This Had Great Potential – Part XXII

Occupying Soldiers Saved by Bulletproof Glass - Combat Footage from Iraq

Video from Iraq shows occupying forces, or ZOG mercenaries as Mark used to call them, driving around in a humvee or other armed vehicle, probably sharing stories of raping preteen boys, when they were taken a shot at but the vehicle’s bulletproof glass stopped the round from tearing into them. The video had good potential, but evil got away again.

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  1. Mossad snipers are killing US soldiers both in Iraq and Afghanistan. They pose as Al-Qaeda in order to further the animosity Americans feel towards Muslims. Many Muslims are some crazy fucks, true, but they are not the ones pushing for war, Israel is.

    Search about the Israeli sniper called Juba who killed well over 100 US soldiers in Iraq. Information about him can be easily found, but bear in mind that Ziofucks will try to disclaim the allegations he is Israeli, but we already know how full of shit those dirtbags are.

    Israelis have always had pernicious intentions behind every action they make. They are the real enemies, not only of Muslims, Americans but everyone on this earth.

    1. Actually, the Jews are taught to hate non-Jews (Goyem) from an early age and disguise their hatred. This doesn’t appear on the news but the black Jews of Ethiopia suffer immense prejudice in Israel. Anyone who isn’t a Jew is deemed inferior. Let me quote some of the verses of the Talmud and show comments made by some prominent Jews:

      “The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.”

      – Talmud: Baba mezia, 114b

      “The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the dog more than the non-Jew.”

      – Ereget Raschi Erod.

      “Sexual intercourse between Gentiles is like intercourse between animals.”

      – Talmud Sanhedrin 74b

      “A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal.”

      – Coschen Hamischpat

      “A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.”

      – Talmud, Abodah Zara, 4b

      “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.”

      – Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772

      “Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form.”

      – Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855

      “It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile.”

      – Sepher ikkarim III c 25″

      These ideologies of superiority are embedded into their psyche from a young age, although they are good at suppressing their sentiments in public.

      1. There’s no proper words to describe how disgustingly frightening those verses are. These actually made me feel sick to my stomach. Those pious self righteous pox marks need to be eliminated, sooner the better for the sake of a better future in generations to come. Absolutely disgusting.

        It’s beyond despicable that religions birth such pitiful lies, spewing obscenities as though they mean good.. I’m completely and utterly frightened that those are taught even in this era.

        Makes me question how long it shall be before something horrendous occurs, but by then it will be, more than likely, far too late..

    2. I have known several Jewish people in my lifetime and I never got the impression they thought less of me.

      I’ve dated Jewish women. Had some rather nasty, analingus, cunnilingus……you name-it-type sex with many of them.

      Do you honestly think Jews would interact, have relationships with non-Jews if they thought as you do?

      “You think I’m that guy from the show? I’m not that guy. That’s a role. Get real.” – Larry David

        1. He goes out of his way to keep putting Jews in a good light. He keeps talking about how great Jewish women are. He say Jews don’t control America. This anti-white is a troll. He keeps showing disrespect to everyone on here that he can, especially Obli and white women.

          1. Jews obviously control America. All you have to do Is make trillions and bring your industries back home and it can belong to you (non Jewish Americans) again.

    3. I remember hearing about Juba many years ago, for a minute, everybody thought Juba was shooting at them. I went to Iraq and Afghanistan, and never once did any of us think we were being shot at by some Israeli in disguise lol….Iraqi’s and Afghans are just straight up stupid fucking people..theres nothing really that deep about it.

    4. The infamous Juba killed a lot more than 100. Plus it wasn’t 1 guy there is a unit that is called the Juba snipers and although it makes for a good story it wasn’t one guy. In actuality it was 8 different snipers that were in-fact Israeli trained Mossad snipers. I think it is funny how people will just believe whatever they read online when they “look it up” without check their sources and making damn sure their information is correct. Fuck radical muslims anyway, regardless of what you think the culture of Arabs is what you hate because they have ruined the name.

      1. I love how the membership on here is so ‘jew aware’. I wasn’t expecting such a level of enlightenment from a site that wasn’t specifically dedicated to the subject. You guys rock, keep up the good work.

    5. Thanks for that bro. Its fantastic to see educated people like you instead of these dumbed down morons I see walking around everywhere.

      Most people in the west are educated by a yiddish controlled school system. That’s why so many children are molested by kike teachers such as that “tasting game” guy in los angeles. The kikes definitely shoot american boys in the back when they aren’t looking.

      1. I wrote a comment last night on the previous post…slider ..blackmilk whatever you’d like to call him asked me to thank you guys for everything…he really appreciates you guys and EVERYTHING you guys have said to him…you guys helped him soooo much during this trying time….he told me to let you guys know he’ll be back on as soon as he can….maybe sometime today or tomorrow…but he mentioned a hiatus as well…I haven’t spoken to him yet today….

        1. I don’t see the point of explaining that your going on hiatus. Our society has made it to the point that if I don’t make a fucking post on faggot Facebook for two days then everyone thinks I’m dead. Life gets busy and crazy.
          No offense, I just don’t get why people put so much stock in social media.

          1. Because hes going through some shit right now counting and had expressed suicidal ideations here on the site…I don’t really like social media’s either though..although I do like the grumpy cat memes…lolz..

          2. Yeah, I feel like an ass now after I read that. Haven’t slept more than 8 hours in the past 3 days, so I’m bitchy to say the least.
            But like I already did say, no offense πŸ™‚ We’re all a crazy,twisted family here. Gonna see if smoking a couple steamies will help me sleep.

          3. No you’re right counting..society and whatever word I’m trying to think of has put waaaaay TOO much into these damn social medias..I prefer to stay here..meh..also I’m sorry you’re not able to sleep hun…if you ever make it down my way I have plenty tree…I could probably drug three elephants with what I just have..lolz…sorry on my painkillers and loopy…you’re awesome as well counting πŸ˜‰

        2. @ladylike, I just wanted to say fair fucks to you for going out of your way to help @black milk and chatting to him away from here, it says a lot about what kind of person you are. Bestgore’s resident agony aunt! It’s nice to think.complete strangers can meet through a site like this and help each other out.

          1. Lolz thank you Jonny…I was raised to live by the golden rule…I’ve been where he’s at many times..but I didn’t have someone like me in my life..a couple of my attempts I reached out and was called a I stopped reaching out and now have 5 attempts under my belt…meh..

          2. That’s why I think it says a lot about what type of person you are, instead of treating @black milk like people treated you, you treated him how you would have liked to be treated when you reached out for help. There’s no better feeling than when someone has your back, and you have theirs.

          3. Forsure..thank you jonny..i ALWAYS have everyone’s back..that’s why I’m the way I am now because not everyone else does…meh…it happens…hey you think Mikey will give some of my damn points back now??…lolz… πŸ˜‰

          4. @ladywicked

            You’re awesome! I am glad you are still here with us too. I hope you got rid of those jerks in your life that called you a drama queen! What assholes.

            I feel for you and the chronic headaches you suffer from. It is so hard being in that degree of pain daily. I have Vasculitis, lupus, Sjogren’s etc and it caused me to get trigeminal neuralgia from the cranial nerve damage and destruction of my auditory nerve, my whole ear inside is like sulphuric acid was poured in there. Totally destroyed and it hurts so bad!

            Another name for trigeminal neuralgia is the suicide disease because it is so excruciating people kill themselves. I have type 2 where it hurts constantly. Then I get zaps of pain in my ear and face like electric shocks and stabbing pain like an ice pick.

            So I am on a lot of meds etc to try and control the pain and to suppress my immune system from killing me.

            I find medicinal cannabis (CBD) really helps along with pain killers since I can’t take anti seizure meds to treat nerve pain/damage. The side effects are unbelievable. Have you tried raw cannabis juice? It is available in California. It brings down inflammation and shrinks tumours. We don’t have it where I live. It pretty much cures Lupus type diseases, cancer, epilepsy lots of illnesses. If you go on YT there are videos on it. It sucks being in so much pain 24/7.

            I have learned to cut the negative people out of my life and the ones that truly care and love you will stick around during the worst of times not just for the fun times and you never hear from them when you go through bad times like deaths in the family. Hang in there πŸ™‚ I hope this makes sense. I couldn’t sleep last night, damn flu! Good night and sweet dreams BG members.

          5. Thank you so much sleeping beauty!!…it’s so hard to find someone who can relate!! Although your afflictions sound alot worse then mine…I’m soooo fucking sorry you have to go through this hun..if you ever need to talk I’m here…this shit sucks but mine will eventually go away..I can’t believe you have this forever…have you Had this all your life?..I’ve only had this since June of last year and I’m ready to die..fuck..thank goodness for pot and oil..I live in ca so now you have my interests in that liquid your talking about..smoking is killer on my head..but if I do smaller dabs and hits I don’t cough as much…but poor thing…if it means anything I understand what you’re going through and I’m here for you.. thank you for sharing this YOU just made my whole day turn around…. <3

        1. It’s funny you say “auto”, sounds like they’d be handy with a stick shift. It’d be funny if one of them was getting blown by a woman and she was crap at it. He’d be like “no no! You’re doing it wrong! Massage the tip! For fuck sake! Hang on, I’ll show you”

          1. Ohh my??…I don’t know how Id feel about sucking some guys dick that could handle it himself…..if probably bust his balls about it all the time…..not just that but I’d ALWAYS have that competitive feeling in the back of my mind..LIKE am I doing it better then he can?..or having to worry if he’s sucking himself off in the bathroom??..or worse he sucking some other guys dick..?

  2. The United States are broke,,, yet they still take orders from those Israeli, kosher pickled foreskin eaters. Why don,t they get the fuck out of Afganistan, Iraq, & Syria, & Mind their own fucking business. But they are their fucking slaves, and it is what it is ! A crying shame for the good NORMAL, America citizens though!

        1. The Jews have succeeded in putting whites against each other over nationalistic, religious and cultural ideals, while at the same time promoting mass immigration of blacks and Asians to European nations, and inciting miscegenation and multiculturalism to destroy our ethnic identity. Whites are not encouraged to migrate to third world nations and be prolific in said places, because third world nations are not a threat to Israel, Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and all white-majority countries are. Once they manage to destroy us, then taking care of Africans, Asians and South Americans will be a walk in the park.

          World Jewry are very smart and unfortunately hold positions of power in most countries, having an incredibly strong presence in world banking, media, politics and military, manipulating these organizations to act in their favor. Since the US federal reserve was created (a private entity I might add) in 1913, all of the CEO’s have been Jews. Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank is an Israeli puppet. Even France’s former President, Nicolas Sarkozy, was a Jew and said, quote “racial mixing is an obligation and will be achieved for the best interest of this nation”.

          1. How can they NOT understand why they are so hated. They probably know but don,t give a flying fuck! GARBAGE RACE, if you ask me! Thanks @ P-D. good info for all us S.O.B,s and the best part is,,, it is the 100% TRUTH πŸ™‚

          2. Jews are white my friend, just look at Seth rogen, Jonah hull, ben Bernake, Shia labeouf, Seth green, Sarah Jessica Parker etc. Jews= white…..Jews= religion.

      1. For such a small country, you’re giving Israel alot of credit, baby Obli.

        I have a hard time believing that our foreign policy revolves around Israel. We are more powerful than they are and we could own them easily.

        Without out help, they don’t even survive in the Middle-East.

        The only thing keeping that whole region from attacking them is us.

        I think your propaganda talk is ridiculous. You’re an outsider and a civilian. You have no clue how much power resides in the military industrial complex.

        Israel is a minor country. The only reason their politics affect is due to the large Jewish population here. Still, that alone doesn’t decide policy.

        1. I actually don’t really care. I don’t know shit about politics other than that which concerns my gun rights. I’ve never voted a day in my life.
          I will pay taxes and die regardless of congress and what transpires over seas. I only care about myself and the ones close to me.

          I am obsessed with death that is why I am here.

          1. Jews have full control of America. Jews control the American media. Jews control control the banks and the federal reserve and print the money. Jews control the politicians in Washington through freemasonry. Freemasonry is a secret society that non Jews join in order to gain benefits for themselves and do whatever the Jews tell them. Non whites like to side with Jews. That’s why he called himself DIVISION, to create division. He’s an anti-white, who gives a shit what he thinks.

          2. Jews have lobbyists in D.C., but all that does is sway legislation. It doesn’t mean they have control over the country.

            I don’t side with Jews on principle.

            Rather, I’m against bigotry, which is a good stance to take.

            I don’t have an issue meeting people in the real world and expressing my views. How many of you cowards can do the same thing?

            Hiding behind a username because you can’t be who you are in real life is pathetic.

            Protocols of Zion is a peon.

            Rise up. Take back the country. I would like to see this.

            Unfortunately, I work for the other side. The one that wins.


          3. @ division, of course Jews control America
            untermensch. The only thing that you are is a useful idiot. You got into the military because you were too stupid to get a better job. You also like white women because deep down inside you have an inferiority complex and wish that you were white. You have a burning need to feel important, that’s why you repeatedly brag about yourself like a teenager. If anyone behaves like a kid it’s you. You’re desperate for attention. Insecure people such as yourself always go out of their way to put everyone around them down in order that they may seem superior. You puff yourself up because really you are afraid that everyone will realize what a pathetic insignificant nothing you are. People that are confident about who they are don’t need to constantly tell everyone how great they are. You live in the white mans world and it eats at you. You hate white people but at the same time wish you were one. You are a tormented confused soul. You mentioned hiding behind a user name, well you haven’t even told anyone what race you are you coward. It’s really comical and pathetic the way you try to compare yourself to Obli. Who exactly is it you are trying to impress??? Get some self respect and stop acting like an attention seeking teenager. Get control of your ego kid!

        2. Haha again division…you REALLY don’t like obli for some reason huh…obli did you piss in divisions wheaties again?..aren’t you military division?..I’m sure there’s other comments here you don’t agree with…yet your steadily on oblis ass….obli isn’t gay hun…..don’t you have drill you need to run to..or a boy to go rape or something…FUCK off division..

          1. We’ve had a four-day weekend due to the holiday. I don’t live on here like most of you.

            Obli is a bit of an effeminate, that’s why I piss in his mouth from time to time.

            Better get used to it…

  3. Everytime I watch these videos I can’t help but think “what a shit place to be”. For everyone involved. I can’t see any of the sides ever giving up their side of the fight. It’s like humans have different software installed in their brain that makes them do mad shit, we really are creative when it comes to our lunacy and short sightedness.

    1. W.T.F is that ? America has most of the intelligent people on the planet. Just look at all their accomplishments with high tech, Space Travel & such! Look in the mirror if you want to see a Sheep. Only a true SHEEP would generalize as yourself! goof-boy.

      1. Many Americans are intelligent, I admire a lot of them and their achievements, and have quite a few American friends. But unfortunately Americans have been subjected to massive indoctrination ever since the 1950’s, in order to make them subservient to authority. An easily manipulative society is useful in many ways, as a means to control, deter or even to completely eliminate any opposition to authoritarianism, to convince the young to die in useless wars that only end up claiming the lives of the mentally brainwashed soldiers, and those who had the misfortune of having their country invaded. Controlling people by inducing diseases in a controlled fashion through vaccination programs, GMO’s, excessive amounts of fluoride on the water, etc. A sick person, mentally or physically, cannot stand against oppression.

        The dictator of Portugal tried that on us for 40 years, until we had to have a revolution or live highly miserable slave-like lives, or perish.

        I only wish more Americans could see this reality.

        1. Wow, well said man! Somehow, i still have faith in the Canadian & American people to one day soon stand-up and say, Enough is Enough and fight the good fight to the bitter end. This is why this info on a regular basis needs to be said, so the more read it, the better! Major Kudos to you P D!

        2. WWI and WWII had massive brainwashing of the public and soldiers, “over there, over there”, you know, the old George Cohan song…it wasn’t until the soldiers came back from Vietnam and started breaking their silence on the shit, that Americans began to think “maybe everything ain’t Mayberry”.
          unfortunately, by then, TV Media had grown into a fucking cancer too deep in the American psyche to be removed. a few years later added the Cocaine/Crack explosion and the HIV epidemic. even more fodder for the media “just keep feeding the sheep distraction after distraction after distraction. don’t let them think too much.”

        3. PD. You’re not an American. You’re an outsider. Your views, thoughts and ideas are biased.

          As an American and someone who works within the government I can tell you with utmost certainty that we have the most powerful military in the world.

          The military industrial complex is a gang. They take what they want when they want for any reason. Even if it’s unsanctioned by the UN.

          Americans can’t “stand up” because they’ve ceded that power to the government.

    2. Society in general can be thought of as a large group of conformists and there can be found both idiot and intelligent conformists in society and whereas the idiot conformists follow without ever questioning it is the intelligent conformists that should be ashamed for they know the truth and yet they still conform without issue.

      If the individual sheep knew that the slaughter house awaits them if they follow the flock they would still do it because they are trapped in a system for which the farmers control for themselves and most of the world is their grazing field.

      My conclusion, possessing intelligence and knowing the truth is like having testicle cancer. sure, you may understand a great deal about the cancer but it’s still got you by the balls.

      1. Breaking the cycle takes more money than most of us working class folks have as well. I live check to check and I’m 36 years old. Being an ex con from when I was being stupid as a teenager is part of how I’ve been held back from what’s normally considered “succeeding” in this society. But you need moneys to get out of the sheeple cycle otherwise one is hopelessly trapped in this cycle. I’m denied my gun rights by a government that I need to protect myself and my family from said government (hence the inprisonment of America to strip massive amounts of the population from owning them) hell they are gonna start fining me yearly now for not buying into their healthcare for all spiel. If I had the choice is be one of those Montana survivalists intent on getting myself and family “off the grid”. But alas I’m caught in a backbreaking cycle in a deadend job living hand to mouth and unable to get out of it anytime soon..

        1. America is garbage. I have two degrees and a squeaky clean record, but nobody will hire me because I am way older than the huge glut of college grads flooding the market. The American dream has become the ameriKan nightmare.

      1. No, no, no. That would be a will-knot & that is what you and Refuse2Renig pick-out of YOUR asses and feed to each other on a daily basis, therefore Shit talk emerges smoothly! BWA, ha,ha,ha,ha πŸ˜‰

          1. Everyone? Who really gives a shit man? They just have the “attack the king of the mountain” mentality. Who fucking cares what the rest of the world thinks? half of them would be speaking German or Russian right now unless….

          2. Here we go… The “US saved the world from doom” talk…

            Let me just say a few things first. I am glad not all Americans are like you. I’m glad a lot of them can see through the lies of grandness they are fed in school and by society. The USA has great things, but so do all countries. Some more than others, true, but does that give anybody the right to feel proud over something they had no choice over like the accident of birth?

            And do youknow who actually made the biggest sacrifices and suffered the most in that war? The Russians. 25 million died in world war 2. 500 thousand Americans died. Just saying.

      1. The reason people romanticize American military is because most of the world romanticizes American culture.

        Many of your people see the world through our eyes, want to be like us, emulate us.

        That’s why. America is where the magic happens.

        At least that’s what people believe.

  4. Man why the fuck do you always have to rip on soldiers? They don’t fucking rape preteen boys, and they have twice the balls you do. I love this site but I can’t stand it when a bunch of pussies on the internet make fun of real men who perhaps are fighting for their college education? You don’t know these soldiers and you don’t care, you assume they’re blood thirsty rapists. I’ve met a lot of soldiers and none of them have ever met any kind of retarded stereotypes that you portray them to on this site. Until you’ve fought in a war you don’t deserve to talk all this shit about people twice the man you are.

    1. The point here being is that IF those men knew better that they wouldn’t fight for a government that hardly gives a shit about them or the normal populace. One can discredit any group by the actions of the few extreme or extremists in each group. Which is what happens in general anywhere. Read my comment above this and then know that I would’ve gladly fought and died for the idea of what my country stands for. Granted as most of us know, the truth is far different than our ideology. But I would’ve served had I not pissed it away on being dumb before I pulled my head out of my ass post criminal record. That being said I would have and still would love to separate my self from this government for the simple reason of I love my country and what it should stand for but I am aware of what it truly does stand for and despise that fact. Long story longer, nobody realizes that for some it’s just a career or job and all all held at fault for the mistakes of the few.

      1. So true. Only those on the upper rungs of gov’t and military hold the truth cards, the basic American soldier has no idea what’s really going on and are mostly just lied to. There are of course always some rotten apples in the barrel that make Americans look bad and evil.

        1. Hell CorpusDelecti, I have enough trouble keeping up with the posts, never mind the hundred plus comments on each one! Consequently, the infighting is lost on me such that I cannot tell you what sides there are, not to mention who is on them!

          I’m here to see the truth about death and gore in our world and to comment on it with you. If it can be humorous, that’s a bonus. If it can be thought provoking, even better. If I learn something, better still. If we pass the knowledge along or educate, the best.

  5. There’s a video titled two or three RPGs narrowly miss troops during firefight that I watched last night that has some creepy ass sounds that come out of a soldier off camera. He makes the sounds like a guy with serious brain trauma or like he was knocked out but brain function was enought that he was screaming.. That dude def got fucked up

          1. I packed you and your cat pack kitty treats..Sheba..and some real tuna all in ziplock baggies for easier opening…mama wicked loves ALL kitties….meeeow!!!…make sure to keep hydrated..and be safe my loves…. πŸ™‚

  6. I could care less about who’s doing what to whom. I love war and fighting and support all of the means to advance and keep it going no matter who’s doing it. It is my hope to return to the far or middle east as a conflict facilitator to keep the drones flying.

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