Those Iraqi Mujahedeen with Silencers Are Back, Now In Full SWAT Gear

Those Iraqi Mujahedeen with Silencers Are Back, Now In Full SWAT Gear

Remember that recent video of the Iraqi mujahedeen armed with weapons with silencers who carried out a well planned, timed and executed attack on a number of security check points in Iraq, killing dozens of officers and soldiers in the process? Well, these same guys are back, with another attack on more security checkpoints and as before – perfectly executed. This time around, the mujahedeen came in full SWAT gear, even driving police vehicles with flashing lights to easily pass for legitimate Iraqi police only to turn on the real police when they least expected it.

Needless to say – these guys are good and keep getting better. They adopted. Guerrilla warfare is obsolete, effectiveness of IEDs diminished and suicide bombing for retards who would never achieve anything. They are now a real force to be feared and it’s just gonna get worse. Operation Iraqi Freedom, however many trillion dollars and wasted lives it cost, delivered anything but freedom to Iraq. Now they’re really fucked and there’s no backpedalling on it anymore.

The video was filmed in the city of Haditha, Anbar province, Iraq. The mujahedeen who operate under the flag of Islamic Republic of Iraq are believed to have driven 200km to get to Haditha from desert areas near Bayji. They were in full SWAT gear and carried forged, but authentic looking arrest warrants issued from Baghdad against two senior officers.

Upon arrival, they showed forged papers to the checkpoint guards and ordered them to switch their mobile phones. The officers complied and were subsequently executed by close range gun shots to the head.

With the checkpoint cleared, the gunmen proceeded to the Haditha police station where they did the same. They got to the home of Captain Khalid Daham, commander of Haditha’s SWAT force whom they captured and also executed. Mohammed Hassan, the former commander of emergency police in Haditha met the same fate.

At one point the mujahedeen got into an hour long shootout with policemen who suspected something was amiss and lost 3 of their fighters. Two they were able to take with them, one was left behind.

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      1. I was there for the surge and then the draw down in 2009-2010. I helped train some of the Iraqi army. They were given older M16a2 rifles, ones we don’t use anymore. They look like we trained them well…unfortunately.

        1. No, it’s a Honda Civic.

          Those Jap’s know their way around a motor..

          Did You Know: Japan after WW2 weren’t allowed to build airplanes. So they took all their technology and put it into cars and motorcycles.

          You know how they have “blood diamond free” jewelers? Why don’t they have “blood oil free” gas stations? America gets lots of oil from Canada, so most of the oil here in Wisconsin is blood free.

          1. I don’t understand that either
            I assume oil tycoons would get more profit off the aloha radioshack bar’s oil.
            This is the problem, Left wingers see it as a threat to the environment & right wing oil tycoons get more money off the Aloha radioShack bar deals.
            Democracy is a bipolar bitch.

        2. Hahaha LOL …
          You call that amazing ???
          You must be American…
          In Europe we call that petrol-guzzlers.
          My wife has an old Volkswagen Lupo 3L. Almost 80 Mpg (petrol). Myself I drive an Audi A3 diesel : About 65 Mpg

  1. I can’t stand MUSLIMS. My cousin was in the Marines and now works for one of those Blackwater type companies. He was telling me that you can’t trust ANY of em and ALL of them are are dirty rotten scum. Not all participate, but all practice quiet acceptance.

    The sanctity of life is totally backwards over there. Remember when mothers were gladly giving away their children for a mere $25K so they could blow themselves up as a suicide bomber and be a “martyr”?

    1. If you decide to murder and dismember that sexy little nurse that keeps turning you down over and over, make sure you put her body in various positions, take pictures, and put it on the internet so we can see it.

      Also make sure you video record the killing and dismembering with a high quality HD camera.


          1. Check the first post again please Tulio, you will see that I’ve already included Israel. “Am I xenophobic?” I wouldn’t consider myself to have a great fear of foreigners or a great intense dislike of them but I do think the world would be a better place without jews and muslims spouting their hatred of those who aren’t like them.

  2. They make it look so easy. Everyone gets 2 shots each in the head, that’s it. But is this really Mujahedin? Real good production of the video, their gear n weapons seems pretty advanced to.. ? I always thinking of cavemen when it comes to Islamic fundementalist’s

  3. Yep, operation Iraqi freedom…mmmhmmm, yes, I see that. I must however give credit where it’s due, and those guys were not fucking around. It was a well planned and executed attack. I was extremely impressed at the cleanliness of it as well and no allah akbaring…brutal!

  4. Wow I just came back from Iraq in 2009 when i was in the marines and we used to stay at haditha dam Ive met those (maybe not those) guards and have been to those checkpoints. Fuckin mindblower glad im sitting on my couch now I would hate to have to mount my 50 cal and make some more snackbar salad. Good times

  5. Yup… Savages. I was there for the surge in ’07 for 15 fucking months, then again in 2009 to 2010. Fucking savages. Now I’m in Egypt, and they are exactly the same… Fuck this part of the world. There is no hope for it. We need to just leave it alone and quarantine it or something.

  6. these fuckers are such pussies , rushing in with silenced weapons and killing everyone and stealing there stuff , sooooo badass and tough ! thank goodness U.S. soldiers are not in iraq anymore , more cities full of “innocent ” people will be bombed and more people will be killed to find these fuckers and torture them to death. all this Alaha and fictitious gods and Unofficial holy land , makes me laugh , im gonna become a U.S. Air force pilot to protect my country and watch these mother fuckers burn with my reign of fire . i spit on muslim culture .

    1. NO SUCH THING AS “SILENCED WEAPONS”, and it’s no different from the SEALS, Rangers, Green Berets, Delta, Airborne, hell even Contractors. The difference between “us and them” is that we don’t put upload vids like this or else you would see that we do the same shit, and with you saying “im gonna become a U.S. Air force pilot to protect my country and watch these mother fuckers burn with my reign of fire . i spit on muslim culture .” makes you no different from them because they are thinking/saying the exact same thing you just said…….. Foreign or domestic they all use “SUPPRESSED” weapons. They all kill, and “steal” stuff aka. war trophies. War trophies have been collected since ancient Greece… So I advise you get your head out of your ass and quit living on a one track mind =D

  7. Actually they are called suppressors not silencers. Silencers is the name Hollywood coined to make it sound cool. When suppressors were invented the intention was not to silence the weapon but rather to change the sound entirely. The weapon being a little quieter when fired was an unintended side effect.

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