Youth Choked Out and Punched During One Sided Fight in Ypsilanti, MI

Youth Choked Out and Punched During One Sided Fight in Ypsilanti, MI

In Ypsilanti, MI, two youths started to fight with each other, but the fight was pretty one sided right form the get go. Best Gore OG stonerboner explains:

I live in Ypsilanti, MI – a city that could be considered something like a cousin of Detroit. Lots of gang, drug, overall illegal affiliation going on.

This is a video of a “fight” that was sent to a friend of mine from one of his friends. I call it a “fight” because in
the video, the guy basically beats the shit out of this poor kid, and humiliates him farther than it should have gone on.

He chokes him out, and then wakes the poor guy up by punching him in the face, all the while screaming “wake up bitch, wake up”, and then proceeds to choke him out a second time, while telling one of his homeboys to kick the kid in the face. You can see the poor guy trying to defend his face with his hand.

Just another day in Ypsi.

OG means Original Gangster.

Thanks a lot for the video, stonerboner. Quality is a bit shite, but good to learn something new about Ypsi and OGs:

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  1. What the FUCK was that? What we have here is one ugly, bucktoothed fag who, for the first time in his life, is not the one getting his fragile ass beat down. Assholes like him seem to get into fights all the time, never win any of them but still never learn to shut the fuck up. A rare for this fem.

  2. I see it first hand everyday here in NY, on long island they are pushing 3000 illegal brown mexican kids with no parents ( their parents had these kids knowing they will send them here to settle then send for them) and our schools are full, we’re paying for then in our taxes and they arent nice people, they dont love america or wave our flag, just take food stamps and section 8. they love thier beloved beheading country. its a slap in our face and TRUMP got my vote

  3. Ypsi wish they was anything like detroit.. Fuckboiis im from the D and ypsi aint shit like it. Aint nothing like the D but the D… Fuck on witcho “cousin of detroit shit bitch” ypsi just a buncha hillbilly ass fuckboys that wanna be Gs

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