Middle East – Dude Shot with High Powered Gun Explodes

Middle East - Dude Shot with High Powered Gun Explodes

In the Middle East, a man behind face mask talks briefly. Camera pans over to dude in the kneeling position with a high powered weapon in front of him. What happens next is not shocking at all, not even mind blowing to say the least, only if you have half a brain.

Sorry for the wind bud.

Props to Best Gore member @joeoak for the video:

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    1. They must have loved that dude, because this was the most painless and smooth death imaginable. Poof and you’re gone in an instant. No pain, no regrets, just a light switch flipped. The dream of every suicidal teen.

    2. YES, they are lacking big time . Although props to them for them using 4K cameras sick of niggers recording lynching with their potato camera quality and Mexicans with 8 bit phones

        1. Facts. Instead of donating money to these fuckers we need to be giving cameras so these animals give us high quality gore. Many a gore video ruined by shit camera quality. You’d think with drug cartel money they’d do better

        2. Too true it needs to be done . But then , with the ISIS videos the 4K is so good it feels fake af like it’s a Hollywood film – feels mad staged. I hope charities wake up and start supplying these fuckers with cameras. And niggers too , I’m sick of watching lynchings recorded on shit cameras – I don’t think I’ve seen a single good video come out that shithole yet

      1. Also the need to be taught hold the muther flipping camera STEADY and from a good position . Most videos seem like a person with Parkinson’s did the recording . You would think from all those vids the would have learned this . When all else fails read the instructions .

      1. Yeah…

        Ya gotta point there Doc. Besides, he didn’t have a girlfriend next to him, when he left his mortal coil.

        Gotta admit, I’m still chuckling over this one. Last time I saw anyone move that quickly was Pa Kettle, when Ma Kettle rang the dinner bell.

        (Ma and Pa Kettle, back on the farm)

        …and those Indians, Geoduck and Crowbar!

        God, those people were hilarious! 🙂

        1. Ma & Pa…. yes I remember them… Did they ever tie in with the Clampetts of Beverly Hillbilies and Petticoat Junction…. with your mascot Arnold Ziffel the pig lol
          Call me anything ~ just don’t call me late for dinner.

          1. That perpetual confused look on Pa, had me laughing so hard, I’d almost shit my pants.

            I had a neighbor years ago, that reminded me of Ma Kettle. She lived about a quarter mile down the gravel road we lived on. She used to talk to these stray cats, and her voice sounded EXACTLY like Ma Kettle’s voice. She’d yell at those poor cats like Ma did, when she was feeding them. I’m wondering how long it took, before those cats got use to her voice?

            People across the street, thought I was on Angel Dust. Every time she started talking to her cats, I’d laugh my ass off! 🙂

          2. lol You lived next to the original Cat Lady….gave you a good chuckle, maybe it was the PCP? ;o)
            Pa had some serious moments and seemed to have some common sense…except when it came to maths.

  1. Translation from Arabic language (African Dialect either Tunis, Libya, Morocco.. ) to English:

    Terrorist 1: Let us be merciful to Islam and Muslims. (Meaning to rid Islam of infidels and complete the application and implementation of Islamic law.),
    – And let us be terrorists against criminals, and that’s how we terrorize the criminals..
    – Takbeer (glorification), Allahu Akbar (God is great, bla bla.. )

    ,, BOOMM!! ”

    “They will be dragged with shackles around their necks and chains; through boiling water, then burned in the Hell whose fuel is people and stones, over which are appointed angels, harsh and severe; they do not disobey Allah in what he commands them but do what they are commanded.”
    Chapter 40 and 66 Quran

    1. Arabs rule the world? Pfft! That can’t happen if they’re blowing themselves up. They need to abandon ” Sharia Law” and drop stupid ideologies. THERE IS NO JIHAD! ONLY MUSLIMS KILLING MUSLIMS!

        1. The United States is the world’s lone superpower. The US will continue to be the world’s most powerful nation & that will never change in 50, 100 or 500 years from now. The U.S has a military budget of 750+ billion dollars annually making it deadly as fuck. The US has the biggest and most advanced air-force, it also has the second biggest air-force, that being our naval air craft carriers. It has the biggest and best navy with 12 air-craft carriers, Russia only has one & it’s out of service. The US has superior technology and makes major advances yearly. We also have strong allies like France, Britain e.t.c oh and btw we’re good friends with Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The US’s power is based on facts not prophesies. Our biggest source of power is “freedom & democracy” something you people don’t even understand.


        2. the chance for arab and muslim to rule the world is beyond 0.2%

          for that, you have to overrule 3 giant things.

          the bizifuckingllions of Indians peoples who arent muslim…
          the bizifuckingllions of chineses peoples who arent muslim…
          and the mother fucking Putine who would simply nuke the whole middle east if a muslim country try to conquest russia

          XD and i didnt even count the untouchable south american cartel’ed countries who simply enjoy using muslim as target for playing flip-flop throwing.

  2. This is beyond any type of religion….Because there is no regard for any human life body or soul,Read any book and blowing people up is not in there makes me fucking sick.But on the lighter side as long as it continues I will happily watch…… “Allah Akbar “

  3. i dont know what shoot him… but certainly not that AA gun.

    i pass it on very slow mo, and the gun didnt smoke, didnt fire and canons didnt even get a recoil from shot. its definitly not that AA gun who shot him.
    also, he seems to explode from his chest from inside (like if he was wearing an explosive belt or something), wich is possible with AA gun and explosive ammo. but again, that AA gun didnt fired AT ALL. (and i used the most fucking insane slow mo possible)

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