Iraqi Child Badly Wounded After US Bombing

Iraqi Child Badly Wounded After US Bombing

Must have been one of those TERRORISTS George Bush was telling everyone about! It’s an older picture from the beginning of the war in Iraq, dating back to March of 2003.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Iraqi Child Badly Wounded After US Bombing”

  1. The only comment I’ll make on this one is… this ain’t the first time this little guy has seen violence. Look at the back of his right hand and his righ biceps. Heavy scarring. Poor kid.

    The most innocent among us usually suffer the most.

  2. He had only three more years to become a walking timebomb too.
    Perhaps this was the next Saddam in 32 years.
    They wouldn’t care if it was one of ours’.
    I have my own to worry about, sorry.
    I care about nothing more on earth than my family, friends, every good person I see walking around, and myself.
    The enemy knows they have to kill all of us,”even our pets” in order to have peace they want.
    Why can’t we nuke all of them for the peace we want?
    It’s ok to feel bad for the youth, so why are we not Liberating them from their fucked up, suicide teaching, brainwashing, psycho parents?
    Look how well Japan turned out.
    If the Nazis were the bad guys then why did germany get rebuilt so nice, while the Jews they were killing just got dumped in the desert somewhere next to more psychopaths?
    They’re willing to die to fight.
    We are willing to fight to live.
    I like the living side.

  3. If this were Hitler we couldn’t travel back in time to kill him.
    We would have to do it now, instead of it becoming too late.
    The past already happend…what we do now desides the future.
    Your paths depend on what decision you pick from your mind, and what actions you choose now.
    There’s two ways in life, up or down.
    The veiw is better from up here.
    This is real life, not a movie.

  4. We use to win all the time when women had no say when it came to war, read history.
    I have tried living life from everyones point of veiw even the ones deamed as enemys.
    I love life.
    I am proud of being white, American, and fuck all your groups that try to rip it apart.
    White, black, brown, fuck them all and thier syndicates.
    I propose a final war where we destroy everything that brings violence and war to us here in America and anyother descent, living, Civilized Nation.
    When good people kill killers, the killing stops when they’re all dead.
    Why do you think they cut off all our heads until were all dead.
    While hand cuffed and on our knees, One at a time.
    Cause they know when we are all dead they have the peace they want with their screwy religon.
    I believe in living until you die the best honest way you can.
    I believe in being up front about your own wrong doings and fixing them.
    I believe too that if anyone tries to destroy the land my house is built on we should hurt them even more than they want to hurt us.
    Until they’re all gone.
    Just remember we killed all the droids in order to win, in that crappy Star Wars movie.
    In real life when someone is tring to kill you do not win unless you kill them first.
    We have been dealing with these middle east fucks for like 60 years now.
    The peace talks would work better if they can’t talk no more.
    Men die in war and the left over women become slaves or they just open their legs so they do not get killed.
    Men do not have a barganing chip like that.
    Dicks just kill other dicks.
    This is why we must win baby.

  5. As an Iraqi I find this as great tool to capture the amount of pain and suffering Iraqi citizens are going through as We speak .I believe we can all agree on the fact that no child deserves to indure such pain and agony yet this is the truth behind the american war in iraq . On the other hand , lets not percieve such acts as a ruthless american acts , Afterall it is a war and casualties are inevitable ,In addition to that wether an American or Iraqi we all stand in defense of our countries ,But lets not fool ourselves there is a great deal of tension between both sides ,Even though An iraqi hates an american or vise versa . Keep in mind that generalising a whole nation or group of people based on the acts on misleaded indivisuals is wrong , I might be an Iraqi and enduring a war I have no right to either curse/fight/discriminate an American .I just wanted to end with that naming or titling a group or nation or religion based on acts of those who lack the intellegance is wrong , God bless america and The Iraqi People !

  6. faust, you are an absolute complete and utter total fucking cunt, pictures like this make me wanna jump for joy. Think about it for a moment, the dirty, stinking, filthy little rodent would have only turned out to be yet another fuck-tube insurgent anyway, believing in all bullshit about 70 odd virgins when they blow themselves up, taking a bunch of other people with them, infact I find that just as funny (so long as it’s thier own) Kill ’em young, that what I say. Laser guided bomb all the schools and hospitals, fucking animals don’t deserve to live,….Let me just look at the picture again quickly,….AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaa, never fails to tickle me.

    1. Yeah I totally agree Stonerbob! Human beings had no idea of what the concept of killing another human was until America was born. Before that, everyone held hands and the entire world was a very peaceful place! Dammit AMERICA!!! DAMN YOU!!

      Lay of the pipe bro. These people had it coming to them long before Americans were around…..

  7. you do have to think of it as that “deathtomuslimkids”, although you go a bit far with laughing about it, he makes a point that this kid would have no choice anyway on being a sucide bomber and just hurting himself and DIEING like he probably did here. but then again, this world will blow itself up anyway

  8. I hate to see children murdered! I find alot of things on this site and other graphic sites and reading autopsy results informative and educational, but, no child deserves anything shown on this site.

    I just finally found pictures of Syvlia Likens, whom I just found out about, who was tortured by a woman paid to watch her and her sister and had about six people torturing her from head to toe and inserting coke bottles into her vagina so she lost control of her bladder. They even made her eat her own urine and feces and would give her hot baths in salt water to torture her further. She died after three months of this. She died in 1965 at 16 years of age. When she tried to contact an older sister, who was married, the sister thought she was just a whiney child! Poor girl!

  9. I can’t stand to see little children in pain! How horrible! Seeing children and babies is hard for me, but bring on the adults, they don’t bother me as much, I love to see blood & guts, just not that of youngsters!!!!!!!! 🙁

  10. we will always pay a price for our freedom,our loved ones must go out and seek to kill the ones against us,nobody will take my U.S.A.! keep on rocking in this world,but pay the price? how many men and women need to die for our freedom?

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