Young Man Gets Clubbed by Four Guys at Once

Young Man Gets Clubbed by Four Guys at Once

Young Man Gets Clubbed by Four Guys at Once

I got no backinfo, but it strikes me as Brazil. The video shows a group of four guys clubbing a young man all at once.

I have no idea what this is all about, but I wonder if it’s a gang initiation, rather than your typical Brazilian punishment for a thief. While some clubbers were getting off on hitting the guy, others were more gentle and tried not to cause him much harm. I guess that’s how you go clubbing in Brazil?

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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62 thoughts on “Young Man Gets Clubbed by Four Guys at Once”

    1. The way they hit, full on complete fracture I’d say no but tons of micro fractures that will be sore and hurting for some weeks to come, for sure. If the guy that was hitting full force used the bat the other guy was using instead of brittle sticks, though, the story might be different


    “The beaten guy: So, it’s fair
    I talked to the boy, the boy’s wife is married
    and now they will give me here some discipline
    Let’s go
    Guy with the camera: the boy (the beaten guy) has spoke
    he is accepting that he’s wrong, right pal?
    and we are here to make the the word spread
    “talaricagem” here our neighboorhood is wrong
    Everyone talks: c’mon, c’mon, stop talking
    beaten guy: 1 minute, right pal?
    Everyone starts the beating
    someone says: watchout to the boy’s head
    Beaten guy keeps talking while being beaten: has it pass 1 minute?”
    My translate maybe is a little shitty, english is not my thing and these guys talk a lot in slangs. They all call theyself “boy”. Talaricagem is a portuguese slang to “mess with someone’s wife”.

  2. Wow. I guess he couldn’t of ran off into the jungle. They most likely know him and its not like hes being beheaded. Still hes gonna be fucked up for weeks maybe a couple months. Shouldn’t of hit on a married woman. They all seem like faggots.

  3. What is even more humiliating is the boy lost his flip-flops.
    When I see these DaSilvas and Africans, these people are wearing their entire wardrobe.
    Maybe they just trade clothes with each other or off dead bodies.

  4. the language they’re speaking is a mix, so i can tell some of the words they’re using. They said ‘batamees’ a couple times, translating to ‘you have no shame’. so this is a punishment of some sorts, not a gang initiation

  5. im from brazil and i listened something like “talaricagem”, which is something like “a boy who kiss a married woman or a woman committed to another man.” lol these things are so normal here, my friends do “talaricagem”. lol

  6. it happened in Ceará Brazil, this boy had sex with the wife of someone from the local gang, sure that the woman was punished too, usually in Brazil they cut the woman’s hair and make her bald

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