Young Russian Driver Humiliates Road Raging Bully

Young Russian Driver Humiliates Road Raging Bully

Video from Russia shows a road raging bully tailgating and blocking off a car, with an apparent intent to beat the driver up. The bully got off his vehicle and angrily approached the blocked off car, however the young driver, instead of waiting for the beating, responded with immediate counter attack and engaged the bully in a bare knuckles fist fight.

The young driver, after dropping the bully to the ground retreated and started to make his way back to his car, but the bully got up and approached him again looking for more fight. And that’s exactly what he got, except that this time, the young driver did not leave the bully alone after dropping him to the ground, and instead continued delivering punches until the humiliated prick begged for him to stop.

You can actually hear a child wimp in the car so I’m assuming the young driver is a family man and had his wife and kid in the car. The bully deserved every bit of what he got for trying to attack a guy with a child in tow. It’s a brilliant case of road rage backfire with instant justice served on the spot.

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  1. should have sliced him up too give him something remember his cuntish ways by. fuck you fat bald cunt hate these burly cunts who think they can fight because they have weight. oh look at me i have a barrel chest i defeat aaallllll maaaannn . drop the fat cunt then cut his fucking ear off

    1. The younger guy was passing up the slower cars at a steady pace, he wasn’t exactly driving like a grandma. The problem is some people want to break the sound barrier like they’re the only ones on the road.

    2. I hate fast lane campers, fucking ignorant pricks but this guy wasn’t one of them. He was passing at a reasonable pace and the guy didn’t give him a chance to move over when he was done passing, Older guy was just a straight up prick that thought he owned the road. He deserved worse than he got.

    3. I don’t much care for assholes who drive like they are invincible with a “fuck everyone else” attitude. Bald cunt got a lot less than he deserved. As previous reply said, family driver was already passing the slower traffic, bald cunt is just that, a cunt.

      1. Staying in the right lane (fast) is one of the most selfish things you can do on the road, I too have been so angry with people that do this. However that fat bloke was a total dick and came across as a tough guy wannabe bully. I hate bullies, the are the biggest pussies, sucked in to the fat loser!

      1. it’s a machismo culture that values “toughness” when intelligence is called for. both of these guys probably sustained injuries. all they had to do was keep driving. but noooo.

        and no, not all russians. but many.

  2. The chubby bald guy seems drunk. The fact that his friend in the black shorts isn’t wearing a shirt tells me that they just came from some sort of fun-filled event that either didn’t require being even casually dressed or that he, too, was intoxicated and felt comfortable enough to show off his “bod”. A house party or a music festival. That kind of shit usually triggers after-effects like this. Either way, whatever the case, I am left wondering why in the hell we humans drive with our attitude instead of our common sense……………………………

    1. The young driver didn’t get out of his car until he absolutely had to,he tried to carry on but the tough guy idiot left him no option…I’d do the exact same thing, only I’d have kicked fuck out of him as well, I cant fucking stand bullying wankers

      1. Same here Zion , watching their smug confidence shatter in front of everyone , and knowing they’ll always think twice before trying to emulate John Matrix in a shopping mall is indescribably satisfying

      2. Firstly, they’re not Russian peoples, is that not obvious – with the language being Portuguese or something similar in context;

        Secondly; @ProtocolsofZion, I’ve a hard time believing a cowardly piece of white – and Germanic/germaic piece of swine like yourself ever beat anyone in a fair fight.

        To give you any credit – it’s presumed on my behalf, that you kicked, scratched, spat, etc., never throwing a punch.

        I hate the German peoples, as they are the most depraved, intellectually, and socially unsophisticated persons on this shitty planet.

        Fuck everything made by Germany, fuck all whom support Germany, and may I remind you – Hitler had childish ideals, and was a man of NINE’ intellect and sentiment.

        Sincerely, a rising fire from the abyss;

  3. Sometimes I feel like getting out of my car and reaching through a grill and yanking a person’s still honking horn out. It would be the equivalent of ripping out their heart and holding it up so they can watch it beat.
    I hate horny drivers!

      1. someone I know had a friend come over to London, I can’t remember the country, Pakistan or somewhere. He picked him up from Heathrow airport and on the to London there was a big traffic jam. He said the guy was getting more and more irrated, in the end he had steam coming out of his ears. He turned to my friend and shouted at him in a really angry way ‘whats wrong, is your horn not working?

      2. In Hawaii they beat you up for that….
        And remember if you rent a bike in Hawaii
        Stay on the side walk …and if you don’t
        “They’ll kill you for that” lol
        Aloha from Hawaii though ….

  4. I really enjoyed that one, what an introduction to this site.. Thank you for the post. I must say, the younger driver was antagonizing the “bully” by not allowing him to pass, and driving in the fast lane like an old granny! But, you do not fuck with a man while his family is in tow.

  5. Totally hate tailgaters, got what he deserved the fat fuck, thinking hes so cool in his blacked out car. Fair play to the younger driver, if someone approaches you and your family shits gonna get real

  6. At least 15 good blows to that asshole, he’s definitely waking up with a purple and severly swollen face. He deserved a lot more, that’s pretty fucked up especially because the guys wife and child were in the car. I can’t think of a better reason to beat somebody to death.

  7. Shit I wish road ragers here in LA could be this civil. Over here, they don’t bother to stop and fight, they just roll down the window and pop off 9 or 10 slugs inside your car, usually ending in a fatality. These guys got it right except for stopping in a pretty busy highway. they duked it out like men should, the bully got his comeupins, he got clobbered just like his ego did and everyone walked away… No cheap shots, no shooting, no stabbing…well done !

  8. The only thing that would have made the event even better is if the guy would have finished it off with pulling down the bully’s pants and give him a bare ass spanking!

    Dropping his pants, grabbing one of the guys fingers and shove it up his ass and then sticking it in his mouth while everyone stands around pointing and laughing at him!

  9. What a fucking faggot. Then at the end he looked like he was calling someone, the cops? I mean fuck me this moron had to be wasted on vodka to act like such a dumb cunt. I wonder what the laws on drink driving in Russia are? If this guy was pissed up I would have slashed his tyres and smashed his windows before driving onwards and I am not a violent person. But this would have pissed me off.

  10. showing perfect example front of kids, but bald guy had face that he didnt planed to beat him
    Obviously he acted arrogant, but this what you become ,when you are irritated easily

    if he really wanted to argue young driver then he should maybe run near wife to threaten her, so young driver will calm down and listen him and maybe get some life wisdoms hahaa from whatever he wanted to tell him hahaa

    1. The only lesson the fat, drunk, bully had to impart was drop the piece of shit with your first punch and *don’t* let up until you’re sure he won’t be getting up looking for more. If I was the younger driver, and he’d also threatened my wife as well, they’d be looking at RoadkillHelper.

  11. It is irrelevant that they have a child in the car. Your life is not worth more than mine, because you have a child, and a childs life isn’t worth more than mine either.

    Driving like that is unacceptable, regardless of whether it’s a family of 5 in the other car, or a lonely bum.

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