Middle East – Dude Shot with High Powered Gun Explodes

Middle East - Dude Shot with High Powered Gun Explodes

In the Middle East, a man behind face mask talks briefly. Camera pans over to dude in the kneeling position with a high powered weapon in front of him. What happens next is not shocking at all, not even mind blowing to say the least, only if you have half a brain.

Sorry for the wind bud.

Props to Best Gore member @joeoak for the video:

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119 thoughts on “Middle East – Dude Shot with High Powered Gun Explodes”

  1. Cool video was believing it up until the explosion . Check the video right after the explosion you can see something that should be his legs look like he was tied up to a board . Maybe I’m wrong but it doesn’t seem real . I’m using an iPhone when I checked it you can see right after the explosion it cuts off . Then you can his legs . Still good video needs a little work .

  2. Old vid from 2014/2015 showing US sponsored Israel foot soldiers (aka jihadis) overkilling some brave Syrian soldier/civilian with a ZU-23-2 AA gun.
    Would’ve been great to have Jared Kushner kneeling there instead of this brave individual who died defending his homeland.

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