Youth Choked Out and Punched During One Sided Fight in Ypsilanti, MI

Youth Choked Out and Punched During One Sided Fight in Ypsilanti, MI

In Ypsilanti, MI, two youths started to fight with each other, but the fight was pretty one sided right form the get go. Best Gore OG stonerboner explains:

I live in Ypsilanti, MI – a city that could be considered something like a cousin of Detroit. Lots of gang, drug, overall illegal affiliation going on.

This is a video of a “fight” that was sent to a friend of mine from one of his friends. I call it a “fight” because in
the video, the guy basically beats the shit out of this poor kid, and humiliates him farther than it should have gone on.

He chokes him out, and then wakes the poor guy up by punching him in the face, all the while screaming “wake up bitch, wake up”, and then proceeds to choke him out a second time, while telling one of his homeboys to kick the kid in the face. You can see the poor guy trying to defend his face with his hand.

Just another day in Ypsi.

OG means Original Gangster.

Thanks a lot for the video, stonerboner. Quality is a bit shite, but good to learn something new about Ypsi and OGs:

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      1. I know, right? Somebody should expose the secret, and tell them they are white. And wtf is up with the tough guy’s hair and clothes? Is that a friggin mullet I see? Are those shorts lime green or bright yellow? Either way, he needs to return them to Kmart because he got ripped off!

    2. Typical American 80s mullet ,stupid moustache and yellow shorts with a redneck voice hard to believe many of those yanks are stuck in 1985 ,I would beat 10 types of shit out of this horrible cunt .

    3. Ive been in construction my whole life (my dad didn’t believe in child labor laws) and for some reason this generation of white Americans don’t want to work with there hands. I own a construction company and have 20 subs that frame houses for me and all of them are Ecuadorian . They are like machines.. america would be fucked if you deported all the wettbacks…

  2. This reminds me of my days back in L.A looks like a gang jump in. Thats how i remember it back in the days…
    BTW I have O.G tatted on my wrist too, don’t mean shit to me anymore though.

    Nice post. 😉

    1. People seem to be more scared of a arab with a beard wearing a curtain(men or women) than tattooed guys. You should always go behind a arab when you want to sneak in shit past airport security. They are the perfect pawn.

  3. First off, the aggressor looks like someone I’d rob for fun. What a punk bitch!

    Secondly, when you go down the ‘Choking’ road in a fight, you are asking for major trouble. Land you sorry ass in prison and by the looks of that prick he wouldn’t last very long.

    Thirdly, recording it on video is an idiotic idea for obvious reasons. Maybe after watching it a 100 times the kid who got his ass whooped will decide a shotgun may solve their differences.

    1. My thought exactly as I watched the video…kid who got jumped might just go home get his shotgun and have his revenge. & Going on the theory Boozer had, if this was a gang jump ,which I think so as well, the when his new Homies need him to have their backs he’ll remember this video be like fuck them faggots. They wouldn’t last a day in my neighborhood.. Of course I live in Mexico,not too many people do.

      1. It wasn’t a gang initiation. Just a fight. If it was an initiation, he would have been jumped by 5 or 6 guys. Maybe a 1v1 for a few seconds but after that, all of em dog pile on ya. Seen plenty of people get jumped in or what we used to call get “courted”. No gang in my area would have courted either of these idiots though.

    2. I wonder how long we will need to wait for that video lol humiliation can lead to some brutal revenge…its a shame kids are growing up psychically soft now days imagine how much better this “fight” could have been if they had to spend most of their days doing real psychical labor like most of us grew up doing.

  4. Whoa !!!
    OG Whigger holding it down for the Insane Fashion Clown Posse Disciples !!!
    Too bad the video cut off before he could “Represent” *Makes peace sign with left hand and shouts “Cunt Lip Love !!! Left Hand Only” !!! *Waves left hand vigorously
    Hate when they edit out my favorite parts…

      1. Haha, that would be alot of jail time too “walk off”. Maybe when i was a bit younger, now I have too much to lose. However if i came across this situation, i would even the odds. Complete nonsense beating on that guy like that. Wigger wannabe or not. It’s not a war zone for christ sakes.

        1. One good hit to the “button” the bitch would have crumpled a lot of the morons who jump straight to hold and choking on the street have glass jaws. Lol if you don’t quit calling yourself old when your younger than I am your gonna get flipped over my knee 😉

          1. What’s going on @Am0ur… Looking good… If you don’t mind me saying…
            Just don’t kick my ass… I’d have alot of ‘splaining to do… 😉

          2. @Gnat just been working then going home and either working on my cobalt or the Ironhead depending on my mood, and thank you sweetheart…. I seriously doubt I could kick you ass unless I did so by jumping out of a bush on kick to the buns and run just as fast as you but 1mph faster the other way… But if I had to try kicking would not be my first order ;)….

          3. Don’t worry about me trying to chase you down @Am0ur… I run like a three-legged moose… Unless you were wearing a bikini… Then I’d turn on the ‘Meep Meep’… 😉

        2. “… that would be alot of jail time too ?walk off?…”

          I agree @blayvier… Definitely not worth going to the ‘Clink’… But wouldn’t you wanna be young again and show these punk-bitches how it’s done?…
          Anyway… I’d put money on you whuppin’ both their asses any day…

          Cheers brother!…

          1. @gnat

            Im still in my prime, It would be no contest. Sadly I have to much responsibility now. Goons like these aren’t worth it anyways.
            Cheers bro

      1. @lf of course he did just listen to him talk like he’s a big bad ass lol I can’t stand when people do that except when a well timed punch shut someone up mid word but sadly didn’t happen in this video oh well maybe next time 🙂

      2. Pansy ass punks, the lot of em. Soon enough these clowns are gonna come across the wrong MF, and lose their teeth. I’ve seen guys like this with their high school “tough guy” mentality, get thoroughly destroyed and put in their place. Only a matter of time, he will get his.

        1. If it’s a guy I will always go for the easy target but eyeballs are a great option too so that would work for a woman….although getting hit in the vagina is incredibly painful so if I could get away with it in a fight I absolutely would lol.

          1. A friend of mine allways strike their necks with a well placed punch… wich is very efficient, but not because he knows what hes doing… He’s just short and keeps missing the attacker’s faces… 😆

  5. Apparently James Hatfield and Lars Ulrich both fertilised a lady egg in a thrash eighties threesomes, and the tortured soul that resulted now chokes guys out, just so he can hold them briefly, like his dad’s never did. Beautiful, in its way.

  6. Well, that was gay. He got beat up by somebody who resembled a post-aids John Holmes.

    On a side note though at least he didn?t receive any actual damage due to being hit by such pitifully weak punches.

          1. Lol I’m intrigued too Sherlock, It was obvious that it was me, I never tried to be someone else, but don’t worry I know nigglets are slow 😀

  7. Yep, it’s all Wiggermania fun and games! Until the closet homo bully keeps the choke on too long and kills the kid. Then the real fun begins for the homo bully. Oh say about 25 to life in a MI prison. Wonder how Wigger Boy Bully will last with the REAL Niggas?

  8. Hi guys! Another new member here. Just registered moments ago, yet I’ve been watching this website for a long time. God knows why I’ve only just signed up.

    Love this place! Nice to finally join this great community 😉

  9. what a bunch of losers. what the fuck is the point of this. the aggressor will sooner or later have the same coming to him, maybe worse. nice life to live, either go to prison or get killed.

  10. This made me laugh…
    I wanted to slap both of them to the ground…
    But I’d have the cops called on me for assaulting two women…

    O.G. = Overly Girlish

    No offense to my lady SOBs…

    1. LOL! I bet your little o-ring is puckering/quivering in anticipation of the verbal flogging you are about to receive.

      I suggest you get a pillow ready for the biting and brace for “impact.” 😀

    2. Hmm, wonder what would happen if we added up the # of “stupid white people” fighting and compared it to the # of jungle bunnies going apeshit? Not very often you see a one on one fight with the pavement apes – although it doesn’t matter, they’re all a bunch of niggers/wiggers. 😀

  11. From a womans pov, the attacker was pathetic. Scrawny, ugly, horrible clothes, and a complete cowardly ass for beating someone who isn’t fighting back. I can understand why the victim, who was more attractive and better dressed, didn’t fight back. If he had, the other guys would have no doubt been ordered to jump in and help. The villains will walk away feeling big and bad but, the victim will probably get the company of a sympathetic woman.

  12. I lived in Ypsi a little over a year ago for 6 months. In that time there was a 10+ person family brawl involving the tenants living in the 1st floor of our duplex house in broad daylight, a teenager shot and killed less than 500 feet from our house, and I ended up catching a group of teenagers attempting to kick out the back window of my Jeep one night (Unsuccessfully, mind you. They don’t know what rocks are, apparently).

    Needless to say, I won’t be heading to that s**t show of a town ever again. I lived in Detroit proper for a couple of years without as much incident.

  13. Why is one of them the “white guy”? Was the other a mix? Whatever he is, he came out dumb & ugly. He might as well enjoy it now, stuff like that comes back to haunt you. The guy tapped, admitting a loss, anything after that is wrong. Also, that whole crew was trying to fit in with the black guys. I always wonder how people who are dressed like that, acting like that, & hanging out in…whatever that was, make a living. I bet this is over drugs.

  14. What a fuck???
    Guy is submissive and humiliated but he need more.
    Pure sickness right here.

    This is last times we living for real.
    We see escalation on micro level(this kind of videos) and i am afraid of global escalations.

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