Young Drug Addict Tries to Steal a Motorcycle in a Brazilian Favela – Bad Idea

Young Drug Addict Tries to Steal a Motorcycle in a Brazilian Favela - Bad Idea

There are transgressions you just don’t commit if you value your life. Trying to steal a motorcycle in a favela in Brazil is one of them.

A young drug addict was looking for an easy score to fuel his addiction with, and spotted himself a motorcycle parked on the side of a dirt road. He made his move but few things are as valued in a favela as a motorcycle, so before long, he had a couple of guys brandishing a handgun and wooden planks on his ass.

He took pretty good ass whooping, but in the end got off easy. I think the threat of getting killed any moment was more painful than the beating itself. He must have been scared shitless thinking that this was it. Hopefully it was lesson enough for him to try to do something with his life. Looking for something to steal to get money for drugs is not it.

Props to Portuguese Dude for the video:

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  1. If he’s so poor, I guess he could try sneaking into Canada like the rest of the world is doing. If non whites like the quality of life in white countries so much, why don’t you just let us manage the whole world instead of these Jews. Then you’ll have a nice country of your own to live in.

    1. That would be true if, unfortunately, we didn’t terrorize other countries for resources to make our country better.
      If we ran everything, who would we steal from?

      Also I just wanted to say I’m back and hello to everyone! I just got out of jail for 5 months and now I’m glad to be back!

    1. I thought the same thing.He got an ass whipping and then they decide to let him go. I would have quietly hung my head and walked slowly away. Instead this jerk hangs around and starts arguing. Maybe he thought he couldn’t turn his back on these guys and wait for the surprise back shot.

    1. Don’t be so dumb.

      Violence does not deter criminals.

      Look at the countries where shit like this happens. Do they have less crime?

      They have WAY more crime than anywhere else.

      Street justice is not justice. It means you can end up being beaten to death, just for someone falsely suspecting you of something.

      1. When I was younger and out of the house my younger brother was being bullied. The kid damaged my mothers house and car, and was hunting my brother. The cops or his adoptive parents wouldn’t do anything. My Couzin went to his school and scared his friends, told them he was going to break a bone to make up for his fucking around- and he would have too, he was haywire back then. Luckily I caught up to him instead. I clothes-lined him off his bike and gave him a good beating, told him he was lucky my friend didn’t find him and told him if we hear he so much as says a word to the people he’s been fucking with he’d definitely get an arm broken.
        I had to leave him then because some woman was screaming at me, but I never heard a thing about that kid after that.
        Sometimes violence is THE ONLY THING people can learn lessons from?

  2. Had a good laugh when he fell on his ass after the guy in the navy shirt kicked/swung his leg at him. You’d have to be an idiot if you think you could get away with stealing a fuckin’ motorcycle. Got what he deserved.

  3. People always say “you gotta go to Brazil and see all the big asses there!” But they honestly have no idea how dangerous that hell hole is. Plenty of booty in Cali, so I think I’ll stay here! Aha

  4. This is isn’t the way to punish someone for trying to steal. Besides, being beaten up badly kind of gives the guy another reason to try to take another vehicle; because it’s hard to walk wherever you’re going (with injuries like that) and he might still try to do whatever it takes, just to get to safety … though I have to admit, if I took a beating like that for trying to steal, I’d probably be afraid just to walk away after the beating…

    1. But then again, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to try and steal in the first place! Lol. Seriously, though; it’s sometimes necessary to tough it out when you’re poor and in need of something. But sometimes there’s no shame in asking people for help, as long as they are the right people…

  5. i just cant believe he did not get killed. Its amazing! My guess they took pity of his sorry ass after he kept squealing like a little bitch. Who would waste time with that sorry excuse of a human being.

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