Close Up Photo of Leg Completely Ripped off by Woman’s Vagina (18+)

Photo of Young Female Suffering Severe Leg Trauma by her Vagina

Don’t know what exactly happened to this woman, but I think it was a land mine, IED, grenade or some other explosive device that ripped her leg off completely right at her pelvic area. Oddly enough it left vagina in fairly good condition, only somewhat swollen. Severe leg trauma, however she can count herself lucky for not getting any vital organs destroyed. Must have hurt like a bitch. And even if she gets a prostatic leg, she doesn’t have that nothing to attach it to. Nasty accident and pretty decent quality, and decent resolution close up pic. Click on it twice to get to higher resolution image.

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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57 thoughts on “Close Up Photo of Leg Completely Ripped off by Woman’s Vagina (18+)”

  1. I had to look at this post because…well it sounded like somebody’s leg was ripped off BY a woman’s vagina. Lack of common sense I have, but couldn’t risk NOT seeing this.

  2. Looks more like a transexual with his nuts blown off along with the leg. I’m sure that’s a penis there, not a vagina. What do you sickos who think it’s HOT think now??

  3. There are people who are offended by gore on this site, even though there are warnings all over the place. Stupid is as stupid does. Some people are just plain dumb and unable to add two and two. You need to remind the idiots that a website which is called “” involves fucking gore.

  4. I feel so sorry for this poor woman.
    Talk about suffering a double-whammy?…

    Not only does it look like she could’ve been the victim of a severe Leg Trauma Injury or SEVERELY-BOTCHED Cesaerian Section;
    But she’s also sustained one hell of an ‘axe-wound’ too!.

    Though if you study the picture; squinting, rather than focusing…
    It kind of becomes a montage to ‘The Rolling Stones’; With Mick Jagger’s unmistakeable rubber lips in the centre region; and the Band’s iconic ‘Licks’ logo (without teeth), towards the right.

    …O.K., remember you have to squint abit… and use your imagination!.

  5. Under aged people can watch nasty pictures of dismembered corpse but the second it has a little nudity in it, its (18+). lol. on second thought. i thought that there was a vagina that was capable or ripping people’s leg off!

  6. Okay…Firstly – what does “hotlink an image” mean, and how is it done? Secondly how is the link to the post retained; and is this something that can be or needs to be done with all photos we find and reuse on the web?

    “hotlink the image, but you must retain the link to the post.”

  7. i would really like to know why the heading has the sign (18+).In a site of beheading and torture,whats the point of doing that?maybe its because that specific case was posted on 2009,when the admin was still a fag.anyway,just pointing out some minnor fagotry

  8. May sound silly, hind site and what not, but did anyone else have a little “what the fuck” type moment reading the Title/description? Really, who the hell wouldn’t if they read “Close Up Photo of Leg Completely Ripped off by Woman?s Vagina” prior to seeing the picture?
    A vision of a women with a partially exposed leg extruding from her vicious, great white shark ‘s mouth looking snizz mid-consumption, of the poor gal’s leg which, in a fashion unknown to me and likely modern science, managed to sneak inside, tootsies first, down the gap of doom.

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