Aftermath of a Battle with ISIS in Northern Iraq

Aftermath of a Battle with ISIS in Northern Iraq

I have video here which shows the aftermath of a recent battle with ISIS mercenaries in Iraq. This time, the cockroaches were defeated by tribal forces who stood up to the ISIS threat. I suppose they are sort of like the Peshmerga in that way although without the Big Brother funding the latter is receiving. Some of the dead terrorists were then subjected to further humiliation by having their bodies tied to the bumpers of trucks and dragged around town. I suppose you could say that these actions don’t make them any better than their enemies and I guess I would agree, since I don’t believe it’s the way I would celebrate but at least they aren’t doing it with that American Frat Boy mentality we see. As when they blow up dogs and beat sheep to death just for shits and giggles.

A gallery of images is also included showing the results of the same conflict. The last three images show the Tribal fighters during training on November 16th as they were preparing to fight ISIS in Ramadi. I suppose some might think it looks funny and that’s fine if you want to laugh but I have nothing but respect for any man or woman who takes the steps to improve their own quality of life or to defend what they see as “homeland”. That drive to succeed is as important as the weapon they hold.

Mad props to Baby14 for the video and pics.

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  1. Dragging bodies behind vehicles is one way of celebrating I suppose but wasting ammo by shooting into the air is very silly, particularly since they will need that ammo for the next wave of ISIS fighters.

    I doubt they are a tribal group though, they seem to be organised, sort of, with their own training facilities and there are instructors wearing officer fatigues and weapons/supplies.

    My guess, it’s a group of volunteer soldiers being trained to work alongside a larger, better organised force.

      1. the sheep pilots bomb whatever their puppet masters tell them to.
        “aren’t these civilian area, sir?”
        “yes, but they have magically been cleared of all civilians, bombs away!”

        You know, like Israel “self defending” itself by killing thousands of men, woman and children just to take out a handful of Hamas. “Iron Dome was under attack, we have to protect ourselves”…i guess thats why there hasn’t been a single Israel civilian killed by Hamas due to rocket attacks. I guess that’s why Israel’s building are in pristine condition while Palestine is in ruins.

        1. The news channel said that Hamas are like the Agents in the movie “The matrix”, they don’t just hide behind civilians they actually become civilians and until those civilians are unplugged from the Matrix they have to be treated as enemies.

          They also said Israel had no other choice Obli and you know what, I believe them.

        2. ***?Iron Dome was under attack, we have to protect ourselves?

          …isn’t “Iron Dome” a new religion now?

          I mean, we have to name some kind of authority to either attack or defend…

          Who give’s a “rat’s fuck,” how many people Israel murders…

          To the “American Sheeple” anyway, murdering innocent civilians in the name of their God and corporate profits, is simply too hard to remember…


          “IRON DOME” well, you know, is much easier to digest by the mentally challenged…

          …and IRON DOME, sounds like it’s filled with so much testosterone too!!


      1. ***i?ve actually read that many are now cutting their beards to escape detection and blend in with locals.

        …kinda reminds me of the Iraqi civilians, voting with their purple fingers, when the United States extended their fascism overseas

        …until many ended up dead

  2. The enemy has been defeated, great. Now lets tear their bodies apart and have a parade. allah ackbar, yea. It does’nt matter who you roll with. This is how all muslim maggots celebrate as we’ve seen in video after video. The world would be a much better place without the religion of peace. Fuck islam.

  3. Ahh. Iraq once was an amazing country and full places like Dubai. (Yes, Iraq was once a big city back in the 60’s and 70’s) But now, a shithole. 😀 That’s Karma for you. For the 1990 attack. Oh well, more death, please!

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