Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade

Woman Struck by Police Officer at the Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade

I know we just had an Open Post about good cops on Best Gore, but I don’t choose what happens on which day. And it’s really sad that you could be a woman going about your day without stirring any shit or being a nuisance to anyone and a police officer twice your size would bitchslap you from behind with full force, knocking you down like you’re some kind of bottom feeder criminal scum. Some policemen feel so empowered by their badge they’d punch you as hard as they can even if you’re a small frame person cause it’s almost like a competition to them – whoever knocks down more people during the course of their duty wins.

Recently leaked cell phone video appears to show an innocent woman being struck by a police officer at the Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade, seemingly for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The interweb identified the offending police officer as Lt. Jonathan Josey.

Apparently, Lt. Jonathan Josey was sprinkled with water while conducting a vehicle stop at North 5th Street and Lehigh Avenue during the Philly’s Festival de la Americas, turned around and saw a woman carrying bottle of water and that was good enough reason for him to donkey punch the shit out of her.

As can be seen from the video, the woman was arrested and taken away in handcuffs. I wonder what the majestic Lt. Jonathan Josey wrote in the report and how much it matches the event as seen in the footage below.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

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70 thoughts on “Woman Struck by Police Officer at the Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade”

      1. I wish they would just burn philadelphia down. I think the cops in Philadelphia are a waste of exsitance. Goes to show how they would give any one a gun and a badge. I hope she sues and I pray that sorry of an excuse for a cop not only gets fiered but I hope someone body slams his daugter wife and any other female family members. My only wish is that he gets lost one day in the bronx and that someone in the bronx recognizes him. And as for all of the other ass holes in uniform that were watching, i hope they all get sued and fiered fuckers. i hate them all. and I HATE philadelphia. its a fucking zoo and the people suck. Fuck you philadelphia.

  1. Aww… Horrible. As the cop walks in from the right by the closest car, you can see the person walk to the curb and splash his water at the cops and walk away just as that poor girl was behind “Hightower”.

  2. I think sometimes we all make the mistake of believing that the police are of a different breed from ourselves, the police comprise of a group of individuals acting for a common goal therefore you are bound to get people who are quick to act with violence, this is unavoidable.

    The problems begin when the police force start covering up incidents and allowing their officers to get away with these things, they should investigate properly and then sack any officer who crosses the line too many times, by not doing so they only create a divide between themselves and the people they are paid to protect, it also encourages other officers to act in the same way if there is no deterrent.

    To summarise, we should not look towards the individual but towards the organisation, by applying pressure on the organisation we can get the organisation to apply the pressure on their employees, an employee is likely to fear their paymaster more than their customers.

  3. It’s fucktards like this that give police the rep they have.

    Granted that he would not have known what liquid was in the bottle but it did not give him the right to king hit her……… a simple arrest would have sufficed.

    How many times have we heard stories from our own countries where people get king hit and become instantly unconscious with the full weight of their head smashing the ground cracking it like an egg instantly maiming or killing the victim.

    He should be ashamed of himself…….. Let’s hope this retard sees himself all over the interweb.

    What a DICKHEAD

          1. @Sr, that has to be my all-time favorite torturemethod!!! I wish I was rich because that would be the first thing you saw when you walkedinto my house!!!

  4. To be fair she may not have been minding her own business, at the start of the video she’s doing a little dance to see what all those cops are doing in that huddle.

    Then again it doesn’t mean because you got a little wet you’re allowed to clothesline someone with your raging hard-on of “respect my authoritah!”

    1. You mean Puerto Rican bitches… and that Black Cop is a Lt. Officer policeNiggaman, you gotta love Affirmative Action.

      and beside, I think every single person at the Puerto Rican Parade should get smacked upside his or her head.

      1. I don’t think you understand the composition of P.R. It;s nearly 75% pure white, while the ones in the states have a 50% chance of being pure white, with the rest being mulattos or mestizos. The Black guy struck a White woman, thinking she splashed him. Hell, even if it was black on black, that makes no sense – who punches someone to the ground for throwing water? WHO?

  5. I’m telling you the people are being conditioned into believing they no longer have any rights and these asshole walking pigs with shiny tin stars on their chest are being trained to exploit this weakness in people and abuse it to the fullest…the only good cop is a dead cop

  6. It looks like she might have been talking shit,maybe.. In the beginning the white cop on the left looks like he was going to go after her but stopped and then we see what ends up happening. Even if she was cussing or throwing water as someone else stated ^^, it doesn’t give the cop the right to punch her. I’m glad it was caught on tape. He’s an idiot anyhow, why wouldn’t he think people aren’t snapping pics or recording video at a parade.. dur.

    1. It’s not OK, I hope he loses his job. You shouldn’t be hitting girls. At a demonstration he should have been expecting hostility. All it takes is one prick like this and all the other cops have to deal with the consequences. A police department can take decades to try and establish a working relationship with the public, which they need for successful law enforcement and prosecution. Then some a-hole comes along and shatters it all. You can bet your cup, he is probably a very despised person even at the police department. At a minimum he will resign or retire, his career is over.

      1. Don’t underestimate the imagination of the filth when they close ranks to protect each other. This’ll be swept under the carpet with a little creative writing in the police report and he’ll end up with a commendation. British cops used to get away with murder (literally)… Ahhh different times.

  7. Oh, and this particular nigger has a record for this kind of behaviour http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-57523858-504083/lt-jonathan-josey-identified-as-officer-caught-on-video-hitting-parade-going-woman-in-face/

    “The newspaper also reported than in 2007, the city of Philadelphia paid $7,500 to settle a lawsuit brought by a man who said Josey kicked him, punched him and threw him against a wall while looking for another officer’s gun.”

  8. Today they’re saying on the radio in Philly that he had more than 20 IA complaints, it’s insane that he’s still working at all. The amount of police on steroids is insane, there really needs to be a big bust about that.

  9. Looks like typical Northeast Philly cop behavior to me. I lived there for 15 years and the ‘Puerto Rican Day Parade’ is a logistical nightmare to maintain order over to begin with, throw in drinking, public sex acts, violence, and more than a few edgy cops and this is the end result.

  10. You can clearly fucking see the real water thrower at the far left right away in black shorts and chunky black shoes, who promptly fucks off and she gets taken down. That’s video evidence right there, she should use this in a lawsuit

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