Endless Column of Iraqi Soldiers Captured by ISIS Marched Through Tikrit

Endless Column of Iraqi Soldiers Captured by ISIS Marched Through Tikrit

Iraqi government admitted that two entire Iraqi army divisions broke and fled before single ISIS battalion of 800. According to The Times, 90,000 US trained Iraqi troops deserted. US trained? That makes sense. Doing what their puppeteers would do?

In Tikrit, birthplace of Saddam Hussein, tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers, including the entire Contingency Operating Base (COB) Speicher, thus named after an American serial killer (glorification of state sponsored violence must never cease), reportedly surrendered to ISIS. Video below shows an endless column of them being marched down a road in Tikrit.

Saddam Hussein knew. He was right all along. As he stood on the gallows, seconds before his death, one of his hooded executioners told him to go to hell. Saddam Hussein responded by asking: “The hell that is Iraq?

The hell is what Iraq has been turned into after Saddam Hussein. What we see happening today would have been unheard of during his rule. As a matter of fact, Iraq was doing pretty well for itself, by Middle Eastern standards. And so was Libya. Both countries, thanks to the intervention by the USA and NATO, were turned into hell. Yet some sheeple still believe the mainstream media that the oppressors “saved” poor Iraqis and Libyans from dictatorships. What a load of trash.

And as ISIS continues to hint that they are gearing up for the overtake of Baghdad, the MSM continues to sell the war to the dumb. You never see MSM promoting peace. They only and ever glorify violence.

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    1. The War in the Middle East is a War of Conquest to expand the Evil Isralie Empire.

      The Vile Parasitic Jews hold control over their Jewish Media Mafia, and control over many Christian Preachers, and are able to keep a lot of Americans distracted and misinformed.

      If every American knew the Truth, there would be no support for the War of Conquest, or for the Evil Isralie Empire!

      1. Yeah, we own fucking everything. You can blame American corporations. There was a point where Americans wealth lied in American industries and it’s self supported economy. Then American greed drove all the companies over seas and the money into Jewish hands. Now most of the world minus Russia, North Korea, and China are under the Zionist sphere and the sheepole of America don’t even realize that us Jews own more then just the country, we own the rights to the country. Might as well make a key to America and give it to Israel

      2. I agree with you about the vile Jews, I hate them too, but I dont agree with something said in the article, the puppeteers are the Americans? We would retreat? As a contractor I have fought beside many u.s. Soldiers and never seen one turn tail, I’ve sent many to Allah before they could even get one cry out, the u.s. Soldier is no coward, I’ve seen more Muslim men run from a gun fight, and then come out with their child to avoid getting shot, then see the same coward a day later ambush attacking food convoys to feed the same children he used as a shield,

      1. The SAA are brave. They’re middle eastern. So are most non-extremist Sunni puppets.

        Quick explanation for y’all. Extremist Sunnis backed by gulf oil money have been rebelling against the Iraqi government just like what happened in Syria. Except the Iraqis are mostly loyal Shia and even the Sunnis are mostly loyal so not much happened. The Government has been forced to not take action against the terrorists (rebels) in Anbar so Saudi and it’s bitches don’t accuse it of being sectarian and targeting the Sunnis. Meanwhile the terrorists backed by insiders in the government and the army have been consolidating the presence in Anbar. (The Iraqi vice-president has been indited on terrorism related charges and he’s run away to Anbar). ISIS leaders are nearly all former Saddam officers. So are the Naqshbandi Army fighting alongside them. The Sunnis in Anbar are extreme, they loved Saddam and hate the current government and Army. The Army there is also mainly made up of Sunnis. That’s why they fled quickly like pussies, most were complicit and the rest were just pussies. The Shia are not so. Moreover for the first time since 1920 (against the British) the Shi’i high authority – represented in Ayatollah Seyed Sistani – has issued a religious edict (fatwa) for Jihad (holy war). Unlike the Sunni fanatics these come rarely from the Shia. As such, literally millions are singing up to join the Army. The end is nigh for ISIS et al.

        1. Sorry, I have a hard time respecting a people who murder each other over which version if Santa Claus is the right one.

          I wont give you the pc bullshit and fake understanding the rest of the internet and mass media are forced to do. Let us have one fuckin place to talk shit. Why is that so much to ask?
          “Fuck the rocks you live on, my rocks are better.” You see how fucking stupid that sounds.
          Nobody understands anything. Youre fucking dead just like me. Get over yourselves.
          I worship death and BG is my altar.

          1. Rocks are so over rated. I’m not arguing for anyone. Just saying it as it is. If 10 million people worship yellow rock and yellow rock says kill red rock who only has 10 worshipers them red rock isn’t gonna last very long. That is all.

      2. My only hope is after they clear Iraq from ISIS they discipline the citizens of Anbar. They eradicate the ill disciplined from the Army. And they bombard ISIS from the border to help the SAA.

    1. They got training but that’s about it, they folded against the us in both wars .
      These Isis douche bags are fucking pussies who only came out to fight when the USA pulled out. I wish they would stay to fight them head on, oh wait they are cowards who hide and plant bombs.
      Fucking camel hunters

    2. I don’t understand the comment about the US trained forces deserting like their “puppeteers”would..I take it the puppeteers mean Americans that trained them?I take offense if that is intended to mean US soldiers are cowardly and afraid in battle.As much as I loathe Islam and would like to see the ENTIRE “movement” exterminated,I would like to hear of ONE instance where an American force has ever deserted combat.

      1. I agree Craigmoon. I believe they defected on the New IS promise to let them live if they choose to join IS ranks. I’ve heard that martyrdom is an option even for American born IS, even going as far as letting the U.S. born IS to eat whatever they like and continue “Western” culture as long as they put in work for IS and promise to die for IS.

  1. Well, so much for the pundits who said Baghdad won’t fall. I don’t have much hope of that now. I wonder what will happen to all those deserters, will they be given the choice to convert or be executed?

    1. Mosul and Tikrit are mostly Sunni while Baghdad and the south are mostly Shia. The Shia won’t give up their holy shrines in Baghdad and Najaf so easily. I’m sure the Iranians are already sending Revolutionary Guard units across the border now.

        1. Baghdad is a big city and I’d say ISIS are overstretched already so I don’t think they’ll take Baghdad no matter what they’re saying. The South is almost totally Shiite so the Sunni Islamists have no support there. I don’t think they’ll move south.

    1. See how many heads a .50 cal can blow through in a row, see how many mortar rounds it takes to clear 1000 of em, heck even kill one with fluorescent tubes to see how many light bulbs to screw a Muslim in but I think the vast majority should be done by beheading (these fuckers need the practice).

  2. If the western trained Iraqi troops had such huge numbers compared to the ISIS they must have fled because they didn’t believe in what they were doing, paid to be western puppets, and so they chose not to attack fellow Muslims.

    Saddam Hussein has become another Hitler, a figure hated during the times but a figure now looked at with fresh eyes, what would life have been like if they had succeeded?, and this line of thought only comes about because the present is such a complete and utter fucking shit hole.

    I should write a book about it, “did the good guys lose”, an alternate history of mankind. Not available in Ukraine due to fuck-up still in progress.

    1. The army is mostly Shia and the ISIS Islamic group are all Salafist Wahabi Sunnis. Salafists hate the Shia and the Shia hate the Salafists the Salafists consider Shiites to be infidels who should be converted or killed.

  3. Deserters used to get shot by their own side . You refused to go over the top in the first world war , you were shot on site .

    Fear must have spread through their ranks like wild fire , but that is no excuse for abandoning and fleeing their post .

    What a total shambles and embarrassment for Iraq , who now look toward the good ol’ U.S of A , again ! for assistance with this mess .

    1. How can tens of thousands of people, armed people! Just surrender? It makes no sense, And this “ISIS” bunch of nutters seem to have sprung from nowhere. To really be that organised and that fast makes me wonder who they really are and who is funding them.

      1. They do seem to have grown pretty fast and slightly under the radar . I do believe the way the Iraqi army / services bottled it , has made ISIS appear much stronger than they probably are though .

        1. But they’re supposed to protect the people, their homeland, their way of life? No fight, no shootout, how did this happen? They can’t all be cowardly. I’ve never seen the like, not one of them stood up for what they believe? Bullocks! If the U.S trained these people, what the fuck did they do to them.

      2. Who is funding them? We were but they were suppose to fight Assad …oops…lol…now they have 500 million after clearing out the banks and all the shit we left over there in Iraq…Obama policies are one cluster fuck after another but when u are the zions lap dog slash monkey boy what do we expect…

    1. IF they really did (there are convincing arguments that the votes were rigged everywhere), it could only be APATHY. Voters – especially black and brown ones in the cities – don’t care to know about the condition of the country nor the real qualifications of the candidates.

    2. duh, they’d be called racist. lol. but fuck, i want to see Obama leading his troops personally on the front fucking lines. like the old days, when the leader actually fucking LED his troops in battle. nowadays they’re all fucking pussies, never been in a real street fight in their entire fucking lives. i’d go on, but then mr./mrs. detective will shut off my internet.

      1. Whether I would ever find myself agreeing with you or not your last 3 comments you have posted shows there is maybe more to you than you have exhibited so far. You should keep at it. At the least it will give us something different to argue about.

      2. As long as the dumbocrats keep givin away free bananas & watermelons
        (welfare & foodstamps)
        kneegrows,wiggers & libtards and all other lazy losers will always vote for dumborats.
        so fuckin sad!
        the only reason they stay in power is because the other 49 pct. pay taxes to support such B.S. ! but sooner or later you will run out of other people’s money. to quote maggie t.
        then what? print more? yup they already are. i say open the mexican border and let all hardworkin honest people in. but, for every 1 in 5 deadbeats of any color have to G.T.F.O.

  4. Iraqi version of the Bataan death march ? Don’t imagine they will be feeding and housing these captives in such a fluid state that the war seems to be in they are probably going to march them to where the ditches on the roadside are long and deep enough and put an end to them.

  5. 90,000 running away from 800… what the fuck is this? The trailer for the new “300” movie? Now ‘muricah will have an excuse to re-invade Iraq and re-apply “democracy”, because they arent supposed to show any signs of stability untill Israel takes over completely all middle east.

    1. Yea murica all right damned if they do damned if they don’t this time damned if we will. Why would these people ever get along self preservation should finally enter the equation when the bodies are piled high enough. We found out the hard way that you can’t do for somebody what they should be doing for themselves. Murica hasn’t been there for four years what have these sad fucks done to make their country a better place ? Sounds like the Arab version of the nigger card being played.

  6. I’m a big fan of this site, I really appreciate you posting these things up..but Dude what’s with all the Anti-US Military stuff you keep writing on these posts? I wish you would just chill with that,
    Believe me I feel the same way you do about the Gov and all that but Aren’t you a US/Canadian Citizen, i know America is in to shady business at times, but all kidding aside,
    Those are young guys going to war, being killed at the age of 19, 21,
    so YOU don’t have to bro, The Gov isnt Knocking on your door demanding you to Fight in Iraq these people are putting thier lives on the line regardless of what the USA’s Motives are,They did what most people would never do, I’m a fan of the site but jeez,

    1. I also enjoy the this site, but its just kind of funny how Anti American all the mods are. We dropped the ball in Iraq, and it shouldn’t have happened, but to say the US Military would be afraid of them is a joke. I dealt first hand in dealing with the Iraqi military and its way different than us. An American fire team could wreak havoc on these guys, let alone what we did in Falluja.

  7. What is “American” ideology in the United States consist of, other than the self glamorized liberal CRAP spewed forth by Hollywood’s great Jewish propaganda machine, called “television”. I say this because television is all liberal propaganda by DEFAULT. It HAS to be in order to appease everybody and get their ratings. Not only that, but 90% of all American television broadcast stations are owned and operated by Jews… Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but their political agenda against the Caucasian “goy” (human cattle, essentially) is unnerving. I would provide a chart but this website won’t accomodate it.

    So forgive me if I don’t consider Americans free thinkers…

  8. well iraq was not heaven even under saddam rule… but at least you know WHY you are going to be executed… so it wsa predictable hell
    these days it is unpredistable hell.

    the only valid argument against intervention is the policy of isolationism.

    this is not our bussiness to be the judge, policemen, or executive for those savages who are not able to fulfill the the wishes of their own people…. for peace and prosperity…

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