Iraqi Mujahedeen Show Off Severed Hand of American Soldier

Iraqi Mujahedeen Show Off Severed Hand of American Soldier

Just as the American soldiers, the Iraqi Mujahedeen also like to show off with body parts of their fallen adversaries. The Mujahedeen have more of a noble cause backing their actions up as they fight for freedom from the oppression by the aggressor who invaded their country. Still, showing off a severed hand before the eyes of children sends all kinds of bad signals regardless of how justified your fight is.

The limb appears to have been severed in a blast. Given that the video came from Iraq, it’s fair to assume that whomever the band belonged to probably died in an IED attack. The video of the Mujahedeen parading a severed hand of what they claim was an American soldier is below:

It is possible that the severed hand came from an American soldier killed in this IED attack on a humvee seen in this mock-video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. well at least we are free or at least free-er than most people. But the us is still being controled by a few corperations that throw money at people those are the people you should be angry at

  1. The Hand of Glory. When you kill an evil man (robber, murderer, rapist, invader, etc.) you can make a charm using his severed right hand. You make cnadles with his body fat, using his hair for a wick, and put that on top of the severed hand.

    That’s used to enter places without being detected, since the light of such candle will light things up only for the person carrying it.

  2. OH YEA, before I forget… What’s up with that McDonalds commercial trivializing the military?

    I know where I will never buy from again.
    WAL-MART which is actually (China-mart) & McDonalds are off my list.

  3. Stupid fucking pieces of shit sand monkeys, I killed 7 last deployment, gonna bag me some more when I go back. I think i’m gonna start cutting them up and shoving their fucking heads into their families faces. Fucking sand monkeys.

    – Semper Fi

    1. I’m an American first of all. It’s ignorant & hateful individuals like you that don’t deserve to represent our nation. Most MEN don’t speak of the lives they’ve taken.. Let alone brag about it. Disgusting! It’s also warmongers like you with a hateful heart that go to war and continue the cycle of hate, the cycle that will continue to come back to haunt the American people. What do you think happens when soldiers act like animals instead of an honorable man? Showing a child his dead father/brother is only going to make that child have hate in his heart for the US & have a reason
      to be a terrorist. ALSO I don’t know if you’re smart enough to realize it or not but you have the EXACT same attitude as a terrorist. That makes you no better than him. Evil, ignorant, & murdering for a cause= terrorist & you <3

      1. Very well said…and how did the world become a place where you feel proud of killing people? What about US drones killing innocent Iraqi civilian and on the media they call it collateral damage…as you have said sweetal…people needs to pay a close attention to their government and will realize who is the REAL terrorist

        1. I was in the Marine Corps Infantry and the comment above doesn’t represent the attitude of Marines or soldiers at all. I really doubt he is even a Marine let alone the infantry or killed 7 people. At best he’s probably another POG (personnel other than grunt) who wants to show how bad ass he is anonymously and how cool and thrilling war is. Well it’s not. It’s terrifying and disgusting and chaotic and anyone who says otherwise is full of shit. Whether you’re a Marine or not, you’re a fucking embarrassment and I will apologize for you. Go ahead with your hate comments back cause I don’t care.

          1. I disagree with you slightly. I was a former grunt(11 bravo) in the U.S. army during OEF IV. I knew 2 of the 3 guys we lost from our battalion as well as my SFC who got shot with 50 call machine gun (dishka I think) and lost his foot next to me on a hill in patika province. I, a MK19 gunner and my 50 cal gunner combined for 9 kills. Under strict R.O.E. these were all achieved while we were ambushed. I would love to go back and get more kills as well. To each his own I guess.

  4. Fuck me, even their music is fucking terrible. The word Blow-up-able might be overused these days but I cant think of a better use for it then when describing the absolute piece of shit part of the world these cocksuckers live in. I agree, lets just just nuke ’em and move on. They’ve been around for thousands of years longer than we have in the western world and what they have accomplished. Jack shit! We’ve done more good for the world in 200 years than they have in 5000. Sorry but your turn is up. See you in hell fuckers!

  5. These comments about the people of Iraq and Afghanistan having a more just cause fighting against the oppressors and other comments like them are misguided. I really think the host of the site as well as many other liberals have been looking at too many of these

    1. pictures of troops doing terrible things. Are there some out there doing the wrong thing? Yes of course. But is the small small percentage of them. The vast majority of troops just want to make it out of these wars alive. But the only pictures and stories you area exposed to are negative things about the American military ESPECIALLY in America. How about all the legitimate “bad guys” who want all non-Muslims dead? How about all of them who are no longer a threat to peace loving people because of the military? The schools that were built and funded? The medical care given? The building of infrastructure that previously didn’t exist? The toppling of brutal dictatorships? People never mention those things because they never experience them. Well I did and I won’t forget the people I helped. I lived in the culture that so many can only talk about and I’m proud of it. I think the wars suck too and the American government has made some big mistakes but the VAST majority of troops are trying to make the best of a horrible situation. By the way, I met plenty of Canadian troops overseas too.

      1. That’s plain divine ignorance. You force your ideologies upon people who have no other option but to go with what you force upon them and you act like some kind of goddamn savior. There is not one video of respectful American soldiers. They all make rude remarks and cheer when they blow somebody up. For them it’s a video game. They laugh at people they murdered – all of them. I can show you a thousand videos proving that. Can you show me one in which the American acted in a civilized manner?

        With each ignorant American, my support for whomever opposes them grows. Seeing comments from people like you makes me want to slip into the same disgrace and just admit that a dead American is a good American. The more of you come back in body bags, the better a world will be.

  6. its a hand where did it come from, those pussies only use IEDs now face the Americans head on and get your dome split. that dude MAY still be alive they probably got hit and high tailed it out of there fuck the arm dude give me an american head…they probably found that shit somewhere and took the fame “oh this one looks white”

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