American Soldiers Beating a Sheep to Death with Baseball Bat

American Soldiers Beating a Sheep to Death with Baseball Bat

All cruelty springs from weakness.
— Seneca

At the end of this post you can find a video of the faggoty losers also known as the American soldiers having themselves a laugh and cheering on a fat fuck who beats a sheep senseless with an aluminum baseball bat. This is one of the most severe cases of animal abuse I’ve ever seen. Gandhi said that you can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats animals. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what the American soldiers are really like, not when they promenade themselves pretending to do humanitarian work for the press, then this video will give you all the answers you need.

But first, I’d like to share a video that shows a different breed of an American soldier – a marine with honor in life. I believe it is better to find honor late in life, than not find it at all. Jon Michael Turner did what American soldiers do – kill innocent people and had fun doing it. But after all was said and done, he developed a conscience and one more thing you don’t see the marines to develop – balls to man up, strip his medals and stars off his chest, throw them on the ground and tell the truth about the soldier and the war they’re fighting.

Best Gore had a share of posts exposing the truth now admitted by the soldier himself, but there always are people who respond to them with denial. There is a scientific term for them. You can look them up on Wikipedia under Right-Wing Authoritarianism. The trick is, they live in denial so even if the article is spot on about them, they’ll never admit to themselves that it could be the case. In non scientific terms they are known simply as “sheep”. They like to respond to posts such as the one exposing the Kill Team for atrocities in Afghanistan by claiming that there is no way American soldiers would do anything like that. Not even now – after military court admitted to the public that said allegations were true and sentenced the main perpetrators to jail – do these dumb asses realize how dim-witted they are. And you can count on it that if military court was forced to admit to it, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a thing – if you ever let any such filth out of your mouth as “Thank you for your service” – please do us all a favor and kill yourself. Kill yourself just as all these lowlifes who had themselves good time killing innocent people and animals are going to do cause the memories of what they really did are going to hunt them. That’s the real reason why there is such high incidence of suicides among the American war veterans and it would be only fair if you manned up and followed suit.

Otherwise just go to your local penitentiary, ask to see repeat child rapists and mass murderers, and shake their hands, thanking them for their service and unmatched contribution to society.

Video of American soldiers clobbering a sheep to death with a baseball bat is below. Animal cruelty warning:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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141 thoughts on “American Soldiers Beating a Sheep to Death with Baseball Bat”

  1. I was trying to make a poem or rhyme about this, but I honestly don’t know what to say. I don’t think it’s only American soldiers who are the way you describe them. In my opinion, ALL soldiers and ALL humans are the same. I can’t wait to see them kill themselves, because this is exactly what they are doing. The human race is committing collective slow suicide, and I am eagerly awaiting the day, though I sincerely doubt I will see it in the time of my existence, when they finally succeed and rid this once beautiful planet of their infestation.

        1. Yea, the 2nd video with the sheep was very, very sad. I find it extremely difficult to watch animal cruelty videos. It disgusts me to see the way poor, defenseless animals are treated by humans. You have to be a sick, twisted fuck to want to do something cruel to an animal and inflict horrible pain on it for your own personal amusement.
          The sheep video makes me utterly embarrassed to call myself an American. I know we already have a bad name with many countries but I promise, we’re not all the same. I, for one, absolutely adore animals of every species and I am 100% against animal cruelty of any kind including even neglect and I know that there are many more of us out there.

          The 1st video with Jon Turner was great. I have mad respect for him for owning up to what he did and telling of us the truth which the Government has been trying to hide from us for years! Think about it, if you look up ANYTHING on the Military or any Military bases you will find absolutely NOTHING to suggest that things aren’t absolutely fine.

          1. Me too mad respect for speaking out about the truth that goes on out there, but you must remember not all soldiers are like that. Some are decent. As for the sheep guys, they can go jump on a land mine πŸ˜‰

          2. @lilmisssunshinexo
            I have the same difficulties watching innocent animals being hurt. I don’t know if you believe in the Bible /God/ Creator or not but I believe in the book of Enoch it talks about the judgement of men who treat their pets/animals with cruelty ! They will actually face the animal as his accuser and pay the price for his/her crimes against Gods creation. Trust me , nothing on this earth goes unseen by the almighty ! As humans we want immediate judgment and we want the offender to pay dearly for his crimes. God works in HIS own time, this guy will not escape wrath.

    1. well spoken! i become more of a misanthropist with every day that passes, because all i see what humanity is capable of is pure evil. in these couple of 100’000 years our species exists we did nothing but exterminate other beings, for fun, out of hatred, for money etc. we’re the only species capable of such gruesome things. excuse my grammar, english isn’t my first language.

    2. As an American with family and friends in the military, you’re wrong to assume they’re all the same. Most people who join the military to begin with do because they have no other options, or are just fucking stupid. Then they’re pumped w/ a bunch of bullshit propaganda and, acting like the sheep they are, run out and do what they’re told to do. They’re applauded by they’re higher ups doing this kind of shit. But more people back home are disgusted by this, and want them to die as much as you do.. We don’t want them to represent Americans because it isn’t the way we feel.. We happen to love animals, and obviously we welcome immigrants (as long as they go through the proper channels) to our “melting pot”.. You people have to be smart enough to know that one groups actions do not stand for all, for fucks sake there’s billions of Americans..

      1. i agree all people are not the same. and those who are posting ther ignorance about jon turner, you wouldnt survive one second out there in iraq. he came forward and told the truth about what happend. he has a conscience and felt horrible about what happend and then had the balls to say somthing . jon did the right thing by telling us the truth and weedman stop talking ignorant

    3. the middel east needs to be blown of the planet, those countries do nothing but create world wide havoc for everyone else, even for the good people who are living there the radicals make it very hard to live without fear

  2. The one thing that I know about Marines is that they are all assholes. Ive dated 5 marines and the only one that didnt try to beat me up (I can handle my own and have worked with horses for over 15 years) was the one I had known since elementary. They are all cruel and are trained to be cruel.

    1. It’s the truth. One had a ‘crush’ on me, and became so obsessed that he would call my phone 60 times in a span of an hour. He had guns, so I sat up at night with mine wondering if he was going to come to my house. The only way I got him to leave me alone is when I told him I was considering killing him before he killed me.

    2. blah blah and so are terrorists sunni extremeists drug dealers horny college kids pedophiles a portion of law enforcement wall street and so fowarth so marines are buzzcut assholes trained to kill ok an point? good someone has to take out the trash

      1. I watched a lot of crazy shit on this website and it did’nt phase me; but once I saw the beating on that sheep my heart dropped, I almost cried…. Your comment made me luagh πŸ™‚ Thank you!!! lol “Allah Akbaaaaaaaa”

  3. I refuse to watch any video showing animal abuse, including the beating of the dog. These U.S. soldiers are cowards and are assholes. I hope someone gets a bat and whacks them in the nuts until they turn to pulp. Fuck these guys!!

    1. It wasn’t the soldier beating it but they think it was an Afghan kid, I am NOT excusing the behavior, I have a point to it. The soldiers sit back and laugh and giggle, seemingly this gang mentality. None of the lil bastards who probably ever do it on their own. That being said, that is the fucking problem with our US military, there are too many followers and not enough leaders. They all sat back, let it happen, and took pleasure in it. Making them having something wrong with their sorry asses and they don’t belong in the military with that mind set. So hopefully with the budget cuts and tightening down on fuck up soldiers, most like them with be gone. It is time for our military to have a better name. My husband is a US soldier and is ashamed of such bullshit.

    2. I can’t stand to watch animal cruelty videos either, It sickens me… If only the people would do everyone a favor and kill themselves instead of slaughtering whatever they want in foreign countries and coming back home a “Hero”

  4. Hey they just wanted a good dinner and they had to kill it some how.
    You have to admit that you don’t get meat unless you kill something.
    As far as Marines being cruel ???
    Trained to kill, YES, trained to be cruel, Noooo.

    1. I agree that humans slaughter animals to eat, but they are all not beaten by a bat or tortured like the assholes in the video (which I refuse to view). I understand that the conditions do leave a lot to be desired. I’ve seen the videos, such as the one showing an employee of a pork supplier for Hormel kicking a sow and another spray painting a nursing sow. PETA sent an undercover person with a hidden camera showing the abuse. All that being said, even torturing livestock is inhumane and not tolerated. The guys in the video were fired after seeing PETA’s video. After watching the PETA video, I cried for days. That’s why I refuse to watch animal abuse videos. I wish Mark wouldn’t feature them on this site, but it’s his page and he can do what he wants with it. It is our choice whether or not to view them, or any other type of video for that matter.

      BTW, I’ve noticed that whenever I hear of animal abuse, the abuser is always male. Never hear of female abusers. Hmmmmm.

      1. Women are as bad as men. You may remember pictures of that girl in high heels who crushed kitten’s skull with pointy heel? Or just today, a video of a young nurse leaked who beat a Yorkshire Terrier to death while her 3 year old son watched. Someone filmed it from the upper floor without her noticing. Yorkshires are small dogs – tiny little defenceless creatures. At one point she grabbed him by the ear and slammed him against the floor. His spine broke, he kept wiggling his front legs, but his hind pair was paralyzed. With the dog properly disabled, she put a bucket over him so she didn’t have to watch him die. It happened in Brazil. Everybody in Brazil seem fucked in their head. Man who filmed it will soon be found dead. Woman’s husband is a doctor.

          1. i think i’ts more of the fact that most woman are not dumb enough to record what they are doing because they do not feel the need to show off to their friends. i agree about the animal cruelty content on the site but like the marine in the clip pointed out that this is the only way for people to truly understand what is really going on and the more people who see this the better.

  5. There is nothing honorable about being in US military. Just bunch of losers
    who couldn’t hack it in the workforce. Pit American military against any third world
    country military without nukes, and weapons… hand to hand combat fighting and the
    pansy as loser American military would lose.

    Only cowards need to beat animals to make themselves feel “worthy”…

    1. Actually, the military’s draw is not based on employment but on the “perks”–>provision of free housing, food, travel, retirement benefits, medical & dental care, and education. US soldiers are not aware of what they’re signing up for; the military is glorified to the average Joe, and horrors are often denied, accessibility to the media obliterated, covered up, and pre-emptively explained away with a lot of misleading spin. I myself had no idea what was actually going on until I saw the soldiers press conference confession and images. It was the first time I heard just how horrifically wrong the actualities were.

      I think a better thesis would not be about whether they can “hack it” as civilians (military as a last-resort is a false attribution), but that those enlisting are not receiving the full story, and are promised a wealth of resources to sweeten the con.

  6. Right off ill say that that’s an Iraqi beating it. The kid jumping around is probably his son. They do things like this to show off, albeit retarded. I admit most of the people in the military are assholes but there are good people. I’m a medic who joined to save anybody. I’ll tell you right off I helped more Iraqi kids than anyone else. Child abuse runs rampant there. Things like this give everyone a bad name and people like me have to deal with the dumbfucks

    1. Nigga please! You’re a textbook perfect example of what this article is all about. “It’s not an American. American soldiers would never abuse prisoners of war. American soldiers would never handcuff a 1 year old kid and shoot it in the head. American soldiers would never kill civilians to pose with them like hunters with their kill?” Dude… which planet do you live on? I can tell you right away that clubbing a defenceless animal to death is exactly what Americans would do. An atrocity you would never expect from other nations would be committed by Americans with a smile on their faces.

      You point out how many Iraqis you helped… what do you want a cookie? Do you really want to justify murder of hundreds of thousands with alleged help to a few?

      The man clubbing the sheep wears western clothes, with western style baseball hat. This is not what Iraqis dress like. But the fact that a sight of a stressed out animal convulsing on the floor in a desperate attempt to escape his brutal slaughter evokes cheer and laughter is more typically American than anything.

  7. My ex boyfriend is in the navy. Someone bought a pet monkey when they surfaced. He snuck it back on. So what did they do to that monkey? Shot it out of a canon into the ocean. He claims to be all about animal rights and loves them bla bla but he thought this was hilarious and sided with that decision……

  8. Slicer, a bit one sided don’t u think? Them towel heads are worse than Americans, they are pure evil and crazy plus they rape sheep! If sheep could talk they would prefer a baa Baat to the head than a dick up the ass.

    It’s only a sheep, end of line it’s dinner or a jumper… Everything dies and the way it happens may be shit but that’s how it is.. Own fault for being a sheep lol..

    SOme people on this site shouldn’t cOme as this is gore wether it be animal or man. How can watching an animal be Beating be worse than watching a human suffer? Cos an animal is defenceless?? Lol wise the fuck up!

    1. Well put! People grow hearts for animals but laugh at dead people. I’ll laugh if something makes me laugh regardless animal or human. Who gives a shit about livestock? We eat livestock. Now that dusty video is tragic. That I can agree on. With that being said, all this hate for American soldiers grows tiresome.

  9. @what_time_at

    Perhaps you missed that one detail that the soldiers cheered the guy who clubbed the sheep and smiled as the sheep kept losing the battle? If they show such disregard for life of an animal, how do you think they behave with other creatures weaker than themselves – like little children?

    Hurting someone who is not predisposed to fight back and laugh and cheer while they are at it makes them savages not even towel heads can match. These pieces of scum will leave Iraq/Afghanistan one day and may move to the neighborhood near you. When they see your 7 year old daughter and recall how much laugh it was back in Afghanistan clubbing someone who’s not a match to them, will it be OK to do the same to the kid?

    As mentioned in the article, this is just a tip of the iceberg. It’s a needle in a haystack. We only see one sheep killed, but what about civilians, disabled people, elderly, infants and the such these savages laughed at as they were slaughtering them? How about women these savages raped?

    Where do you find the stupidity in yourself to defend these pigs instead of spitting on them?

    1. Im not saying i like the video but i am very curious as to when SHEEP became on the same level as civilians, disabled people, elderly and infants. Last time i checked, sheep are pretty low on the food chain. Even lower than the Elderly! Ive eaten lamb and veal and lots of other delicious cute animals without knowing the exact manner it was killed in whether “humane” or not. Shit for all I know they committed suicide. One question for you, have you ever eaten any type of meat? And if so, can you tell me the exact way that animal was killed?

    2. So well said you have said it all right there some of these mugs just wont excepted the fact that U.S soldiers are doing these bad things half of them in my imo are to young to even bloody be be there in the first place there just big kids playing RAMBO with civilians and defenseless animals i fucken HATE! people like this if a man has no heart or compassion hes not a man at all hes just a drone

  10. As stupid as it may be They were just having a good time, they enjoy that shit, just like u have your likes! Alot would have children at home so I’d say alot would think twice about what they would do to a child. Some may not. I don’t agree with everything that goes.

    The Taliban side r whatever u want to call them, they are just as bad for brutal torture capturing and cutting heads off.. Also they took out a few 1000 people 9/11.. So people would be going with revenge on their mind and making them suffer.. Innocent people just like their family friends just got killed..

    I think middle east is just a mess anyway and going to war wouldnt do any good

  11. Becoming a soldier is pretty much the worst thing you can do to yourself. It makes you aggressive and hostile towards everything, especially when you get back home. Theirs loads of soldier re-integration programs and shit because they’re still in fight mode when they get back home.

  12. Slicer I’m not saying it wasn’t wrong of them to be there and I’m not denying they enjoyed it. Honestly it depends on where in Iraq it is the more techbologicaly advaned places where clothes like that or Italian clothes. You honestly can’t tell me what they dress like off the stereotypes you see they have every style of dress there. Also I was pointing out some of us joined for the right reasons, as in there are two many people dying and perhaps I could help save a few. Most of the military are assholes I agree though

  13. I’m also not denying that soldiers did fucked up Shit to people. I’m not saying they are innocent so just calm down I’m just clarifying what’s going on in the video. Fact is they are so excited and doing it BECAUSE the soldiers are there it is their fault

  14. one group of humans has always tried to enslave another group of humans thru out history. where would we b if one group [ soldiers ] was unwilling to stand up to the invading hordes. remember the days of King Leonidas and the brave 300 against Xerxes and his invading hordes. that was not just a fucking movie people! plus fuck chancho cuz i hate mexicans.

  15. No one should torture an animal. This should be aired for the public on cnn. that is not right.

    As far as the confession from that young man war is hell. We send over our children and expect them not to get blood lust. We need to stop sending our babies and send trained adult’s to fight the war. Let’s say the congress and the senators. We would not be at war long. It is not right what they did but they are dumb kids and they are thrown out there to be fighting a war.. Most of them just got out of High School. They are just dumb dumb kids. Let them grow up first.

  16. the fact they were doing this for fun, surrounded by cheering makes it all the more repulsive, of course animals ‘feel’ pain, it’s a natural response to stop them getting hurt, sheep/cows for example, soon learn to keep away from an electric fence!

    1. It wasn’t done for fun, it was lunch, I was over there my unit didn’t see any combat, my MOS is basically glorified Chauffeur I am a PFC in the army, the thing is for ever 1 dick who was a blood thirsty twat, there were at least 6 others who put their lives on the line to save innocent civilians. and the beating the sheep, that is the only way to get fresh meet in a region with no refrigeration, there is no fresh meat in the market, its live. they could have killed it faster but the bat is fast (3-5 hits) and the it doesn’t ruin the meat like a bullet would. that ram was probably the best meal those soldiers had in what might have been 3 weeks of MRE’s and ToFu

      1. “ruin the meat like a bullet would” not a true statement! also I could hear laughing/cheering and you tell me they are not doing this for fun? respect should be shown to an animal that is being killed for food

  17. I just wonder how many of you would laugh if this wasn’t a sheep but a grown man. For me, neither is funny, I’d rather call it interesting…it is what it is and it shows people doin what they do. Shit like this happens everywhere in the world all the time, and if it isn’t a sheep, it’s a dog, or a pig, or a baby or a pregnant women or an old man or anyone… We are still all here and watch this stuff…

  18. Sadly this video doesn’t surprise me in the least. I spent 6 years in the U.S.M.C. was deployed to Panama for “Just Cause” and Kuwait for “Desert Shield”. While I personally never did anything even remotely like this or knew anyone who had its pretty easy to why these things go on. Take a bunch of young guys, reprogram their minds with whatever Gov BS turns them into not much more than a group of desensitized marksman who are pumped up, question nothing and turn em loose.

    In short as humans we aren’t wired for any of the mental shit that comes along with killing living animals in general and we really loose touch with what would be normal behavior to everyone else when it comes to trying to deal with it. On top of that if and when you try to figure out why you are doing shit like this and want help you wont get it from any of your peers since its a sign of weakness etc and frowned upon.

    War and killing Is all Bullshit no matter how you look at any of it, at the end of the day everyone involved losses. As long as man walks the earth this place and everyone in it is doomed. Its just a matter of time until it catches up with all of us.

  19. Most of us are so desensived to human death from so many movie, TV shows, music and art that it barely registers to us anymore. Yet most us would struggle to come up with 5 movies that depict animal cruelity. This fact makes this difficult for us to understand and accept what is happening. My List is:
    1. The Butterfly Effect
    2.Cabin Fever
    3Resident Evil
    4.The Thing
    5. I Am Legend
    6. anchorman ( I’m not even mad, I’m Impressed.)

  20. Some apologists are just sycophantic sheep trained to believe in ‘authority’ no matter what. Others like the sociopaths in White House that sent U.S. into Iraq full well knew we were invading an innocent country but lying to our own citizens to get support. Let’s hope those evil doers, Bush/Cheney etc, have miserable days from guilt until they die.

  21. Spreading democracy and liberty with bombs and bullets, courtesy of the *real* Axis of Evil: Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. Let’s hope if those three – and some others – have any bit of a conscience left, which is unlikely for sociopaths, but if they do, that they are consumed with guilt as slowly and painfully as if it were a cancer.

  22. I don’t usually comment on this site but all these hate comments directed right at American soldiers over a damn sheep are just sad. I’m sure many of us have seen a ton of videos on this website and if there’s anything I’d think the people of Best Gore would know is that Humanity as a whole (Oh yes, that includes you non-Americans too, shocking I know) is very sick and disturbing and many of our self-destructive species is perfectly capable of doing this so singling out American soldiers is just blind hate. There’s so much more worse animal abuse going on than just several hits to the head from a bat. Is it wrong, absolutely. But this whole incident doesn’t mean 100% of ONLY U.S. soldiers are capable of this…
    War crimes and animal abuse have existed long before the oh-so-terrible U.S. government came along and they will continue exist until our sad excuse of “intelligent” life finally and completely fucks itself over.

    1. Most of the asshats making the anti-U.S. comments have no fucking clue. It must be envy.

      They see an example of a small minority doing something bad (not knowing the full story BTW) and just ASSUME the entire U.S. Military is bad.

      These ppl are truly the scum of the earth / lowest of the low

  23. who ever did the intro, VERY WELL SAID! these guys aren’t serving for your freedom, at lease 90% of them aren’t. They are serving so they can play with guns, have full authority to kill whoever they feel is a threat( a girl walking on the street can be a threat to them). What a bunch of piece of shit.

  24. I won’t even comment on the sheep. But I am heartened by the warrior, telling it like it is. Have faith, walkers of the edge. There are good people in the world. Our little corner of the universe is kinda fucked up, yet beauti and trueth come thrugh. Die well

  25. And Humans Wonder Why The Universe Kills Them and Makes the Deserving Humans Sick They Exist ??? Make sure you take out all of your Revenge on a Sheep while the Enemy prepares to strike again you Great White Dopes on Hopes…Pissing on your kills is cool, but that is messed up to do that…Human Garbage, Gay Spoiled Brats !!! I hope they at least ate the thing and could have just used a Bullet…I have never been so ashamed of my own White People or My United States Military…

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