Brain Blown Out of Man, Middle Eastern Killing

Brain Blown Out of Man, Middle Eastern Killing

Brain Blown Out of Man, Middle Eastern Killing

Somewhere in the Middle East, a man has his mind blown by assault wielding, Alla Snackbarist. The crime or madeup excuse for the killing is unknown. His brains eject faster than a baby from the cunt of a mother escaping a life of pain and misfortune. The death seems to be just as painless as a guy being ran over by a heavy duty tank by ISIS.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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  1. This made me want to re-watch a different vid where a guy (can’t remember if the victim or the shooter was ISIS, maybe) takes a 7.62×39 to the back of his skull and face-plants into his own brain. I’ve searched here but can’t find it. Anyone have it or the link?

      1. Shabih or shabiha you heard a lot of it mentioned in the Syrian videos.
        Shabiha meaning “ghost” meaning “criminals” or thugs) is a term for state sponsored militias of the Syrian government.

  2. You know…just as the first bullet hits home, or perhaps microseconds before, or as the blade is first pulled across the neck, at least SOME of these dudes must think: “Hmmm maybe this culture isn’t that great.”

  3. Shabih or shabiha you heard a lot of it mentioned in the Syrian videos.
    Shabiha meaning “ghost” meaning “criminals” or thugs) is a term for state sponsored militias of the Syrian government.

  4. religious mindset: killing and hating people = peace and freedom

    intelligent mindset: no religion = peace and freedom

    i mean come on try think for yourself just for a few minutes! drive/walk far away from everyone to a silent and peaceful place and try use logic and common sense. you follow all the rules in your religion, you pray, stop eating and all that and what exactly have that ever given you, your family, friends or anyone else living there? your entire country is living in poverty, in wars, millions of your country people are escaping to other countries to get away from all the horrible things happening over there. if god really existed don’t you think that he would have rewarded you guys into living in peace, harmony, happiness instead of the way that you’re living now?

    no matter what you think or believe in, facts and truth is that countries that has the most atheists are the most peaceful and loving people on earth. let that sink in for a moment. its not rocket science why these things are happening in all the religious countries.

      1. How am i being hypocritical? you want to hear facts?

        Here you have facts: Our country are helping most religious immigrants in the world while rest of the world letting them starve, freeze and being sick outside with no home, food or shelter. We help them with homes, food, clothes, hygienic products, transport, school, education and much more and do you know how these peoples are thanking us? with daily bombs, rapes, shootings, murder, drugs, fraud, theft, abuse, no respect for the laws, culture, authorities, elderly, women, and other kinds of violent and unacceptable behaviors. Also they do not have any respect for equality and human rights and that’s where it gets interesting because without our system and protection of equality and human rights they wouldn’t even be here in the first place.

        I know there are a few good religious people, however, most are not because they are literally living by the book and have no opinions or reasoning of their own. They have no respect towards gay people for example because that’s what they are being taught in their religious books. If you live a life based upon a book even though it’s wrong then obviously there’s something truly wrong with that way of living.

        Always show one another love and respect. There is no place for hatred or evil in a world made for love, kindness and happiness.

        The world wont change itself. Be the change that you wish to see in the world!
        and if those changes mean to harm someone in any way, animals, mother nature or humans then you’re not a good person.

        Bad vs Good

        Activate bomb / Deactivate Bomb
        Rape / Stop the Rape
        Take Life / Save Life
        Start Fight / Stop Fight
        Push Down / Help Up
        Take Food / Give Food
        Destroy Home / Build Home
        Hate Homosexuals / Respect other peoples choices unless they are are harming someone.

        All you need to make the right choices in life is to follow your mind and heart. Do not let other people manipulate you with their hateful speeches, ideology and mindset because nothing good comes out of it.

        If you want to see and live in an loving, kind and respectful world you must become that person. Negative mindset always have and always will spread a negative mindset onto others.
        Instead show them kindness, forgiveness, respect and love and that will be the world that you are helping into shaping and contributing to.

  5. maybe i missed the comments but how is no one talking about this clearly AMERICAN or European guy getting shot.

    i bet he is a contractor and i can even tell you what one most likely.

    right before he is shot and he notices the camera back up he makes the letter A with his two fingers and then does it again, he more than likely works for Academi.

    this guy is a contractor.

  6. Watch as these dune coons destroy each other because they can’t settle on a stupid agreement. Usually religion. A stupid unknown sand nigger religion that no one give 2 fucks in the ass about. You dune coons do it every fuckin’ day and nothing in the world changes. But keep it up as I’m enjoying myself in a place where we don’t give a religious fuck about Allah and his fuckin’ towel head ways of eating hummus and drawing camel jockey symbols that represent hijacking airplanes and getting yourself detained at airports. You so-called human have only given yourself a bad name to the world…guess that’s not entirely your fault in the end.

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