Landmine Rips a Nasty Gashing Wound in Soldier’s Heel (pic)

Landmine Rips a Nasty Gashing Wound in Soldier’s Heel

Heel of this soldier was too close when a landmine went off ripping it a nasty, gashing wound. Sight like that is not uncommon in military camps where medics have to deal with damaged heels often after landmine or bomb explosion.

I don’t have much info on what happened to the soldier after the surgery. With a nasty wound like that, it is possible he lost his foot, but maybe doctors were able to save it. I don’t think he could play football much anymore, though.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. But i think a kneed wound is much more painfull. I once dislocated (is that word correct in englisch?) my knee just playing rugby, and now i cant play it anymore.

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