Mujahedeen Bearing Weapons with Silencers Kill Iraqi Army Soldiers

Mujahedeen Bearing Weapons with Silencers Kill Iraqi Army Soldiers

Looks like the Iraqi Mujahedeen laid their hands on silencers for their weapons and are going all gangsta on soldiers with them. Operation Iraqi Freedom resulted in anything but freedom for the Iraqis.

The Mujahedeen definitely won this round. Storming military outposts and killing soldiers who are resting proved to be a solid strategy. They came, they fired their silencer equipped guns, they conquered. Very quick job.

These guys must have gone through proper training cause that was executed so well and so quietly, it just couldn’t have been an operation by a street gang. You also barely hear them Allahu Akbaring. They simply carried out what they came for like complete pros and quickly disappeared before anyone could respond.

There are two videos of these trained and well organized Iraqi assassins. Both show how these Mujahedeen knew what they were doing and gave their target no chance. Though the last soldier to get killed in the first video did put up a bit of a fight but was killed in an attempt to flee:

Another video of the same group of Iraqi Mujahedeen efficiently storming military outposts and killing all soldiers inside:

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71 thoughts on “Mujahedeen Bearing Weapons with Silencers Kill Iraqi Army Soldiers”

  1. Hey, that was pretty sick. Cleaning House!
    I mean they were just fighting their Enemies in an going War.

    I think if Americans were to “Fight the Enemie”, it would begin by a group of US Patriots storming the Headquarters of MTV or CNN or MSNBC, and starting a Ground floor Massacre working their way on up, killing every creature squirming in those buildings. Then we taking a firehose to the whole bloody mess and washing it into the Gutters.

    1. They are well trained that for sure…hmm I wonder who trained them? Could it be the same people who trained the right wing paramilitary death squads in central and south America, or maybe it was the ones who trained the Mexico ex special forces turned Narcos or it could be the ones who trained the mujahedeen in Afghanistan during the soviet invasion or the ones who trained Libyas army recently…but wait a minute all these people I mentioned were trained by the United States :l

      1. Well trained? Ha ha, my ass. A fucking monkey can point a gun and pull a trigger. They’re shooting sleeping guys for fucks sake. Not exactly a hard target is it.
        Put theses muppets in the same situation when all the guys are awake and armed and see what happens. These guys are cowardly amateurs at best.

  2. That was a cool video, I often find the Narco videos to be most entertaining, Seeing Iraqi’s or Messican’s get blasted and dismembered is rather easy to watch and thoroughly enjoyable.

    That said, The videos with US or Allied troops being killed are not so enjoyable.. I have many family members serving and it just hits home for me.

  3. looks like somebody has been getting some good training from someone. I remember back in the day when US troops trained the taliban back when they were only known as “freedom fighters” to defend themselves against the soviets, that plan backfired pretty badly.

    Saying that, if more of these guys work this way then the war just got a bit harder

  4. I’m starting to think Saddam wasn’t such a bad thing. He was a brutal butcher and so were his sons. Forget it, he was a horrible monster. It looks like the only thing that can rule these cold hearted bastards is the devil himself. Little Bush screwed up in oh so many ways.

  5. Awesome and efficient. No arguments, yelling or screaming and hardly any mess, unlike the beheadings. These dudes have their act down pat….I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit.

  6. Silencers or suppressor as they’re known by the professional (police, military) who use them arent that hard to get a hold of especially in places like Iraq in fact their quite easy to make and I’m sure they got people who specialize in making them and are cranking them out by the dozens, a suppressor works like a car muffler, its basically a hollowed out tube with with a series of chambers inside that are usually filled with pieces of rubber this is called a baffle and it works just like the baffles in your car exhaust, by trapping excess gases and flash inside the baffles it lowers the noise of the exploding gases and hides the flash from the burning gun powder they even drop bullet velocity so that theirs is no over penetration and bullets don’t go thru walls and hit unintended targets, they also act as a sort of compensator that lowers recoil due to the gas suppression and the weight of the suppressor its self. suppressors can be very effective tools but they aren’t the super quite deadly silent silencers Hollywood haves you belive in fact supressors aren’t that quite at all, but they do dampen the sound of a gun and hide the flash which can be very important especially if your trying keep a low profile, your gun shots can still be heard but suppressors make it a little bit more difficult to know where exactly the shots are coming from. I my self have built a couple and the hardest part isn’t making it the hardest part was finding a way to attach it to the barrel of the gun, they can be made from everything from pvc pipes to a plastic water bottle but the ones pros use are always metal with rubber fillings, but technology is starting to change that and use materials like carbon fiber for the tubing and other synthetic materials for the filings, the barrett company who are famous for their 50cal M82 sniper rifle have recently designed a suppressor for the big M82 using new composites and materials

  7. operation iraqui freedom, hahahahaha…….hey, these must be atheist akburs or something, or perhaps BLACKWATER decided that they didn’t made enough of a profit massacring iraqui teens and housewives for the US government and just trained and equipped some akburs properly to open up new “business oportunities” in that allah-forsaken craphole for the future….

  8. I’m confused on how this requires training. It seems easy to jump out of a van with a silencer weapon and shoot the closest enemy to you. I guess practicing = training? I know if you were to practice by using a house and set up fake targets you could get more accustomed to shooting while moving around corners.. but none of the soldiers had their weapons on them so it wouldn’t be that difficult to just shoot an unsuspecting human if you already have your gun drawn when you walk in the room.

    1. Thankyou, those idiots should have been paying attention, once the guard was killed they were all dead, thats war, someone gets the drop on you and your dead with all your buds. they got lucky.

  9. wow.. that was insane to watch. not the bloodiest or most gore, but definitely impacted me to watch. That’s how it should be done. Quick, in and out asap. I mean hate to say it but these guys knew what they where doing.

  10. Ok, so being from the usa you would think i would be all butthurt about these, but i am in no way, shape, or form affended. Very few people actually deserve to die, but seeing all the fucked up shit that we (the military) have done to the innocent people over there, that i actually felt solice knowing that for sure more than a few of those men did something horrible over there. All the documenta i have seen, i mean really guys, i get so pissed knowing that even 1 penny of my tax money goes to help those fucking fags fight a “war”. Sure, have the middle easterns done some fucked up shit, of course, have we? Oh hell yes!!! Sorry for ramblIng on but shit i get so excited sometimes after i watch these i figured id finally vent one off… And ps… I dont need the hate replies, this is the opinion of ONE 22 yr old girl from butt fuck oklahoma!!! Would live to conversate on the issue tho!

    1. sadly nothing is so black-and-white, those guys are probably no better or worse than the guards they killed, and than the US FAGrmy soldiers that ravished that hellhole before, these kind of “wars” usually can be summarized as asshole team 1 trying to kill asshole team 2. And your responsability (as yo say “we”) is about as abstract as a lecture about the angel’s sex, you don?t have a saying in running the government nor the military, and to find a real democracy where the citizens had, you gotta get back to the ancient greek polis . So you can sleep well at night and let Bush, Cheney, etc deal with their conscience for what they had done, if they have any

  11. All of you who are saying “theres no skill in shooting someone 2 feet away” thats the best kind of skill, its called deception. to be able to get as close as you can to your target and execute point blank my opinion, i do not condone any form of violence, but at the same time im open minded enough to understand these things do and will continue to happen.

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