Iraq – Truck Driver Shot in the Head

Skull Cracking Headshot Spills Brain on Passenger Truck Seat

These pictures are from Iraq. Man took a shot in the head while he was in his truck. I got no further info with the photos so I don’t know whether he was an alleged suicide bomber or just some random truck driver. Suicide bombers usually dress in clean white clothes when they set off on their mission, don’t they?

One of the pictures captured a soldier pulling the corpse out of the truck. Does anyone recognize the camo to identify the country? Also, there also is a picture of a bullet casing inside a truck. The truck driver wouldn’t actually commit suicide by shooting himself in the head, would he? It doesn’t make sense that someone from a country like Iraq would want to commit suicide when it’s staying alive that’s tricky.


Several Best Gore members chimed in to help identify the uniform. BlackMascara says that it is a desert camo uniform for the U.S. Navy. Denis S. says it’s a U.S. Army uniform from early to mid 2000’s, before soldiers started wearing ACU’s. Thanks guys for sharing your expertise with us.

Gallery of pictures of some man who took a head shot inside a truck in Iraq is below:

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15 thoughts on “Iraq – Truck Driver Shot in the Head”

    1. Australia has soldiers in Iraq AND Afganistan too, we are one of the US closest allie’s, when US goes to war, Australia ALWAYS sends troops to help, always has, always will! Soldiers train for war, they WANT to go (unless its conscription,like Vietnam and non-soldier types have to go to war, in a ballot type situation/name picked out of a hat way of choosing who goes)

    2. Uniform is Desert Cammies.
      They were worn by US Army personnel until around the summer of 2006 in Iraq.
      Also I know they were worn by Navy and Coast Guard personnel in Iraq / Kuwait until at least December 2008 (That is when I left Theater). Only exception would be Navy Corpsman assigned to Marine Units wore their uniforms, MARPAT.

      The brass in the photo looks as if a 7.62 round; the ammo from an AK-47. The round is much longer than a 5.56 fired from an M4.

      Iraqi Army personnel also wore the same uniform as the Desert Cammies. (Along with that, a lot of countries use this pattern. It is like a universal pattern just like the old woodland cammies US personnel wore and countries and para-military groups world wide wear both of these patterns.)
      I would guess from looking at the photo it is US Army personnel in photo. One is the watch being worn and secondly the latex gloves being worn for protection. I hardly, if ever, seen Iraqis using gloves for bloodborne pathogens while I was over there. Not sure of situation but that guy definitely having a bad day. Could be a sniper shot or possibly shot by Iraqis at a checkpoint or something else.

  1. No doubt U.S. military, but this must have been early Iraq invasion judging by the DCU’s and PASGT helmets (camo and gear for almost all U.S. armed forces has been modernized). As for the driver, with only three pics to analyze it’s hard to tell who killed him. I’m going to guess that he may have tried (or so the soldiers thought) to run a checkpoint and got fired upon. Looks to be a shot to the right side of the face (exiting the back and shattering the rear window). Doesn’t seem like a suicide although the spent casing is odd because it is inside the truck and looks to be a 5.56x45mm NATO (common caliber of U.S. and NATO) and not a 7.62x39mm (typical for the region as it is a Russian caliber). Wonder what that’s doing in there?

    1. Judging by the pay they receive (civilian contractors) for driving trucks in Iraq, I’ll assume that’s why they searched for that to begin with. Although their worries would be with the local militia ambushes. Much to the same effect as this poor fuck.

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