Iraqi Soldier Tries to Disable an IED, It Explodes In His Face

Iraqi Soldier Tries to Disable an IED, It Explodes In His Face

Video from Iraq shows one of the Iraqi soldiers approaching a wall with a planted IED. Apparently he was going to try to disable it. He tinkered with it for a bit, but whatever he did it failed to render the device harmless and it exploded in his face, killing him.

I have no further info beyond that, but apparently this was a group of actual Iraqi armed forces, not foreign mercenaries that threw the country into a turmoil and opened the possibilities for factions of extremists to rise and grow in strength.

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          1. You you that’s shitty!
            All soldiers fight for other people-their-country!
            Regardless in their own beliefs they are forced to go in those dangerous environments (LIKE THE US DRAFT-

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      1. Yea, he sounded a bit… uncomfortable! Lol. And you gotta love that everyone around him, just looks at him. No one said anything directly to him and I couldn’t even make out what the hell I was looking at. One thing always remains though. It always looks hot as fuck in that fucked up place! Snackbar attack!

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  2. I hear that becoming a martyr is the best you can hope to be in the middle east, this guy just made his hadji mother proud. I think his friends were jealous , usually you would run to your comrades aide when he is injured but they all just casually walked over to congratulate him. Too bad the 72 virgins aren’t women, they are hairy dudes waiting to beat your Islamic ass and trust me, I know this because I used to be part of the 72 virgin express.

  3. At the 2:00 min mark, you can hear in the background some yelling Motherfuucckkkeerr!!!! LOL, wouldn’t expect English to be the language of choice in Iraq. Unless he’s trying to impress his friends with his cultured personality

  4. Their guttural & brutish language, screams, yipes, and howls resounds so ugly and offensive inside of my ear that it is quite difficult for me to have any true sympathy for the poor blasted bloke.

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