Young Man Gets His Ears Cut Off and Is Forced to Eat Them

Young Man Gets His Ears Cut Off and Is Forced to Eat Them

Apparently this happened in Brazil. The video shows a young man getting his ears cut off with a kitchen knife, and the is forced to eat them.

Our Portuguese speaking friends may shed a bit more light on what is going on from the dialogue, but my understanding is the torturers are drug traffickers. Unfortunately, audio seems a bit out of sync.

Props to Best Gore member @remzap86 for the video:

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          1. Actually, he didn’t even eat his ears at all.
            But in addition to this video, I’ve seen a second part which shows an attempted beheading inc. use of an axe to do so. The guy puts up something of a fight back and his head remains attached. Also, his mid section is opened with a knife and his intestines are pulled out.

          2. Seriously? I was actually impressed how well he took getting his ears cut off. I was starting to think it was fake.. what else do they cut off?

          1. You can watch the 2nd video at ync underground. Just search for this words butchery-unsuccessful-beheading-so-lets-ripped-out-his-guts

      1. If you live in Brazil then you get everything that comes your way. Well deserved I say. We all deserve this shit to happen to someone else but at least it happens to someone from the shithole of South America! Long live BG!

        1. He is not an innocent (according with the video conversation). He is a rivla gang member, I won’t listen the video again (I saw this yesterday), but I remember something like he being a CV (Red Command – strongest gang from Rio de Janeiro) member and was tortured by PCC (First Capital Command – bigger and most famous brazilian gang, with its roots in São Paulo) members… The dialogue is insane, I will try to simplificate:

          PCC members: “We won’t waste bullets to kill you, no… We will cut your body members off, part by part… Tell us for who we will waste (spend) bullets?”

          CV member: “In my gang… [the PCC members will torture and kill him using everything, but guns and bullets, they will use bullets only to kill the rest of others CV members]”

          PCC members: “Yeah! For you we will use just knives. Now, let’s cut off the other ear. Turn around…”

          CV member: “Please, don’t do it, please…”

          PCC members: “Turn around, let’s cut off the other ear, man, just the other one [like if they was asking for some thing very normal (cut off a human part from a alive person)]

          By they genetic and accent they are probably from Rio, but I am not sure.

    1. this is how maniacs r made…u think he’s gonna b a normal person after this? he’s mad as hell when he’s set free, & will get revenge, & then luv the feeling of it, then jus gonna do it for fun..its like a domino effect in brazil

  1. Wow. This is not your everyday Indian train accident or isis beheading or terribly recorded suicide leap. Sometimes the things you see on this site are just unbelievable. Gotta hook this guy up with some mr.potato head ears.

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  3. A motherfucker tried that shit on me he gone have to expect the fight for his life or my life but I ain’t gone sit around doing nothing while I just got told that I’m getting my ears cut off then after gone eat them.
    Fuck that shit and fuck this fag. Can’t feel sorry for him.
    He wasn’t even bound and he just let some other fag cut his ears off.
    If they ended up killing him in the end he deserves it.
    If they didn’t and that was all they did he’s lucky to live still hearing.

    1. I’d love to see you getting stabbed to death while trying to save your honor and your ears. You are sat down and have at least two animals in front of you, one holding a camera and the other pointing a fucking knife at you. Fighting at that moment would be dumbest move, bro

      1. Fighting would be the dumbest move??!!! Okay….let’s just sit here and let them force feed my freshly cut off ears all compliant and shit. Because that will buy me some time till they half behead me then pull out my intestines while still alive in the next video sequence which you obviously haven’t seen. Brilliant strategy….

        1. What does this have to do with bullies?? I’m saying if you fight at that moment when you are sat down in clear disadvantage, you’re gonna get chopped. Buy some time, wait, beg for your life till the motherfucker put the guard down and then fight for all or run like hell.

    2. If you were very strong and fast,
      you could have grabbed the knife and killed one or two or possibly everyone in the room and tried to get out of the place.
      But it would take incredible good luck plus great strength plus great fighting skills.

    3. You missed the gun dude. They are not armed only with one knife. In many videos you can see that there is always one gun pointing the victim. With a gun in your face you can eat your own shit yelling that it taste like a juicy steak… I’m i wrong?

          1. Nevermind, found it. Can’t paste anything related to it, apparently. It’s awesome. The guy seems to be still breathing until the guts started to come out, he even tried to fight a bit after the failed beheading. Nice anatomy class.

    1. Really? I live with some people from South America and they cook pig’s feet all the time. They say they are really good but I look into the pan and see actual pig’s feet and I pass.

  4. Was anyone grabbing their ears watching this ?? Man. Something about getting fingers, ears , toes, omg god forbid cock cut off. If someone chopped off my cock I’m def gonna die. . I would lose sooooo much blood. I get light headed when I get a hard on. Hahah

          1. oops, i meant to say rub onion on it. my mistake. you’re meant to rub salt on your testicles to make the crabs emigrate to israel.

  5. If those guys killed him without offering him a chance to join the home team they are stupid. HE TOOK THAT LIKE A BOSS!!! He barely made an unpleasant face when they were cutting the second one off.

  6. As I wasted three seconds and didn’t see anyone translate it, basically they demand the guy to say “if CV show up they’re going to die”.

    Later they say they won’t waste bullet with him because they will chop him piece by piece.

    Probably another video will come out.

    1. Wonder if Brazil’s problems would end if there was no CV’s and no PCC’s.
      Also wonder how many members are in each group.
      And another thing…
      If you’re born in Brazil’s favelas are you automatically a CV or a PCC.
      What determines which you are. I got a feeling is not a choice made by an individual’s free will.

      1. Well some are just drug gangs, and others are just “vigilantes” protecting the people from those degenerates, its hard to tell wich one is wich to be honest. I think they just join out of their own will either because they are born in that poor background and need to make some money some way or another.

        As for the amount of members each has, theres no estimate, but its known that some of those gangs have at least 4 or more leaders. CV has currently 6 leaders, and they used to be allied to PCC for nearly 20 years, but last year they started disputing territory. It is known that CV has links with FARC itself. Both gangs operate even outside Brazil, in Bolivia, Peru, Paraguai and Colombia.

      2. I don’t live in a favela but… I don’t think if you do you will automatically be a CV member (PCC members are not generally from Rio’s favelas, maybe the majority is from São Paulo ghettos, witch not means “favelas” exactly, but poor neighborhoods). I think is a mix of choice with lack of opportunity. Call a man born in favelas from Rio as a gang member is like call all men from Syria as terrorist… I don’t think it is true.

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