Young Guy Taken to Woods and Beaten by Traffickers for Stealing from Them

Young Guy Taken to Woods and Beaten by Traffickers for Stealing from Them

Young Guy Taken to Woods and Beaten by Traffickers for Stealing from Them

In Brazil, a young guy accused of stealing money from drug traffickers was kidnapped, taken to the woods and beaten. Allegedly, they tortured the guy until he took them to where he had hidden the money.

He probably can count himself lucky if they let him go alive. He did a good job taking cover behind all the vegetation around him.

Props to Best Gore member @zebool for the video:

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      1. I’m not much on Spanish, but I think that said,

        ‘In Caracas, he would no longer live the same in Russia or Poland, of course, a tormentor, in Brazil, children are killed, because these gangs are pizdy (pussy).’

          1. These people must be dumb as hell to not know the diferences between the spanish colonization and portuguese colonization. hahahaha

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    1. Those people are so sadistic and horrible they take great pleasure in bashing other people for the slightest reason.It seems that they did not want to kill him, why not chop him up with a machete.Perhaps they shot him later on after the video finished.

  2. Coming soon: Rafael Part II

    Place your wager on what happens to Raphael in the next video.

    Will he get shot in the head?

    Will the gun misfire?

    Will he be processed into Raphael Parts III, IV, V, VI and VII with a blunt knife?

    Will he continue to squeal like a little girl or will the grown-ups decide to cut out his tongue?

    Place your bets now.

  3. As usual , its the repeat of same old scene ; with a favela fucker getting caught stealing cash and then taken to a remote locale for a thorough bash up. They normally end up chopping the accused but luck seemed to have stood by his side though this time . ………….best of all the wriggling accused and his bashers let out a cool gangsta rap with those rattled tones laced up with a medley of his maddening screams .
    He made believe for sure to the traffickers; that he would rather die than ever steal again ,so it seems for now.

  4. I think there not gonna be part 2, they couldn’t kill him at least first minute shows that.. Real “ice man” don’t give a fuck about his victim.. That’s great for US… We won’t See dying Child… For every one’s doing this – we Will get you, we never forget that what u did “human” expect US……

  5. No one translated this shit.

    But all you fucks saying the kid is screaming like a bitch just know that at the end after all the beating he is saying: “The money is…The money is…” and he never says where the money is. So yeah, the dude knows he is probably going to die and he doesnt give the location even at the end.

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