Young Neo-Nazi Attacks Asian Man on Metro in Barcelona, Spain

Young Neo-Nazi Attacks Asian Man on Metro in Barcelona, Spain

An altercation involving an alleged Neo-Nazi with an Asian man (I think that’s a man, right?) was filmed on metro in Barcelona, Spain. In the video, a young male whose face is pixelated is shown talking to the Asian guy who is sitting on a chair. After a brief verbal exchange, the alleged Neo-Nazi starts throwing punches that are so gay, it took the Asian guy a while to realize he was being attacked. The fight is intercepted by other passengers and the Asian guy is kicked off (literally) the train.

The incident took place on Saturday June 28, 2014 at around 11pm on Barcelona metro’s red line, Fabra i Puig station. The assailant is a Russian national. He’s a minor. The victim is a 25 year old born in Mongolia.

It’s unfortunate to see misguided young men fall for twisted ideologies. Hitler would slap this young punk shameless if he saw him act like a turd. It’s a shame these idiots act like Hitler worshipers without understanding what Hitler stood for.

Props to Best Gore member gorefilo for the videos. First video is raw footage of the attack apparently per-mediated and filmed by one of the attacker’s mates:

Second video is a Spanish news report on the attack. The liberal skank at the end is a perfect candidate for a future rape victim. It’s only a question of time before nigger lovers get treated to a dose of their own medicine. Just ask the likes of Elin Krantz or the Christa Help Me chick from the more recent video.

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  1. I am going to say anything stupid here but as this will probabily be the firs comment, I am going to have a lot of replies.

    Ok, now you have a lesson: if someone stand like this in your face, do not lose your chance, kick him in his balls and fled away the scene.

          1. Great name that .

            Germanic with French and bits of Dane , especially in my area , and of course Latin , not forgetting various Celtic dialects . English is derived from many languages .

          1. Must be a legion of demons…just playin Obli, but that story in the Bible is what made me curious to ask and wonder if Obli was familiar with it, I know you don’t believe in it Obli, but are you familiar with it? Based on your comment realitycheck07, I take it your familiar with the story of “My name is Legion, for we are many” in Mark 5:9.

          2. Yeah when Jesus talks to the demoniac on that island . haven’t been in the bible for awhile but was raised on it and I like it just lazy with my studies.

          1. Very nice Obli, Im finishing up a tattoo of a legion of demons burning in the pit of hell coming up from my stomach. Im getting a lot of work done, I’m gonna finish up my whole torso soon. Im not Germanic but I’m a kinsmen of Celtic origin and want to get a tattoo to represent that as well

          2. “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.”

            -Leviticus 19:28

            Just fucking with you @24th. Ink away I say.

          3. @amnyc

            That is under old testament levitical law, we are now under the new testament. I do think it is still wrong to scar your body with tattoos, but I already had tattoos before I came to this realization.

    1. This dude is the embodiment of all those who are anti Israel. Because the nazis definitely are. Weak as all heck and weak minded for sure. Picking on a tiny sliver of land in the west bank. Bunch of bullies just like this Guy.

    1. Europe has been corrupted, its true. But it will rise again.
      Im of Polish German heritage and proud. No faggotry in those who were raised right! Not in those who were raised to be proud, not those who were raised to fight!

      1. The empires and cultures of the New world were bound for destruction when Columbus set foot on their land. The migration of Europeans and forced assimilation meant the extinction for the Aztecs and Mayans. There was no stopping it, no reversal. The same is happening in Europe except where the Spaniards had gunpowder the leftist maniacs have votes.

      2. I have to say I worry about a lot of our men. Men like my dad were tough, most men nowadays are like girls. Little things like the cat brings in a dead mouse and you ask them to get rid of it. They run off screaming refusing to touch and you have to pick it up. what the fuck is happening?

      1. I not long ago returned from visiting my sister’s family in Scotland (she married a Scot) and I thought they were very proud and strong people. I was really quite impressed. Go Braveheart!

        Also went to London and other parts of the Uk which was amazing! The only thing that spun me out was I just couldn’t believe how many black people lived in the UK. Was really surprised, but a lot seemed to be Jamaican and were pretty mellow friendly people.

        Would you agree @Ewe?

        1. I like the Scots , I’ve always got on really well with any I’ve met or worked with . They are similar to Yorkshire people in a lot of respects.

          The majority of blacks here are of Jamaican origin . By and large I’d say you’re right @Dutchy , although there are some not so friendly ones , but that can be said about any race or creed . The Yardies are the ones to beware of .

        1. Don’t listen to the bullshit @realitycheck.
          UK is still mostly White . There was an influx of immigrants when Blair was the PM but it has slowed down . There are lots of misconceptions regarding all of this . The leftist do gooders would love to see these shores become a multicultural mish mash and promote as such at the drop of a hat . Pay no heed to their misguided bullshit . This country is Still majority white by a long chalk regardless of what the scaremongers say .

    1. How do I change my picture.. I’m offshore and our WiFi does not allow us to watch videos so I will have to wait for the last few.. but I still can enjoy the funny comments and different views of history. Not many of my peers can stimulate my intellectual side. What was Hitlers purpose? I’ve just read the “proto calls” and have been dwelling into the whole “Jews run shit and are really the bad guys” did Hitler know this? Was that the reason?

      1. Yes, conversation usually goes something a little like this ……

        Asian person: No engrish !

        Aussie community services employee: Really? I think you might, yes?

        Asian person: No engrish !!!!!

        ACSE: Well you have been reported to us as a dole cheat and we are cutting of your unemployment payment

        Asian person: What the fuck? Who said that ? I no cheat! What are the fuck you talking about huh? (starts crying) I die without my money payment, you pay it now to me! Yes now ok, yes? You pay it today or I go crazy!!!!

    1. Amen, just because your head is shaved it does NOT make you a neo nazi!

      Although like Ate pointed out most of the NN’s have a completely confused ideology about what their believes are or who hitler really was.

      I honestly am considering writing a book to let the world know the truth about him. Titled – The Man Behind The Lies


    2. So true! I could punch harder than him! By the way why do all the pictures I try to use , come out blurry on Gravatar? The only one that doesn’t is this one and I don’t like it because I look fat πŸ™ sorry I know I’m being a typical girl

    1. Even though im a “racist” myself, i never understood why exactly… Asians often come to Europe to study to get a decent job, and even if they fail they allways manage to set up a store selling their goods or open a restauraint chain. Either ways, i never saw an asian in Europe slacking or getting themselves into criminal acts, and unlike niggers or muslims coming here just to live from their welfare checks and doing nothing or commiting crimes, asians pay their own bills… So im in doubt why the fuck is this anencephalic retard wasting his (low) strenghts against an asian for…

      1. I just want to comment how dumb you are. What is Asian for you? I bet it must be Chinese, Korean and Japanese a.k.a north Asian. Have you seen the rest of Asia? How bout the Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Filipino, Pakistani, Lebanese, Bahraini, Kazakhstani, Thai, etc? Its like saying North American as brown skin Mexican only because you’re only seeing the south part of North America. Or its like saying African people as the Egyption a.k.a Arab because you’re only seeing the north part of Africa.

        Now, you should realize how dumb ass you are.

        1. I call myself a “Pro-White”, because i vow for the preservance of the white population, not just to a certain nation, but for all. All other races have the duty to perserve their own as well, and in fact, they are enphasized in doing just that, but through the opression of others, specially against whites, so why shouldnt whites have the duty to preserve their own as well?

          1. Oh god this also remembers me back in school when there was this “white guy” that i was friends with. Sounds weird to say cause i’m half danish myself because of my danish father. But some of the other guys said loudly to us as we were talking near out tables that races shouldn’t mix in a romantic way and that was disgusting, though we were just friends x_x

      1. @ewe

        Believe it or not buddy that picture was taken after staying up 4 days in a row! LMAO I was driving my van to wales looking at the faces in the clouds. I’d recommend it to anyone because I was seeing some amazing things no joke.

    1. @Judge I was thinking if that was the best he could do he shouldn’t even bother trying. Looked more like kindergarten kids sorting themselves out while the teacher is out taking a depressant.

  2. hmmm ive always wondered….if someone were to attack me like this, but worse and ive got a knife…can i knife em? ive always thought about going for the neck and taking them out asap but i dont know, i could be in the wrong. im a small guy (5’7) and i dont like to fight but if some fucker comes at me, well im going to take that as a threat and i dont respond well to threats….i start thinking about killing not fighting

  3. How can you be a Nazi if you are a SLAV.In Hitler’s opinion slavs where subhuman beasts who needed to be put down.Say you’re a xenophobe(wich is funny cause he’s in another country) or an antiseminte.I bet his grandpa faught&died againts the Nazis.Misguided people….

  4. Any fight I’ve seen with actual homos, bang ALOT harder than this oaf. He’s hitting him like he’s afraid to hurt him. Wtf? Even if you’re positive you’re gonna catch a whoopin(everyone has at some point) Fight-the-fuck-Back with all you got. I never leave the house without a knife in my belt.

  5. wtf was he punching at????? the faerie sitting on the dudes shoulder?? I totally would be embarrassed….Hitler would definitely have disposed of this pansy assed fucker back in the day…

  6. I want a refund. The photo promised a punch and chink flavoured brain smear of ALMIGHTY proportions.
    The video showed a shaven headed douche bag with arms as floppy as a reused condom.

    1. “rabbit punches” yes, that’s a good way to describe it.

      and yes, he is misguided. these new neo-nazis don’t know what the fuck they are doing. they don’t seem to understand “nationalist”. just misguided hate and violence.

      1. I have some friends that are real Neo Nazi’s & believe me, they would step up to anyone no matter what color or size & beat them to a bloody pulp. This so called *Neo Nazi* is a fucking joke!

          1. Yeah it sucks to be small and weird in a school full of rich and pretentious people at least I know it could be worst πŸ˜†

      1. Yep – too many weak reactions from defenseless victims in these unjustified beatings. The video in a Russian Mall where the guy sitting minding his own business cops a fucking brutal beating, that one made me sick..

    1. Dont get me wrong here. But i’ve seen gay dudes punch like girls ,on TV ,ive never seen it on the internet. But like @Obli said,,you stand up to fucks like this, stand your ground give them some ass beaten. Or hell..and that would likely be some major server (decent gay boy “oh bitch you didnt..BAME!!!! He. Out .by all means im not gay ,i just understand. Thats all.

          1. A,little not much,my ex-wife ,is from mexico,i never paid any attention,since for ever im also half. Hispanic and white,can’t. Say “White power or hispanic power lol,wheatty power!!!33

  7. Ate, I’m proud of you for what you just said! Nowadays, very few believers of Nationalism Socialism actually know what the real NS was actually about.

    I find it laughable to see how many naturally-racist dickheads just jump on the racism bandwagon which is peddled about NS by the Jewish media, and the Jewish controlled schools who clearly failed with me on this issue. Saw through that shit.

    These racist idiots do wonders for the Jews to actually make their image of NS look even more legit. Hitler had a meaning. A purpose in which he wanted to serve.

    Just so you guys know, this is coming from a Muslim, of Pakistani-origin, currently residing in Birmingham, UK. I find it funny how they tried to teach me in school here how Hitler killed many types and they even tried to say Muslims as well LOL
    Correction – There was an SS division made entirely from Muslims. Also, I read up somewhere that Hitler wanted Muslims in the Indian-Subcontinent to be free from British rule via revolt. Apparently he sent radio transmissions there hoping to inspire etc.

    To other members on here, just know that not all Muslims are like this. I know you’ve heard this shit plenty of times but just stop and have a think, am I not a Muslim who has, by himself, chosen to learn about National Socialism and embrace it? There’s hope. Remember, the East was chilling with large quantities of riches back in the day while the West hadn’t developed sophisticated communities. Germanic tribes at war with each other etc. I believe only the Greeks really had a very long-term civilisation throughout the ages, am I right? Very interesting.

    You just have to think about it like this, the East just needs something to believe in. I very much believe that had Hitler not been destroyed, he would’ve changed the middle East, and more importantly for me, in the Indian Subcontinent which he definitely expressed an interest in.

    Just my two denarii on this πŸ˜‰
    Oh yeah, I’ve perused this website for a few years now. Ate’s comment on Hitler just made me make an account πŸ˜›
    I usually just tune in and watch all the new stuff but I’ll try to log on from now and see if I can chime in with a comment or two. Good to have a voice now, especially where it matters πŸ™‚

  8. Such a shame. I wrote a massive comment for my first ever comment and it fucked off somewhere :O

    Anyway, been surfing this free world for a few years but dropped what would’ve been my first comment haha but I shall do it all again πŸ˜‰

    I made an account because Ate’s comment made me proud. National Socialism is not a racist movement. It just wasn’t. They were anti-Jew not because they fancied it, but because Jews are anti-everybody who ain’t a Jew, and in some cases, even other Jews who don’t conform.

    I’m a Muslim of Pakistani background, here in Birmingham, UK ( where else, eh? πŸ˜› ).
    National Socialism has given me a mindset nothing else has, or will come close to. It’s a pure vision. Hitler was “the” leader for us all. Couldn’t be bought, couldn’t be distracted. Just was the man. A leader who actually became a leader because he fucking wanted to lead! Not like leaders here who just take over and do fuck all.

    I believe in a world where we all co-exist peacefully and I do believe National Socialism has that power. Since I have duel-citizenship of the UK and Pakistan, I’m currently considering joining up in the army over there so I can put boots to asses on those Wahabbi terrorists killing my people. Fuck them. The Waffen SS were the finest fighting force in modern history because they believed in something pure. National Socialism has the power to transform one into a fucking warrior.

    I am deeply saddened that the Jews have so tarnished this image. It was the only chance we had to get rid of this system. To end capitalism and have a new system which intended for us all to thrive, and be united. These Neo-Nazis piss me off. They think they’re true supporters of Hitler and that they’re doing what Hitler would have done. Do these dumbasses not know they are playing off of the Jew’s vision of Hitler, and not the actual Hitler?

    I remember reading somewhere that Hitler had an interest in British-Controlled India, and how he wanted the Muslims to be free of British rule over there. For the life of me I cannot remember where I read this ( I’ve literally read countless things throughout my research time from all over the net). Hitler, ladies and gentlemen, was our only hope. However, I still feel that we will indeed get another leader who actually knows the true principles of Hitler and what he stood for. Not some prick who just goes around hating non-whites. I’m really fair-skinned myself, as a fair number of Pakistanis tend to be, more so than Indians etc, but Hitler saw light-skinned Individuals and whites as “leaders”. Even a few people on here who allegedly follow NS don’t even know the true principles of it. Ate, it would be great if you could maybe do an article of your thoughts on Hitler for us soon, and also mention more about his beliefs on other kinds of people. A lot of people these days tend to think Hitler hating anything non-white. Shameful.

  9. What a fucking prick!!!!
    Only a little bitch would take that opportunity to throw a few right hooks like that when the much smaller and less stronger man is sitting down looking up. The Asian was already at a serious disadvantage by the size and aggression of the other man…that neo-nazi-douche hit the man while he was practically down already.

    Fight fair and like a man or don’t fight at all. I hate bitches who take cheap shots. It’s completely unfair and a real bitch move!

  10. From what I read off that facebook page or whatever, on the video, it said ” I am not the one who punched the asian guy, I was recording it, the guy is a friend, he is russian, the asian guy was insulting us so my friend shut him up” Not word for word translation, but what I remember off it.

  11. Haha… those punches looked like those fake punches from WWF. I don’t understand why russian guys try to be nazi or claim nazi shit, because didn’t hitler hate russians just as much as those filthy dirty jews.

  12. Bullies only pick smaller guys to fight…

    except for one incident we saw in Las Vegas few years back where 3 fat mexican thugs with tattoos to their noses trying to pick one asian (maybe japanese) outside a restaurant, when the table was turned and the 3 useless thugs didn’t even have time to pull out their knives or pricks and were all put down like animals within 20 seconds with some serious karate wounds…..can hear the bones cracking from where we stand and of course the crying mexicans swearing on the floor with blood on their ever-fucking mouths.

    If Obama can legalize killing maxican thugs and jews, NRA will have a greater support from everyone of us.

  13. Okay the dirty Russian was playing slappy fun times with the slopehead?

    What happened to old times both men are standing up and throwing closed fist at each other? This isn’t even assault~! It looks like he gave the jap a bitch slap softly.

  14. I think it’s funny that listed in the “What People Searched For To Land Here” section, searching for gay rape takes you to a Russian neo-Nazi skinhead assaulting a Mongolian in Spain.

  15. Hitler was just misunderstood. He was in fact a very nice man. Look at how he took care of his dog, and patted little children on the head. His mother knew “Lies, all lies. My boy would never do those terrible things those terrible people are accusing him of,” but nobody listened to her. As for the child in this video, the young boy whose identity is shielded and face pixellated to protect him from being persecuted from grownups, he deserves not punishment but “understanding.” At the very least, I hope he will be sent to bed without any supper.

  16. Granted this was a weak fight, but you are saying these young men have fallen for twisted ideologies? Like the belief that they should defend their land and country from hordes of immigrants? I don’t call that twisted, I call that heroic. And if you think all NS can do is throw weak punches on subway systems watch NS/WP videos. If you can’t find them I can help.

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