Young Egyptian Man Beaten Bloody by Family of Feminists and Manginas for Having Feelings for Girl

Young Egyptian Man Beaten Bloody by Family of Feminists and Manginas for Having Feelings for Girl

The video from Egypt shows a family of pussy whipped manginas and violent feminists beating bloody a young man for having feelings for a whiny girl from said family. That’s probably for the best. In reality he dodged a serious bullet. Imagine he married the whiny witch and those would be his family in law.

As they say – bachelors know more about women than married men do. If they didn’t, they’d be married too. Props to Best Gore member @rann19 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “Young Egyptian Man Beaten Bloody by Family of Feminists and Manginas for Having Feelings for Girl”

  1. **************************WARNING*******************
    Turn down your sound ladies & gentlemen.

    There be yabbering monkeys and other unintelligible creatures afoot!

    If the beating didn’t get to this guy – the fucking noises would have!

  2. This is the curse of Ramesses II.
    Nothing good ever happens when you go pokin’ around with mummies and shit. You end up with frogs, locusts and mangyners harshing your buzz all day.

  3. sans pitié j’en attrape une et je l’as bat jusqu’a la mort, rien a foutre!!
    après je peux mourir tranquille, avec leurs bruit de singes raciste, bouffé vous entre vous c’est bien!!!

  4. This turned out to be a love story for the ages. “From chaos, comes order.” Dude in the striped shirt, became his protector. The more they dressed him as a woman, the more he was protected. If the striped shirt guy provides half as good as he protects, beaten dude has it made. Gotta look at this shit half full. If you’re going to be a bitch, wear that dress with pride. If striped shirt dude will have you, might as well be his bride.

  5. If A Woman commits The Same, Or Similar Crime, or is just accused of it, but is not proven yet, then can she be beaten also for The Crime Of Falling In Love With A Man????? That Man’s Family should have their Mother Sincerely Beaten Badly in Public for what they did do that poor Man F.F.S. And the girl involved,, that he loves, did she lead him on,,, use him for rides in his car for rides to her friends,,, did she dress-up like A whore???? If all of these questions were answered with yes, then Fuck-Er-Up, and laugh hard while doing-so,,, Dat-Cunty-Cunting-Cunt! 🙁

    If A Woman Rapes A Man, or is Just even Accused of it, or committed a similar crime, then should she be stripped completely naked, with a little loose rag only covering pussy, and Whipped repeatedly, by half A Village comprised Of Young, and of Older different Men while they all look at her naked, screaming loudly, and crying like the young boy that was getting tortured with hands tied behind his back???
    Oh Fuck Yea,,, because these would surely be( Banned Completely If Even,,, 1 ,,,* ONE* Woman) Had To Go Through this Violent, And Self-Esteem Stripping Punishment.

    1. To be honest in some of these cultures there’s a thing called “honor killing” it means when a girl is trying to marry someone below their class they have to kill that girl in order to restore the honor of the Family. The longer they suffer the better it is. When i was in austria a family gathered around the pool with every relatives included having a pool party with drinks n sh@t. And they tied up their daughter who brought shame on the family placed her in a sack and threw her in the pool. They were drinking and dancing and eating while their daughter was fighting for her life. Obviously the police was unable to arrest them cause its their culture. They have it bad enough so here’s one for the lady’s.

  6. I’m thinking they were all just mad at him cause the girl wasn’t worth two goats after he railed her. The old bitches were angry cause he couldn’t keep it up for them.
    But… tbh… I couldn’t give a shit what a bunch of sand nignogs do to each other.

  7. Ahhh, Muslim women, so dainty & proper in their little gowns & bonnets!
    Why doesn’t that dude just bumrush past them & get the fuck out of there! If it were me, I would grab that pole & shove it up that fat bitches ass!

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