Mangled Bodies of Dead Terrorists from Iraq, 2004

Mangled Bodies of  Dead Terrorists from Iraq, 2004

I know a lot of you are nursing hangovers after yesterday’s festivities, so to make your splitting headache even worse, here’s a brutal gallery of mangled cockroach bodies. It’s going back a ways to Iraq in 2004 but well worth showing for the amount of devastation wrought upon these creatures. Don’t know what actually hit them but you can tell that they’ve been dead for a little while as the exposed subcutaneous tissue is starting to take on the texture of attic insulation. Heads smashed, guts ripped out, looks more like they were attacked by a group of ogres.

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  1. 2004 is the year the evil coalition forces of the US Army and the Royal British Army carried out an assault in Iraq. It’s not worth to call them terrorists or cockroaches considering the year when this this happened. They might be innocent citizens who were trying to defend themselves the the real terrorists, the US Army.

    1. Even going way, way back in the Bible, penises were cut off as a way of proving your body count. The Jews did it, so did the Egyptians. Seems to be a natural way of totally dominating your enemy, humiliating them as men, and having trophies to take back home.

  2. It’s looks like someone made a handle out of that one guy for easier carrying or dragging. How thoughtful. The house the rope breaks in front of gets a free head ornament and blessings or something.

  3. Interesting how you note that ‘attic insulation’ appearance. I believe plane crash mangled remains look somewhat similar -‘attic insulationey’. Although, if anything this looks more like the aftermath of a bomb blast – almost like you drop a glass and sweep all the broken shards to one pile, except this time it’s bits of human in the pile.

  4. I remember seeing the pictures my ex boyfriend took from when he was over there.. there was one of a lone eyeball, one where the body was completely in tact, face and all, but the top of his head was completely topped off, brain and all. his eyes looked nothing had happened. fortunately the carnage was done by their own people instead of the US Army – although I know he admitted to raiding and burning entire villages for basically no reason. fuckers. burn New Jersey instead please.

  5. These meatsacks are still juicy, a couple more days in the sun should jerky them up, unless the dogs, vultures or local populace get em first, fried onions, bit of basil, yum yum, me, i’d rather eat a fucking dog, with or without onions.

  6. It appears to me that grey socks are the in vogue style at the moment, that an having yer guts displayed fer all an sundry, i don’t really follow the fashions me, they’ll look back at this as a real faux pas one day, you mark my words.

  7. Fucking crazy world that people sign up and get paid to do this to each other

    All the while at home governments are pretending to care about equality, human rights, animal rights etc

    Everything is a lie

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