Islamic State in Diyala Release Photos of Iraqi Soldiers Killed, Two Hung by Their Hands

Islamic State in Diyala Release Photos of Iraqi Soldiers Killed, Two Hung by Their Hands

Best Gore member Baby14 hooked me up with these images depicting Iraqi soldiers and civilians being executed by the Islamic State cockroaches. I particularly love the last photo which is blatant propagandizing to portray IS members as devout Muslims, continuing to indoctrinate the Western sheeple that this is all about religion and that they should hate Muslims instead of learning the truth and seeing them as the European traitors that they really are.

Recently, combined US and Iraqi airstrikes have been making a dent in IS forces in Baghdad and Diyala. President Obomber, speaking for his overlords, is setting the stage to put 1,500 US ground troops in Iraq as part of a training program for Iraqi forces. Obomber says he does not intend to get these troops involved in a ground conflict, they are merely there to train and advise additional Iraqi brigades. The flip side is that this would allow the US to establish brigades outside of Baghdad and Irbil, which they have been strictly restricted to.

Sounds like the set up to a clever, subtle occupation.

Thanks for the pics, Baby14

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    1. Sad thing is once Obummer has had enough of smoking ISIS He’s going after Assad and that’s a sad state of affairs! I remember in the Marines 98-01 on Ship We used to Port in Syria and the People there were some of the most Welcoming you would go to the Market Nearby and The Food hand made with care and the people the absolute salt of the Earth always made sure You felt welcome and your plate was full and tea was Hot and Ordinary people would gather and ask about America and praise Us and Now not only have We abandoned them to the Scorpions but funded their destruction and I feel ASHAMED I can only write letters to that Kenyan Rat reminding him of what I witnessed and why Assad is the lesser of two Evils! Our Country’s policy of taking out Leaders Is Destroying the World and Our government and the Bible thumpers are the ONLY ONE thinking this is somehow helping it’s SICK How Delusional it all is! From Israel to Iraq,Lybia thru Yemen MILLIONS of Innocent People Ruined by Policy Lol “Policy” They have every Reason to Hate Us and I don’t Blame them! Btw Free Palestine!

  1. I’m a true Muslim, that’s why I’m planning to fight against the Taliban within a year, mostly two, by either fully joining up with the Pakistani Military officially, or maybe seeing if I could do some ‘work’ with them, seeing as I don’t wish to lose my dual-citizenship with Britain. British Pakistani and was raised here etc.

    I see right through this Jew-funded bullshit, and a lot of people in Pakistan already know that the mullahs only follow orders from Saudi Arabia, as they are who fund their salaries and maintenance of their mosques in Pakistan, in return for spreading Wahhabism. It’s only a matter of time before militant Islam is destroyed by proper Muslims. I’m sorry but anyone who believes the behaviour of these Jewhadis is actually representative of Islam is a straight up bell end. By far the largest force fighting these Wahhabis is Muslim, and the ones who will defeat it are going to be Muslim. I just think a lot of people are so used to this “Fuck Islam” business that once we do finish this thing, it won’t make the slightest bit of difference.

    1. Oh yeah, btw, 1,500 troops that Obama wants to send in there is enough to be an effective fighting force. Could you imagine the kind of shit 1,500 Green Berets could do?

      I’m sure I remember reading that before the American Military officially landed in Afghanistan, the CIA’s Special Activity division had their boots on the ground and did a lot of damage against the Taliban, who back then fought as a conventional force, by utilizing native forces against the Taliban. 1,500 troops is definitely enough to dictate the course of this war.

      1. The Brit special forces have been there for a while now, biding their time.
        Without doubt, this whole thing is going to move up a gear before long.we’ll see what happens. It’s not what’s left, but who’s left.
        This middle east thing will never cease. As in previous times, there may be a pause, a temporary lull, but it will all start again under a different guise.

      2. @Future_Leader
        You gotta do what you gotta do, but I don’t see how your going to fight is going to end war in the Middle East. I did my fighting there and nothing has really changed, it hasn’t ended. I also did my fighting there when I didn’t know any better. Funny, all I could think about was, “paper or plastic.” There was a time when you would go to the grocery store and they would ask you if you want your groceries in a paper bag or a plastic bag. I kept thinking that this is what I was fighting for, the oil, and to give the folks back home a choice between paper or plastic.

        Before you go, make sure you take care of business at home, ALL business. Be sure to leave your home with a clear conscience…

        1. Only a soldier with an open mind can see that when they are in the shit, war isn’t what politicians tell the sheep masses. Innocent soldiers die for a cause, that was brain washed into their heads by mind warfare professionals.
          There is laws to follow in The Geneva convention. But even the one country claiming to be the peace keeper of the world (world police), is breaking the laws. So I wouldn’t go out there to help their cause or any country that is an ally to them.

          1. @elmaspison

            Oh, yeah, now you tell me…
            When you’re that young, dumb, and full of cum, there’s no stopping you from killing or wanting to kill, especially if you have the excuse to do it, you’re (ignorantly) in the right for doing so. Innocent soldiers do not die for a cause, they die for the wrong reason, this is what I saw for myself and nothing eats you like this…. a nineteen year old kid in our unit put his .45 in his mouth and pulled the trigger because he was too scared to go to battle, he was one of ?America’s finest?…
            The brainwashing for some is not an issue, all you need is to be pointed in the right direction because its in you to kill, it’s an extension of how you are, a progression that started when you were younger and for some, I believe, quite natural, or at least it feels that way.
            People who go with the attitude of fighting are not in the right mindset to do what they need to do, you don’t fight, you kill.
            People have so much going on inside, there needs to be release. I never hit my wife, but I punched through windshields with my fist, while I was not in the field, I was fucking her five times a day, at one point she started bleeding, I was training with others to compete for a position on the US Olympic team in addition to my military training, and in the field I’d be up for four or five days with no sleep and always on the move-call me chickenshit, but something told me that if I ever got shot, it might fucking ruin the rest of my day.
            Geneva convention, shit, those shitheads have probably never read anything outside of the quran, if they can read at all. You can’t ?fight? shitheads like this in a ?gentleman’s war? and not expect to get your teeth kicked in, they don’t give a shit about the Geneva convention, they probably don’t even know what it is, and I can tell you they don’t abide by it. elmaspison, are you and American, I’m not making fun of you either way, but I’ll ask you to look up the following info. Where in the US constitution does it say we can or should form allegiances with others like the league of nations or NATO? US participation in NATO is unconstitutional, is it not?
            I do want Future_Leader to be sure of his decision before making a move, but I hesitate to tell him not to go. Is it my place (or anybody’s) to tell him what to do?

      3. That’s the biggest problem of Our Military is the Rise of JSOC as the Covert Killing Machine My Grandfather was a founding Member of the Green Berets and they were NEVER meant to be a Killing Machine they were founded to Train small underfunded Foreign militias to PROTECT villages of innocent People and JSOC Perverted that into Mass murdering units of Drone Soldiers who prescribe to the Israelis “if you shoot them their terrorist” school of thought instead of targeting the Real Problem!

    2. FL-The Elite is using problem-reaction-solution creating enemies. They make everybody hate each other and fight. They are watching you guys and laughing. They are funding both sides. They are the directors of the world! Fighting these wars is just what they want. The people who send troops to war are the terrorists. And american troops should not be over there. You are only benefiting the 1%. They will keep making new boogie men. The people you are fighting are just puppets. Why don’t you kill the banksters instead? They are playing chess with you guys.

      1. Interesting comments, guys.
        You are all definitely right.

        @Richie: Your reply is very interesting, mate. Personally I already know what you have just mentioned. It’s like how the leader of the Pakistani Taliban was in Gitmo, then he was let loose into Pakistan and he went on to create the Pakistani Taliban who killed 50,000 people. I’m well aware that it’s all a big game and both sides are well and truly funded by the Jews.

        However, as someone who constantly hears of his own people being killed by a foreign proxy, one must act. I can’t give too much away right now, but I would just like you guys to know that I’m going into this scenario with full knowledge of what’s going on and who’s pulling the strings. Whether I pull something spectacular off, or I get to give a few Jewhadis a very horrible ending, I’ll be content, at least.

      2. @Dagonet, That’s a great reply and I really appreciate what you wrote. I don’t wish to end the war in the middle East, nor do I have any plans to do so. I just wish to be a part of ending the influence of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan. I love my people and every problem stems from Saudi interference.
        I appreciate your advice and I can definitely say I’ve taken care of what I’ve got here at home. If my soldiers were fighting out of the country, I would not join. However, since they are fighting in our very homeland, that involves me. I’m sure everyone can relate to that. Cheers, buddy.

        1. @Richie, I definitely understand your comment. I already knew what you have just told me and I’m fully aware that both sides in the Pakistani conflict are funded by the same people behind the scenes. Yes, they are laughing at us. They’re absolutely creasing at the thought. As someone who cares about his people, whether I make a little difference or a big one, I must make one. I can’t give away too much, but I’m not only going over there to fight. I want to make a difference and I don’t quite like knowing the Jews are having their way with my people. Remember, to make a difference you have to start from the bottom. I must try at least. Only then can we get the guys at the top.

  2. I’m sick and tired of these wars that do nothing but benefit Israel and the Jews.
    Does anybody else think this a waste of resources, energy and time?

    We’ve no border security at all in the U.S., but we still let in millions of spics, which of course some are muslims who of course couldn’t be happy that the Jewnited States are bombing their home countries.
    Briliant security plan Mr. President Nigger.

    1. Hudy g- I agree with the first part of what you said. These wars are a waste of resources, energy and time. I totally agree! As far as the borders are concerned this is what I think.. First off I’m all for property rights as in having a house. Everybody should be able to have a place to live in unless you wanna be a drifter. We are humans on the Earth and have the right to go wherever we want. Borders are prisons! They are just imaginary lines. I shouldn’t need any papers or pay for a passport. This Earth is for everybody. If I want to live in Japan I should be able to. If I wanna walk into Canada that’s what I will do. I won’t walk on your house or lawn. I will go around. But imaginary lines are for sheep!!!

      1. @richie213
        I respectfully disagree with you about our borders.
        It’s going to end up being a world of shit when some group of muslims come across our border with a dirty nuke… do you want that?…I don’t.
        I’m a White Nationalist.
        We don’t need anymore mud people coming into our country and fucking it up any further.
        The Jews don’t need any help.
        Open borders are for the sheeple.

        Your like a hemorrhoid.
        You come unexpectedly.
        Leave very slowly.
        But always return.
        Pour yourself a tall glass of iced tea, make yourself a ham sandwich and lay down and get it over with.

      1. Hurdygurdy is to stupid to know his left hand from his right hand when he’s looking in the mirror. The southern states in the USA used to be Mexico. There is people there with deeper roots then all of his inbred family. But the southern states are also the dumbest and have the most stupid uneducated rednecks and they think the world is only the USA or America as these idiots like to call them selves. They can’t even speak their own language properly. So they shouldn’t hate on Mexicans for not knowing the English they speak either.
        Even a true german nazi group would put a bullet on his head.

          1. We’re gonna take over all your land and your white bitches with out even trying they already come to us lol And you can’t stop us. You inbred redneck. I go where a please. If your sister wasn’t your aunt, I would be getting her pregnant too. And break that incest circle yall folks got going on down south. I bet you even your pitbull is an inbred that licks your ass and fucks you perrito the way you homos like it. Maybe the rabbi in my avi will suck your dick if you can fly to ny and make an appointment.

          2. @elmapisson
            Your a fucking joke.
            You mud people get all the bitches that nobody else will fuck because they are shot up with all those narcotics you mud people bring south of the border.
            Talk about inbred… why do you all look alike… same dung colored hair… same dung colored skin… hell you all smell like dung also.
            Take over our country… you can’t even run your own countries… but don’t worry “chapo” the White Man will be there to fix everything and make it right… as usual.

          3. This is good proof that us whites are really being foolish letting these ungrateful nonwhites into our land. I’m a spy son needs his ass thrown out of Canada. Just another run of the mill jealous anti white. I personally have shot my jizz in a lot of your latinas, just for the fun of taking your women.

          4. That’s like saying that Palestine doesn’t belong to the Palestinians. But it does, it’s just illegally occupied by Jews. Well, that the same with the countries that our white forefathers have built. Our governments are occupied by Jews…for now.

          5. Jealous of what Zion? I fucken lcd TV? A car? Free health care that has white people dying? I left my country because of a war. And I pay my dues here. I don’t take away from your so called country. What a joke you are. I’ve never been on welfare. That’s more then what I can say about perfectly fit whitemales that love to ruin your system. That you’re not even old enough to have set up for this nation or any other white conquered nations. You wanna talk about being a white and proud then go to a country where white has always been the root and preach that shit. All America isn’t white. I don’t care what any white person says. I walk where I want when i want. Just like your ancestors did. Stop blaming the Jews for not having control. Of you people’s own destiny. Go Fuck Latinas, I don’t care, it never bothered me, because I do what I want to for me.

          6. @pinch, of course I have a say. I’ve influenced a lot of people in the last few years who have come to the white nationalist side. The white race as a collective has a lot of say about what’s going to happen in the future in our countries. Wait and see my friend. Wait and see. Jews are going to be overthrown.

          7. Fuckin muppets all of you hijacking this thread. Obviously, chosen is here to promote his lack of knowledge that is meant to get others riled up and guess what, he’s succeeded,. Even the elders. Like what I do is skip over his Muppet bullshit and move on. By not giving this kike attention, he’ll get the point and click the puppy. sorry to rant, but i’m tired of the pointless arguing when it can be resolved easily. No disrespect meant to the OG’s, just kike fuckers that try and start bullshit

  3. Ohhhh my!!.. Having your arms up like that for too long kills your shoulders and back!! Ugh!!.. Poor dudes!..this shits gone on far too long in my opinion, I just wish it would all be done with, but who am I anyways!!..Great pictures though..thank you for this article Obli and baby 14!!..

    1. I remember your comments from a very long time ago. Back then you had a picture showing your ugly mug, maybe that’s why I must have missed your other posts since then.

      Islam is far from a “stupid” religion. In many ways it is far more complex than Christianity and Judaism, although I’m not passing it off as superior. It’s actually a very complex religion and I’m ashamed that many idiots have embraced it because they’ve just messed it up and gave fags like you more fuel for your idiotic views. Truth be told, you’re just a dumb fuck who can’t comprehend what Islam is all about. The only real problem Islam faces is that it was never reformed to move with the time like others had been, meaning the religion is still catering for people around the Dark ages. However, when you look at what the Quran says and for the time period it came in, I would say it was far more advanced than any book of the time considering how it taught many morals people never had then. Islam created the first rules of war in a time of constant brutality that your ancestors reveled in. Oh but you’re too stupid to understand that, right?

        1. I wasn’t here to debate whether it’s real or not, I just stopped by to let him know it’s not ‘stupid’. If you want to base your beliefs on someone else’s quotes and their beliefs, you are free to do so. It’s not something I’m going to get into. It almost never ends.

          1. I do not base my beliefs on quotes haha. 😛 I used this quote in response to your claim that Islam is complex. Islam might be complex to you as you possibly have an infant brain… but to anyone with a couple brain cells it is fucking stupid =)

      1. @futureleader if you want to defend a religion thats full of suicidal, woman oppressing, senslessly violent fuckers, thats fine by me. but why insult how my face looks? if theres a woman near and dear to your heart that has ever met me, im sure her panties were slightly moistened. if i gave a fuck, i would take anything or anyone FROM you, you dipshit.
        your ideas about moral codes being introduced
        first by the quran is utterly ignorant. the old testament scriptures gave moral guidance far before your sissy ass bearded islamic sand buggers did. fucktard.
        oh, and all the science quotes regarding religion are for children. seriously that shit is for hipster bitches from portland.

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