Young Brazilian Woman Clubbed and Beaten by Another Woman

Young Brazilian Woman Clubbed and Beaten by Another Woman

Young Brazilian Woman Clubbed and Beaten by Another Woman

In an unspecified part of Brazil, a young woman was delivered beating by another woman who beat her and clubbed her with what looks like a 2×2.

I don’t have any backinfo whatsoever, so I have no idea who these women are or what the beating was about, but I’m guessing it may have been over Char or Tyrone, as riding cock carousel is all pre-wall women seem to care about.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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136 thoughts on “Young Brazilian Woman Clubbed and Beaten by Another Woman”

        1. it came out naturally for some reason XD

          i even would say that if it was in a middle of an very important meeting or something. you know, the kind of joke that you cant resist to make (or try)

    1. It’s Portuguese, but from Brazil so what’s happening is Brazilian shit and not Portuguese shit.
      By the the words of the chickens that appear in the vid, what is perceived is that the whore who is tasting the wood has been fucking hard with the husband of the whore who is to beat in her. Hence the very elaborate service on the back of the whore that is being carried.
      Just a normal day in Brazil…


      1. And if I’m not mistaken, not only fucked up with the husband of the bitch who is maneuvering the 2×2 but with the husband of another bitch, apparently not present in the recording of this celebration of wood in the skin of the bitch.
        But they talked about it during the recording.

      2. so what’s being said at the beginning is “tell everyone why you are about to get a beating” and the girl names two married men she slept with. the woman then says “you slept with two married men, that’s right!” and begins the beating. as the girl begins to cry she says “oh, what do we have here? a crybaby?”

        1. Yeah this is the bullshit talk, before starting the 2×2 dance …
          Technically, only those that fall to the ground are lost! The others are well applied! Not bad, but it could have been much better if the bitch of the 2×2 maneuver sought an angle that would take the other bitch a good bit of skin and blood!
          I paid for my ticket! I want more!

    2. They talking about putting an extension on the shack and the girl in the white cap had just been B&Q to get some wood and she has got back and the girl in the pink has eaten the cheese and ham toastie she had left on the side and she’s not happy saying you greedy cow that was my toastie! I’m hank Marvin and really wanted that

  1. Im struggling to see an assault here, just a nice fucking set of tits.
    What id really like to see is CCTV of the adulterous cock carousel action she was in on to work up a sweat then come back to this video to beat myself into the vinegar stroke.

  2. I reckon this is a stone wall case of do as I say, but not as I do. I mean come on, the biatch doing the clubbing has likely had more pricks than a second hand dart board, including other biatch’s husbands.

  3. – Why are you going to get beaten?
    – Cuz I slept with Graxa and Orelha(nicknames)
    – You slept with both right? Both are married.
    – Yes
    – Get over here
    – oh you crying? When you were with my husband you were not crying.
    – I didn’t know.(they never do)
    – You DID know come here.
    They keep repeating the same shit

    I don’t have info about where it is but by the wodden house it looks like North-eastern of Brazil. Those states around Amazonas. I will keep looking for updates tho.

  4. Nice perfectly sized Nipple on her, unlike the 6 inch diameter Hairy/Veined Saucers that some Women Sport. Then you get the ones that have no color on their nipples fucking weird. I Had one girl like that growing-up she had small nipples that were skin color. But A Nice Meart,,, and i mean meaty pussy that she had made-up for it. And tight man, so god made up for her shortcoming with an award winning,,, La Pussy Dere,, Oui,,, Oui,,, Enough meat on that sucker to Feed Somalia. 😉

  5. As much as these mongrels use pieces of wood to beat people, you’d think they would get their favorite piece lacquered and carve their initials into it or something. I’m guessing they pull down a piece from their neighbor Juan’s house and he’s all like “you dicks, you fucked up my privacy fence” Because obviously they don’t buy their lumber from Home Depot.

  6. This was particularly brutal !!- all parts of the body ‘hammered’.. From feet to face!
    I am sure this chick won’t be fucking anyone’s husband or b/f for a while..
    A very long while….

  7. Well,well well ; what was all that about ? I’m construing this could all be because the young slut got caught sleeping with the man of another woman clubbing her out of sheer anger or may be it was to do with something intolerable meaning seduction of her man.
    Those brown areolas basically are quite a hard given givers

  8. I don’t get it. Why the hell doesn’t she fight back? And I bet the stupid bitch beating her, besides all this shit, forgave the husband and is gonna get back together with the prick, where she’s probably gonna get beaten up by the drunk piece of shit and she’s gonna say amen to that, because that’s what usually happens. Too brave out in the streets but a silent obedient wife at home.

    1. @laurahorlle I’ve never understood why the third party gets blamed in situations like this either. It is obvious the husband knew that he was married. This lil buttercup may or may not have known. Guys do the same thing typically blaming the guy banging their old lady instead of their wife. If you think about it, you thought your girl was fuckable, why wouldn’t he…

    2. That bitch beating her might dish out more punishment if she fights back. She probably knows that she only wants to hurt her and not kill her. If she thinks that that bitch wants to kill her then she probably might have fought back. It’s different if it’s life and death. But then again, she might just have frozen in fear.

      1. @Ejaculossaurus Rexxx well, in Brazil, we never know. Especially in the north, people got killed for much less than that. I just watched in the news that a woman killed her husband over a cat he was apparently trying to kill. I mean, he didn’t even do anything, he was just drunk, cat ate his dinner and he said: I’m gonna kill the cat. She just freaked out and killed him. So, back to this situation, if I were her I wouldn’t be so I wasn’t gonna get killed.

  9. Never would I standy by and let someone who’s isn’t fighting back, get fucked up…. fucken pussy bitch, she’s get more pleasure/satisfaction and won’t look like such a lame if she’d drop the “weapon” and fight fair.. plus, WHO THE HELL GETS ATTACKED, BRUTALLLY, YET REFUSES TO EVEN ATTEMPT TO PROTECTED THEMSELVES? !?!?! If self preservation kicks in and u cant fight, then run u dummy!

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