December 22, 2011 Baghdad Bombing Aftermath Video

December 22, 2011 Baghdad Bombing Aftermath Video

Many dead, lots of blood in the street, Islamic music. You may want to mute your speakers for this bombing in Baghdad aftermath video. No original audio there, just dubbed over Allahu Akbar singing.

Baghdad – the capital city of Iraq was hit with a wave of bomb blasts during the rush hour on December 22, 2011. At least 57 people were confirmed killed and 200 wounded in what appeared to have been coordinated bomb attacks. Individual explosions targeted central Baghdad’s districts of Allawi, Bab al-Muatham and Karrada, north Baghdad’s neighborhoods of the Adhamiyah, Shuala, eastern Baghdad’s areas of Shaab and Jadriyah, west Baghdad’s Ghazaliyah and south Baghdad’s Al-Amil and Dura. Video of the aftermath is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “December 22, 2011 Baghdad Bombing Aftermath Video”

        1. Seriously? Im not even American and even i know thats hillarious. Thats right, they were living a totally peaceful, beautiful, ridicule free utopia before the big bad Americans came around. You do realize that this entire side of the world has been doing this exact thing for thousands of years before America ever existed.

          1. Iraq used to be a developed country in which majority of people enjoyed abundant lives. Wealth came from oil and this wealth was used to import food in because Iraq doesn’t have a very fertile soil making it unsuitable for plantations big enough to produce food for all its citizens.

            Things changed after unjustified UN sanctions and US invasion. Today, the death rate among children under five is about 4,000 a month – that’s 4,000 a month more than would have died before occupation. 4.6 million Iraqis died war-related deaths, 1.7 million of them were violent deaths, 2.9 million were avoidable deaths as they were a result of war-imposed deprivation. Furthermore, the invasion resulted in 5-6 million Iraqis becoming refugees. 2 Million infants and children under the age of 5 died as a result of war. US committed war crimes in gross violation of the Geneva Convention in Iraq.

            But to you – media tells you that Iraqis suffered under the rule of a dictator so that’s all you see. You exaggerate broken toe nail to make it look more severe than traumatic brain injury. What’s wrong with you?

    1. me neither the world is a fucked place it has good things and bad things you just gotta look for the good things instead of focusing in bad things because the majority of the world aren’t pieces of shit

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