ISIS Captures Mosul – Second Largest City in Iraq

ISIS Captures Mosul - Second Largest City in Iraq

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham [the Levant] (Isis), a highly militant splinter group of al-Qa’ida, has effectively taken control of Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul and its surrounding area of Ninevah province.

The city was the de facto capital of Northern Iraq and, whilst economically important, is the strategic gateway to Eastern Syria which is, essentially, ISIS’s base of operations and where it controls the city of Raqqa, and has been involved in an intra-jihadi civil war with Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and a number of other groups.

ISIS is actively engaged in establishing a local Islamic state across the Iraqi and Syria border and was, apparently, recently reprimanded by Ayman al-Zawahiri, the overall ‘leader’ of al-Qa’ida (from his apparent base in Pakistan) and told to make its main effort in Iraq; they appear to have done this in spades as they have also sent fighters into Samarra, taken over Iraq’s largest University of Anbar in Ramadi (10,000 students; a useful number that can volunteer or be coerced into fighting; see below) , and undertaken seven bombings, targeting civilians in Baghdad, that killed at least 50 over the course of an hour.

The group has been led, since 2010, by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (aka Abu Dua), it is a highly polarised militant organisation with effective military leadership, and is equally effective at killing Shia Muslims and Christians.

Isis tactics aim to launch surprise attacks, inflict maximum casualties before withdrawing without incurring heavy losses. It often uses militarily untrained foreign volunteers as suicide bombers either on foot wearing suicide vests, or driving vehicles packed with explosives; frequently one suicide bomber is followed by a second, to maximise casualties. Isis has also, apparently, produced propaganda videos showing Isis groups forcing families, with sons in the Iraqi army, to dig their own graves before they are shot. Isis was also behind the well-coordinated attack on Abu Ghraib prison in 2013 that freed large numbers of experienced fighters.

Mosul fell within four days with fighting erupting, in the west, on Friday before militants seized the entire western bank of the river Tigris in the early hours of this morning. This makes Isis, probably, the most militarily effective jihadist force in recent years.

Major Army and security bases have been captured together with American supplied equipment, aircraft and helicopters, weapons (including artillery) and munitions. This will be a huge embarrassment to both the Iraqi and United States governments as the troops are largely US trained, and demonstrates the relative weakness of the current military and security apparatus.

Local police stations have been set on fire and prisons have been stormed, and hundreds of prisoners including insurgents, set loose. The Times (United Kingdom) reports that ‘Escaped prisoners dressed in yellow jumpsuits were seen running in the city’s streets as armed men careened about in pick-up trucks flying the black flag of the jihadist movement’.

Convoys of government troops (trained by the Americans) and police, many having abandoned their uniforms and identity cards, fleeing the area have been stoned by children and teenagers.

Osama Nujaifi, the speaker of the Iraqi parliament and a native of Mosul, helpfully informed the world in a televised news conference ‘when the battle got tough in the city of Mosul, the troops dropped their weapons and abandoned their post, making it easy prey for the terrorists …… everything is fallen, it’s a disaster by any standard’. He appealed for international and government help to retake the city; ‘The presence of these terrorist groups in the heart of Iraq threatens not only Iraq but the entire region’.

Atheel Nujaifi, the speaker’s brother and the governor of the Sunni-majority province (there is nothing like a little nepotism), described events as a ‘massive collapse’ of the Iraq security forces; that might be an understatement.

Up to 150,000 of Mosul’s inhabitants have fled, many on foot and headed towards the safer Kurdish areas towards the north, despite the ‘reassurance’ of the insurgents who have announced that they would only attack those that chose to attack them.

This is the second major failure of the current Iraqi President, Nouri al-Maliki, having lost Fallujah to ISIS in January. Readers will recall that Fallujah was the centre of alleged US atrocities, and the centre of the original Sunni uprising against the Shiite government. Fallujah is only 40 miles, or so, from Baghdad and has been held by Isis despite repeated artillery bombardment and air-strikes.

The President has, therefore, lost control of two major cities and has no effective central or local government. His efforts to bolster his popularity amongst the Shiite population has alienated the Sunnis, and encouraged many to support the more militant factions.

Al-Maliki is seeking to establish a ‘state of emergency’, has appealed for ‘outside assistance’, and there have been rumours of the death penalty for troops and police that abandoned their posts. Although he has stated that the government would not allow the area to fall ‘under the shadows of terror and terrorists’ and called on ‘all power, political financial and popular to stop the terrorism’, this appears to be largely empty rhetoric with internal police, security and military forces seemingly incapable of even holding their ground.

The incursion into Samarra is important as, although, largely Sunni it is home of the golden-domed al-Askari shrine which is sacred to the Shia; attacks on this shrine by al-Qa’ida bombers, in 2006, led to wholesale massacres of Sunnis by Shias.

Look forward to some interesting drone and cruise missile strikes, and/or bombing, in the next few days, as the US seeks to minimise the dispersal of the captured equipment.

There are also reports that ISIS captured the oil refinery in Baiji – the largest oil refinery in Iraq. Kurdish TV allegedly reported that ISIS collected 500 billion Iraqi Dinars from Mosul banks – an equivalent to $425 million US Dollars.

Video below shows Mosul residents, including children, pelting retreating Iraqi army with rocks following ISIS offensive.

This video shows smoke rising from Iraqi military base near Mosul destroyed by ISIS:

Video of vehicles on fire on roads around Mosul:

Gallery of a few photos released by ISIS after Mosul takeover:

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        1. I worked at King Faisal Hospital in the 70’s when the floors were dirt. Helping 8 to 12 year olds give birth because of their shity customs.Shitty place should have been nuked years ago. None of the crap we’re going through would be happening.

      1. He has set his sights on becoming Euro President , as you’ll probably have seen @bobcat .

        The bloke is, imo , the biggest British scumbag to have come to prominence in modern times . He has a hell of a lot to answer for .

          1. Fingers in lots of dirty pies he has . Why these idiots pay that prick to represent them is beyond me . The Chilcott report might shed some light on his misdeeds , although even that as been tainted by a cover up already .

            The geezer deserves a rant @bobcat .

            I’m turning in mate , I’ll never be up if I’m not careful 😀

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        Congratulations gladiador74…

        You however, DO KNOW about the western civilization!!

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          2. Ok cool man. Good for you. But in order for a conversation to take place, both parties need to know what is being said. I’m not going to type your bullshit into a translator. Try to be a little more coherent if you want to communicate with others.

    3. Bush and Blair were the biggest pair of retarded fucks I’ve ever known. How they got into power and gained control of two of the worlds most powerful nations is beyond me. And we called ourselves civilised people??? …….Throw me a fucking bone!

      1. Speaking of which,though off topic. Weren’t those two psychos found guilty of war and other crimes by the Malaysian court.And then barely 2 years later a Malaysian Airliner is “disappeared”…….

      2. How they got into power and gained control of two of the worlds most powerful nations is beyond me.

        …you may want to google…

        1) Haliburton
        2) The Carlyle Group
        3) Bush and the Bin Laden Family
        4) Prescot Bush (Nazis)
        5) Bush’s Oil Empire
        6) Dick Cheney/Oil/Caspian Sea
        7) 2000/2004 Stolen Elections
        8) Military Bases Guarding Oil Wells In Middle East
        9) The Federal Reserve/Financing Global Wars
        10) 911/Patriot Act

        …I’m glad I could help

    4. You took the words right out of my mouth.

      I hear they now have a another city too!!

      I understand they used that new domocracy technology that the British Government gave them in exchange for 2 million souls.

  1. Thankyou @ nastypersuasions for a very informative post. Credit must be given to the tenacity and determination of ISIS. They are very skilled at what they do.

    The idea of following up the suicide bomber with a second is very clever and will more often than not cause much destruction, loss of life and overall mayhem.

    A similar tactic was used by the IRA. They would attack a target having worked out where the ICP (incident control point) would most likely be set up. They would them booby trap that area with a remote controlled IED as the secondary target.

    Flick of a switch !

    Who then is going assist Iraqi government? UK/USA? Blair and Bush used their tickets with WMD.

    This will be interesting.

    1. Never take rocks to a machine gun fight is what I have learnt on this site, but today it seemed to have worked??.

      …only because the cameras were rolling. although this is NEVER a guarantee that one will survive, the chances of receiving negative feedback from other countries MAY, keep those kids alive to see another day.

      …if only more of this was exposed by real journalists and NOT, from the so-called “presstitutes.”

    1. Thanks bestgore for the update. Looks like Iraq is losing again.

      …the United States is losing again

      Iraq is simply seeing a “carbon copy,” of what is happening here in the United States. Granted, you may not see the bombs going off as often. However, with our police being decorated with military gear, it simply means that they are killing more in discretion, as opposed to out in the open. In other words, we’re suffering from lack of fresh water in many places, high food prices, high cost of fuel, shitty/affordable healthcare, security cameras looking up your bowels, everywhere you go and politicians who “kneepad” themselves, to the corporations who own 98% of this country’s wealth.

      There’s no question, that Sadam Hussen was a bastard. However, and at least…

      Iraq had a government!! It was no more oppressive than our own.

      …and please remember, the United States was a close ally to Sadam Hussein, back in the 1980’s!!

      Reminds me of the phrase…

      You can never bomb a country into prosperity!!

  2. excellent article, @Nasty, you’re a natural.

    unfortunately every muslim would be screaming for my head just because i am a western outsider so i cannot feel a shred of sympathy for any man, woman or child who dies in these countries. fuck this race of creatures who threaten our lives with their caveman nonsense.

    and you, too, mr. and mrs. detective. you who call me a monster even though you share the same thoughts. the ones who sign your paychecks are the ones who determine “right” from “wrong” for you and that makes you a hypocrite and a coward.

      1. Agreed, great article. Thanks NastyPersuasions. Also, well said, Obli. How much energy do we waste on this nonsense? How much strife do decent people have to endure? Everyone is so caught up in this world’s bullshit, we can’t even sit back and realize all this is a waste of time. Obviously the people that have put us in these shackles know it’s a wasteful distraction, but the masses accept it as a necessity of progress.. I hate the nothingness that is everyday.

      1. i know that, @Elder. things like what we witness here drive me to anger and i say things to reflect those feelings (luckily, my country forgives things said in moments of anger as long as i don’t push for violence or make actual threats). we see the very worst here and as evolved as i am, my emotions sometimes still get the better of me.

        but all muslims are taught that non-muslims must convert or die for that is the law of their prophet and their god, they just aren’t all driven to these extremes.

        1. Our emotions sometimes do get the best of us and have a strong impact on our reactions, and seeing some of the stuff on here does bring up strong emotions. I know your not pushing for violence, as you stated it above, you just feel strong emotions from what’s going on in the middle east, as I’m sure we all do. It’s very controversial and important, as it will have an impact on the whole world.

          1. Everybody double posts but the holy hebedeejeebedee’s have gone the extra mile with you. LOL !!!

        2. Our emotions sometimes do get the best of us and have a strong impact on our reactions, and seeing some of the stuff on here does bring up strong emotions. I know your not pushing for violence, as you stated it above, you just feel strong emotions from what’s going on in the middle east, as I’m sure we all do. It’s very controversial and important, as it will have an impact on the whole world.

        3. Our emotions sometimes do get the best of us and have a strong impact on our reactions, and seeing some of the stuff on here does bring up strong emotions. I know your not pushing for violence, as you stated it above, you just feel strong emotions from what’s going on in the middle east, as I’m sure we all do. It’s very controversial and important, as it will have an impact on the whole world.

    1. unfortunately every muslim would be screaming for my head just because i am a western outsider so i cannot feel a shred of sympathy for any man, woman or child who dies in these countries.

      …your comment is EXACTLY, why these people want your (our) head NOW!!

      …let’s flip this around, shall we?

      You just want to raise your family, or pursue your dreams the best you can in Iraq, or any Middle Eastern country.
      However, we have a problem. The west is running out of oil, and we have a central bank called the Federal Reserve, that can print money on the fly, to finance any future world war…


      We have a little “snot nosed country” called Israel who, the size of Wisconsin, can level the Middle East, at the drop of a hat.

      …compliments of the United (fascist) States of America

      We have a corporate media here in the states, that treats Israel, as “the second coming of Christ.”

      …literally (read Armageddon in the Bible, for Christ’s sake)

      So, in our eternal quest to follow our “Military Jesus,” we rape your wife, kill your children then YOU!!

      …but this is too brutal, even for the “brainwashed brain stems,” who watch our corporate media, and pay a cable bill.

      So, as a favor, someone comes along, and puts an AK-47 next to your hand. They accuse you of firing first, (which is justifiable in it’s own right) and claiming they killed you in self defense.

      I can go on and on, but I’ll recommend that you do just one thing…

      Change your news sources!!

      Remember, our corporate media, wants you as a consumer. It is in their last interest, to make you an empowered citizen.

      Remember dude…

      We are over there, they are NOT, over here!!

      1. i actually have changed some of my overly biased views. new things have to light and i have actually seen that things i have said in the past are misguided. for example, i lumped SAA with everyone else and condemned them just because they are muslim, i now openly support them and their cause as well as those suffering in Gaza/Palestine.

  3. The truth is that you just cannot win against these people because they have no army as such, they merely have the cause, the Jihad, and any follower of Islam must join the Jihad because it is their duty as Muslims.

    This means that at home, in their own countries, they have an almost unlimited amount of fighters because any Muslim is a potential fighter whereas if you are an invading army you have to keep a constant presence there otherwise they will simply retake the conquered land once you leave and maintaining a constant presence is almost impossible due to actual troop numbers, slow drip recruiting and logistics, the more land you have to cover the thinner your actual fighting ability is per defence point as well.

    The Muslims therefore can be beat when they are the invading army but not the other way around, you would have to kill every last one of them to stand a chance and if they were going to do that they would just nuke the place but nuking them of course would probably make it harder to steal their gas and oil supplies as well as other nations nuking you back in return.

    My conclusion, the longer the war goes on the more troop morale will be sapped and the more likely a pullout will commence, the Muslims will then just retake the conquered land.

    Pointless, an utterly pointless waste of life and resources. The day the politicians are forced to fight on the frontlines with their armies is the day these kinds of wars will stop.

    1. @emptysoul. I love reading your posts. They are well thought out, knowledgeable, and a delight in comprehension.

      But in this case you are wrong and right. You have answered two sides to a question.

      To quote you “The truth is that you just cannot win against these people” and then “The Muslims therefore can be beat when they are the invading army but not the other way around”.

      There are indeed ways to beat them which you have touched upon. “The nuke”. If the west were to “nuke” the middle east, muslims, jews. christians, hell whatever, and send a clear message that the jihad has turned, how many muslims would you see throwing the towel off their heads, taking their cocks out of donkeys and declaring muhammad a pedo.

      Granted it is all hypothetical, but if we get some mad bastard who can push the button, well who knows.

      1. Interesting points fellas. I like Empty soul’s last line. “The day politicians are forced to fight…” So true. Who’s willing to die for what they believe? Separates the men from the boys right there.
        As far as nuking the middle east.. I must admit it would be badass, but from that moment on, the US would have to make all new friends, or go rogue. I think we have the resourcefulness as Americans to do either if we were truly anywhere near a United state.

    2. “The truth is that you just cannot win against these people because they have no army as such, they merely have the cause, the Jihad, and any follower of Islam must join the Jihad because it is their duty as Muslims”

      saddam hussein,bashar al-assad and kadafi disagrees!

    3. @gutofalk, Killing one Muslim does not kill the religion or problem.

      @Alans-snackbar, nukes are not really a way of beating a group of people in the conventional sense, nukes just destroy everything around, and once you use nukes you give the green light to other countries to fire nukes back at you and there are no winners in a nuclear wasteland after all.

  4. Thank you for the post @nastypersuasions, you must have done a lot of research on this one because the writing is amazing and especially informative. It will be interesting to see how this is covered in the MSM. Everyone better go fill up the gas tanks, because you know they will sky-rocket oil prices after this.

    1. Right @rebelk . Tell you what though . If you guys had to pay what we in the UK have to , you’d probably faint on the spot .I filled a 3 litre engine car up in Florida for $25 . Would
      have cost $100 here . 75% goes to the government !. The ironic thing about it is,most of the gas stations I see in the US are BP !

        1. Absolutely , back scuttled every time we set foot in a gas station . That soiled , dirty feeling, is difficult to shake after filling up . That’s the main reason why cycling has become so popular , contrary to our greedy government’s rhetoric , which has it that we are getting the green message . Like fuck we are , we’re all skint once we’ve driven for a week .

      1. *comma *it’s.. You’re overloaded with horrible grammar from members. I can tell you’re flustered, and are rushing. I don’t think I’ve seen you make two mistakes in 6 months, let alone two days.. Deep breath, I’m here to help.

    1. America need to launch nuclar bomb on this morrons,or alse the propaganda will control the situation.

      …I think you have put the cart before the horse my friend.

      It will be “America’s Corporate Propaganda,” that will lead to another nuclear hollocaust.

      1. Actually dude, I logged on to ask you because I’m struggling with grammar or at least need to be proficient at all times. How do you recommend I revise and correct any written material of mine? Should I use practice books also to help?

          1. If you’re serious I am too. Please tell me how that would help though? Or are you just recommending for me to just read in general?

      2. This nazi,came here to correct people’s grammar,instead of sharing his opinion with all of us,hate wise guys,if you’re so smart,than say something about topic,or your experience if you have one,the bigjumbo don’t listen this guy,better learn english to speak than to write,because when you find a girl or friend whatever,on crossboard you will have to conversate with them,or else you gonna look dumb,the grammar is important to school teachers,translations,etc,trust me,i’m sure that this nazi would not know one word to say properly first because of his akcent second because of lake of confidence,and ofcourse low vocabulary.

          1. I made it on purpose,to see you reaction,and for your information i’m not using gogle crap,i have a english vocabulary on phone,but i don’t use it,so i made few mistakes,i texted this massage like in one minute,so i hope you gonna continue correcting me,which is cool for me,but your waisting you time of life….

          1. He may not care to share what he thinks about the video, it doesn’t bother me. If he shows enthusiasm for grammar in whatever form thats good enough for me to ask for advice especially when I’m looking to improve it. There is always room for improvement in both speaking and writing. I don’t know how me asking for advice about grammar transitioned to having less importance because its not as necessary when talking to girls. lols

      1. Saddam kept everything under control, and this was not good for israel!

        …there’s a lot of validity to your statement

        His government was oppressive, that’s for sure. However, it’s no worse than ours, here in the states.

        …our government’s oppression, simply doesn’t get covered by our presstitutes, here in the states, that’s all…

        …and speaking of what doesn’t/hasn’t been covered

        Let’s not forget Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, having a boner when shaking Mr. Hussein’s hand, back in 1983.

        …mmmmm Black Gold/Texas Tea!

        Then shortly after, Mr. Hussein saw what the American Corporate Dynasty, was doing to his country, and tried to convince other countries…

        to stop accepting the American dollar, as the international’s currency of choice!!

        It doesn’t take a global economist to know, that a million denar to buy only a thousand bucks, can easily suck a country dry of it’s gdp.

        …does THIS, get reported on T.V. Ruwanda, (faux news) here in the states?

        🙁 🙁 🙁


  5. It was inevitable that when the US & the UK left Iraq, it was going to be taken back by the militants who they were fighting. Neither of the governments give a shit though. They got what they came for (oil) and are now happy making billions of pounds, dollars off of it. Who cares what destruction they left behind right?

    And as for the Iraqi police, army trained by the US all I can say is LOL. Half of them were turning against the soldiers training them while they were there. Now you expect them to fight against a powerful trained vicious group on their own? Not a chance!!

    The war in Iraq was completely unjustified and has caused so many unnecessary deaths of innocent people. The rich have become richer and the poor have lost the people they love. It’s a fucking disgrace. But hey what do I care?

    1. Look at the bright side. We can do it all over again in just a few years time! Our mindless citizens will forget all about these unjustifiable tragedies that we call strategic positionings, and we’ll get to test our new guns on some more towel heads! ‘Murica. Fuck yeah! *Sorry for the sarcasm. Well said Judge.

      1. Very true man. Let the time pass and start all over again. Woop I’m sure the UK will be backing any move the US makes as your unquestionable allie in taking over the world.

        But don’t let our government fool you. We’re not all assholes 🙂

    2. The war was to Protect Israel!

      “””””””””WASHINGTON, Mar 29 (IPS) – IPS uncovered the remarks by Philip Zelikow, who is now the executive director of the body set up to investigate the terrorist attacks on the United States in September 2001 — the 9/11 commission — in which he suggests a prime motive for the invasion just over one year ago was to eliminate a threat to Israel, a staunch U.S. ally in the Middle East.

      Zelikow’s casting of the attack on Iraq as one launched to protect Israel appears at odds with the public position of President George W. Bush and his administration, which has never overtly drawn the link between its war on the regime of former president Hussein and its concern for Israel’s security.


      Zelikow made his statements about ?the unstated threat? during his tenure on a highly knowledgeable and well-connected body known as the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB), which reports directly to the president.

      He served on the board between 2001 and 2003.

      ?Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? I’ll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990 — it’s the threat against Israel,? Zelikow told a crowd at the University of Virginia on Sep. 10, 2002, speaking on a panel of foreign policy experts assessing the impact of 9/11 and the future of the war on the al-Qaeda terrorist organisation.

      ?And this is the threat that dare not speak its name, because the Europeans don’t care deeply about that threat, I will tell you frankly. And the American government doesn’t want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell,? said Zelikow.

      The statements are the first to surface from a source closely linked to the Bush administration acknowledging that the war, which has so far cost the lives of nearly 600 U.S. troops and thousands of Iraqis, was motivated by Washington’s desire to defend the Jewish state.

      The administration, which is surrounded by staunch pro-Israel, neo-conservative hawks, is currently fighting an extensive campaign to ward off accusations that it derailed the ?war on terrorism? it launched after 9/11 by taking a detour


      Even though members of the 16-person PFIAB come from outside government, they enjoy the confidence of the president and have access to all information related to foreign intelligence that they need to play their vital advisory role.

      Known in intelligence circles as ?Piffy-ab?, the board is supposed to evaluate the nation’s intelligence agencies and probe any mistakes they make.

      The unpaid appointees on the board require a security clearance known as ?code word? that is higher than top secret.

      SOURCE: Interpress Service News Agency – Mar 29, 2004.””””””””””””

      Interestingly enough Richard Perle and Douglas Feith participated in a 2000 project report on securing Israeli interests! It is widely known as “A Clean Break:A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.” On chilling statement from that report reads:

      “Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq ? an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right ? as a means of foiling Syria?s regional ambitions.”

      on a side note General Tommy Franks himself conceded that defending Israeli security was at least one reason for the war….

      (JTA) – Franks: Threat on Israel justified pre-emption

      The threat of a missile attack on Israel was one reason justifying a pre-emptive strike against Iraq, Gen. Tommy Franks said. Franks, who retired from the U.S. military last year after leading the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, said he supported the Bush administration policy of pre-emption. “The reason we could not afford to give up time is because we wanted the water infrastructure to remain in place,” Franks said Monday at the National Press Club. “We wanted the oil infrastructure in Iraq to remain in place. We did not want to subject ourselves and Israel to the potential consequence of a long-range missile being fired into Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.” Franks also said Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians fuels anti-U.S. resentment in the Middle East.

      SOURCE: ‘Cleveland Jewish News’ – Quoting the ‘Jewish Telegraph Agency’ – August 10th, 2004″”””””

      To make matters even more interesting the popular Israeli newspaper Haaretz even pointed out in an article how the architects of the war were 25 mainly-Jewish neoconservatives:

      “””””The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history.”


      In the course of the past year, a new belief has emerged in the town: the belief in war against Iraq. That ardent faith was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals (a partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Eliot Abrams, Charles Krauthammer),

      SOURCE: Haaretz – By: Ari Shavit”””””

      You will notice that names Richard Perle and Douglas Feith are on the list included in the Haaretz article? These are the same two that participated in the above mentioned study on securing the Israeli realm which placed an emphasize on the removal of Saddam Hussein from power. Interesting don’t you think?

      Another interesting little fact is Israeli was behind much of the faulty evidence used to justify this war to the people of America! In fact they were described as a ‘full partner’ in these intelligence ‘failures!’ Interesting little fact no?

      “””””””””””””Israel linked to Iraq intelligence failure, general says

      Israel was a “full partner” in American and British intelligence failures that exaggerated former president Saddam Hussein’s nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs before the US-led invasion of Iraq, a report by an Israeli military research centre has alleged.

      “The failures of this war indicate weaknesses and inherent flaws within Israeli intelligence and among Israeli decision-makers,” Brigadier-General Shlomo Brom wrote in an analysis for Tel Aviv University’s Jaffee Centre for Strategic Studies.

      Israeli intelligence services and political leaders provided “an exaggerated assessment of Iraqi capabilities”, raising “the possibility that the intelligence picture was manipulated”, wrote General Brom, former deputy commander of the Israeli military’s planning division.

      SOURCE: The Age – By Molly Moore; Jerusalem – December 6, 2003″”””””””””””

    3. The war was not primarily for oil. Gutofalk is right, it was for Israeli interests. Oded Yinon’s “Clean Break” document and the “Rebuilding America’s defences” by the PNAC think tank, aren’t too dissimilar. Richard Perle was calling for Iraqi regime change since 1996 for fuck sake.

      A lot of the bullshit intelligence that was not only cherry picked but also fabricated to the point them becoming outright lies, for example Mohammed Atta’s delivery of anthrax to Iraqi officals in Prague, came out of the office of special plans. This was a very low key department within the Pentagon (many intellgience officals did not know it existed) headed by who else but an Israeli Neo-conservative, Douglas Feith.

      You obviously realise the criminal element with US Govt, but if you think the invasion of Iraq was for oil – you’ve still got some reading to do!

    4. But hey what do I care?

      …because it’s happening to us my friend, that’s why!!

      The richest 2%, owning over 60 plus something %, is just a carbon copy, of what’s happening over in the Middle East.

      …however, I liked your post!! 🙂

          1. you really want seven women pms’ing in one house? as soon as one stops, another will start. or worse, they’ll “sync” up. if you think having seven wives is going to translate into a 27/7 orgy then
            😆 😆 😆

  6. “The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham [the Levant] (Isis), a highly militant splinter group of al-Qa?ida”???????????

    Comeon bro you know better than that. You know Al-Qaida doesn’t and never has existed. Al-qaida is just a zionist invented word. A fictional “Legion of Doom” led by Lex Luthor another made up invention aka Osama Bin Laden. Israel invented Al-qaida like we invented Bin Laden like they invented and orchestrated the event called 9-11 so that America could invade the middle east and topple governments and replace them with Pro-US/Pro-Israel puppets. The arabs know this and in order to resist it they have formed all these groups to fight the US and her puppets. But in no way are any of these groups part of Al-qaida an organization that has never existed. We need to stop spreading their propaganda and start saying the truth that Al-qaida never existed.

    1. It seems widely accepted nowadays, even by mainstream-ish sources, that what GAME4WAR points out is true. yet still, our corrupt western news reports still spread the term “al-qaida” around (in its many different spellings GN ?!) when it is time to crank up the fear.
      what interests me re: ISIS, is that for many decades the kurdish people have tried to claim a larger autonomy for the area they call kurdistan, with little real success until those “americanized” rich streets began to appear in northern iraq- the very area that ISIS now seem to to sweeping across and claiming for their own “heartland”. i wonder on the ground how these two groups are going to end up interacting? must be really hard for the ethnic kurds who have borne generation after generation into this area, fought ,largely in vain,for their recognition and separatism – only to see these hardline sunni foreign fighters basically strut, guns blazing, into/onto their homeland.
      there seems (by some) to be a certain amount of “support” here on BG for ISIS…maybe a “leaning” if not support.
      For me…..well, i dont know. i cant pretend to be expert on activity “on the ground” in the area.
      but as i see it,ISIS seem to be happy to collect as many enemies as they can…. maybe the ethnic kurds as a people may be added to this list? or maybe the puppet goverment of Iraq? i would guess at both.
      two things for sure – its a fucking mess in that whole area, and the same people are ultimately responsible for it as always have been for at least the last 60-70 years………
      but SSHHHH!!! remember, we arent allowed to criticize……..lest we be labelled “Nazi”

    2. “You know Al-Qaida doesn?t and never has existed. Al-qaida is just a zionist invented word. A fictional ?Legion of Doom? led by Lex Luthor another made up invention aka Osama Bin Laden. Israel invented Al-qaida like we invented Bin Laden like they invented and orchestrated the event called 9-11 ”


      1. Israel invented Al-qaida like we invented Bin Laden like they invented and orchestrated the event called 9-11 ?

        …I couldn’t agree with you more!!

        But be careful my friend, Israel is “God’s Golf Course.”

        …you use a 7-iron to make a putt, and you got a cruise missile up your bowels!!

    1. Looks like it?s back to the fuckin? stone age.

      …when did we ever leave?

      I have a local politician, who thankfully lost an election saying that…

      “Rape was a blessing from God.”

      I don’t think any anti-virus software, could remove the bullshit that on his hard drive.

      …what a disgusting piece of Israel!!

  7. This is a good news for Assad because:

    #1 from now on, Irak and Syria can work as allies against ISIL, and then Assad will be enforced with iraqui resources

    #2 foreing supporters of Al Qaeda, like Turkey and the kenian will restrain their support

    #3 add your pov here

    1. ‘America sent you on a mission to remove a grave threat and to liberate an oppressed people, and that mission has been accomplished’

      Camp As Sayliyah 5 June 2003
      Keen, J; Bush to troops: Mission accomplished; USA Today: 5 June 2003

      The banner on USS Abraham Lincoln ‘Mission Accomplished’ seen behind Bush on 1 May 2003 was, subsequently, attributed to the end of the deployment of the aircraft carrier. This was, probably, to deflect criticism of Bush, who landed on the carrier as a passenger in a Lockheed S3 Viking, despite the carrier being well within range of Marine One.

      Nothing like a bit of self-promotion and getting on your flying suit after spending his time during the Vietnam war in the Texas Air National Guard; May 1969 onwards for training and then, later, flying a 147th Reconnaissance Wing Convair F-102 from Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base.

      Critics, including former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, have alleged that Bush was favorably treated due to his father’s political standing as a member of the House of Representatives, citing his selection as a pilot despite his low pilot aptitude test scores and his irregular attendance.

  8. Western Sheep just dont understand the harsh reality of these places. Life is cheap because the land is so unforgiving, that creates a people that the West see’s as barbarian. Sudam Hussain was the appropriate leader for that land. Now the people are reverting back to their true form.

    A stable society requires a stable infrastructure, extensive peace, white picket fences, the comfort of eternal social security. These people bake to death in a relentless sun. I should know, ive just spent the day under the gruelling Florida sun at Clearwater beach. Its treacherous. It makes people do things they wouldnt ordinarilty do. And if you run out of sun block you think of crazy things. Firtunatly the beaches of Clearwater are served with ample fresh water faucets. The waste lands of Iraq and the middle east are not. thats the difference. Subtle. Also, most of Iraq’s beaches are miles away from the sea, but thats just a side issue.

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