Terrorists Abusing US Soldier in Iraq (graphic video)

This is a video released by Al-Ansar Media Battalion and features very comprehensive collection of messages from different insurgents and leaders of terrorist groups operating in the Middle East, in particular Iraq. Video is very graphic and disturbing, involving abuse of a US soldiers, stoning of young girl and mission of a suicide bomber.

In their speech, the terrorist leaders praise those who kill US soldiers and their allies and thank them for joy and relief their killing brings to the Muslims.

Bodies of abused US soldiers are shown dead in puddles of blood and a hand of another person is shown holding a severed head that belonged to one of beheaded, dead soldiers. The genital area of a soldier with his head cut off appears to be exposed, possibly in order to humiliate and abuse his dead body. The area is purposefully blurred out. The accompanying caption suggests that this is the fate that will befall on everyone who dares to violate the honor of Muslim sisters.

The video continues with images of stoning where as villagers surround young girl and keep kicking her on the ground and throwing stones until a big stone is thrown on her head repeatedly, crushing her motionless skull, killing her on the spot. It is possible that throughout stoning, the genital area was exposed as that part is purposefully whitened out.

The accompanying voice explains that the reason why this young girl was stoned to death was that she embraced Islam for her faith. Muslim world felt outraged by her stoning and their leaders called for action against Yazidis, the villagers who killed her. An expedition of masked Muslims is shown as they prepare to go out and revenge the death of this young Muslima.

One of the masked men who set for revenge agreed to join apostate police forces, the narrator explains in Arabic (captions are provided). He is shown reading his statement while holding a hand gun. He then board white truck loaded with explosives and drives away through the field. Massive explosions filmed from the distance are shown.

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  1. this is extremely insulting, as a muslim, not all muslims are like that, and before you say this is a terrorist thing, look at what the U.S soldiers did in the Iraqi jail.

      1. USA! USA! USA! oh yea BTW whats a peaceful Muslim doing looking at a pro-terrorist gory vid? especially with a sn like “unnamed”. Its hard to prove your point coming from that angle, if you know what I mean…

      2. yea GO USA! to bad the average IQ is 50 and every citizen is getting ass fucked by a guy in a suit in the white house nd did i forget something ? oh yea NOBODY LIKES AMERICA , DEVIL FUCK AMERICA ! haha

      3. This video is nothing compared to Chris Kyle and Littlefield being shot by Eddie routh God is great no justice system could of gave those savages a better execution Chris Kyle gets shot on his leg and screams like his kid getting it up his ass for the First time then Littlefield runs over to Chris which looked like he was going to help him but he props Chris up and cowards behind the screaming savage as Eddie comes closer shooting Chris in his left eye the same bullet enters the now screaming Littlefields ear and they both scream like cowards as Littlefield gets sho in the knee and eye at that time they are not fatal shots as the both beg to be helped a couple of shots hit Chris,s dick as he now try’s to hide behind Littlefield (it was hilarious) Eddie is not fatally wounding them as if he too is enjoying them make noises of dying pigs Littlefield says “please my mum has cancer” just as Eddie is laughing hysterically and point blank shoots Littlefield in his dick the bullet tears through his hands and two shots ring out as you hear teeth being smashed when they both are shot point blank Chris makes this noise again like his kid is getting it up his ass as Chris try’s to use Littlefields crippled corpse as a shield Eddie walks round to the back of Chris and removes his gun which looked like he was leaving them to die in pain but he puts the gun against Chris kyles ass hole (not his dad) and fire five shots up chris’s ass and does the same to Littlefield but has to reload after three shots by this time Chris is full of holes and his face is torn apart as is Littlefield the video is 25 minutes long and sells like hog cakes in the middle east its funny and sad because Littlefield died to quick as he was shoot five time making a few jerks but Chris his cheek is blown apart as one eye is out of its socket and a massive hole where his other eye is shot the fuck out Eddie rams a leather belt or strap through it Kyle is surprisingly still trying to talk through his torn apart face… Its fucking amazing watch but it was to graphic to use in trial I have the CCTV footage as I said the middle east play it on a loop in many cinemas I must admit it is funny to see two ass hole die like animals

    1. If its insulting don’t watch it. Its common knowledge that not all Muslim are the same. Most of my friends are Muslim. What Muslim are doing to US sldrs and what we are doing to them is completely natural. Death and violence are as natural as you can get. So dont go waving the conscience flag here… because none of us has any…

    2. You fucking Muslimes get offended by everything so shut the fuck up Achmed! Humiliating prisoners is completely different than slowly bleeding out and beheading someone. You turds do shit like this and mutilate Americans while still alive and our soldiers piss on dead insurgents. You people are animals. Not all Muslimes can behead someone or strap on a bomb but the FACT that you assholes aren’t out denoucing so called “radical” Islime is just giving it your tacit approval. You silence is all the evidence we need to see that you all support this shit one way or another.

    3. Ofc not all Muslims are like that. But fear is the biggest weakness of the human mind bro.
      If 3 Muslims did something that would give a huge negative view on them the world wouldn’t just blame them, they would blame all muslims

  2. I use to be fuck america and their terrorist towards muslims, but even american stand up to racists.

    Why cant muslims stand up against these terror attacks, instead of just saying oh were not all like that…

    Do something about it. Terrorists are even killing your innocent too.

    1. Because like you all muslims are cowardly fucks. You will never win against the United States and you know it. Allah is a joke created by camel shit smoking ragheads. You are on the loosing side and deep down know this. You can either admit it or kill yourself. Either choice will make the world a better place. GO USA!!

    2. Guys lets keep petty religion and other mindless stuff out of here. This is a place where we can enjoy the pain of others not get into arguments about whose imaginary friend can piss the farthest. We all share 99% of the same gene code.

  3. Insulting to a muslim? Fukk u muslim pieces of dogshit! Those photos of the US soldiers playing games with the muslim prisoners in jail aint shit compared to the beheading videos your sick fukking muslim extremists assholes did to innocent American workers. Nobody in their right mind gives two shits about the rights of sick fukking muslim extremists. You can all rot in Hell together…and you will…

    1. Fuck u you Fuken American piece of shit dog.there no number 4 how many people American soldiers killed and stuck the nose where it dosent belong I hope they get all there Fu Ken heads cut off Allah hu akbarr fuck yeah

  4. Let’s all agree to disagree and ship all muslims home! Let them work it out for themselves! I’m so tired of being so “PC” protecting their rights to freedom of speach when they preach hatred. (contradictory) you bet! Our dollar says In God we trust. Not Ali, mohabid or what ever else these monsters want to groval on the shit infested floor for? I would have to admit if they all go home who will drive us around in Taxi’s or service us at 7-11? This, I am not knowing? hehe

    1. Fuck the western Magian world, the US is a bullshit media obsessing garbage shit hole! At least these Moolisms are commited to a cause that will in turn benefit the Faustian Ethosou , guck such mundane statements! “GO USA!” haha you pathetic moron! I have compassion towards these muslims and support them and what they do! You will soon see this world needs more CHAOS!

    2. Ah, a misguided soul ! Oh being, could it be that your misguided understanding has led you astray ? RESEARCH! Learn about the REAL motivations behind the us government and why they are really over in these 3rd world countries. I don’t fault you for your lack of understanding. I am a descendant of a ancient race and WE are here to observe. Oh human being, set aside your pride and understand what is really going on, don’t be so quick to believe what the controlled media tell you and others for the truth would turn many Americans against them.

  5. fukk muslims and fuckk americans!! the world would be a better place without americans and muslims! i want to slit the throat of all muslims and i want to burn each and every single american!!!

    1. No you wouldn’t, you just like to talk big behind a computer screen. I think americans are a piece of shit as well. You talk so highly about YOUR land america, when it’s not your land. It was the land of my people, that the whites, came and brutally slaughtered them like animals and took something that wasn’t theirs, treated it like shit, tore it apart. Over 75% of the environment is destroyed. Americans do suck, they are shit. Because you spread nothing but hate, destroy my land, litter it and it’s waters with your trash, abuse our animal brethren, kill them by the tons mercilessly for greed and sick fun. tear down what little is left of our forest to build more houses and corporations for an already over populated world cause you americans decided to breed like fucking rabbits and destroy everything like locust. You and your fellow “americans” treat this land like shit, and the sad part is, it’s not even really yours.

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  6. You are all sick for ever visiting this site, I was researching and happened upon it, and have watched nothing. I have seen the beheading video, the one with several beheadings by neo-nazis. Neo nazis are fucking retarded. They should push for government intervention of foreigners. Muslims should all go to hell. What the hell do they think they have. Muslim is not a religion. It is an instructional practice, telling them to kill EVERYONE that is not Muslim. Well that funny little minority can shut its poor, weak, ugly, third world ass up and fuck itself.

  7. For your information, douchebag, “Allah” just literally means “God” in their language, Christians, Muslims, and may I add Jews pray to the same god. Dumbass. Not that I care because I am an atheist who doesn’t see the point in muttering into the air for help. Neither am I an Arab, so I’m not defending anyone. The extremist terrorists are dumbasses, the soldiers commiting torture at Abu Ghraib are dumbasses, and you too are a plain old vanilla-flavored goatfucking stupid hillbilly dumbass. You are ignorant of others’ beliefs, ignorant of facts, and you and all rednecks like you will never change.

    I’d like to see you, the soldiers torturing prisoners, and the terrorists, all put into a rocket and launched into the sun. That would rid us of a lot of evil from all sides.

    As for taxi drivers and 7-11s, I thought those were HINDUS we all joked about. Oh yeah. You don’t know the fucking difference. Fuck you.

  8. i cant get this video to play, but, i couldnt help but notice someones comment about religion and i must agree. the world, in my view, would be better off without any religion period. there has been more lives lost senslessly over stupid religion than anything else.

    now im not saying there is or isnt a god, dont know, almost dont care. i live my life trying to do the right thing, cause its the right thing to do, not cause im scared ill go to hell if i dont!

    but…. i do believe that at present, those fucking muslims are the most radical fucked up group. now back in ancient times the christians were pry equally as bad, but they have toned it down and at least arent fighting wars over a god that may or may not exist. and, if a god did exist, how do u suppose hed feel about all the wars and bloodshed in his/her/its name??????

  9. ill admit also that many think bushs iraq war was a christian crusade, but i feel, even if bush was waving the christian flag, that deal was/is political, not a holy war.

  10. If you dont like the U.S.A. and are an islamic extremist go back to the middle east, all you shit talkers that hate America wouldnt be talking shit in person you bitches would get the shit beaten out of you. There is no fucking god I got shot and died, thanks to the paramedics they brought me back I didnt see no after life or god. When will people stop killing each other over an imginary god.

  11. do you people do this all day? if you really want to talk shit, do it in person, you fucking cowards! chances are youre going to shoot your bigot mouths off in front of the wrong person and get an idea of how stupid you are when you wake up in a dumpster with no teeth!

  12. Well, Despite everyone talking about burning cutting shooting and eating shit and dying, I think that’s just an example of how fucked up the world really is, I myself actually beleive in God, but at times I feel like wow, I pray and nothing in my life turns out any better, but if you think about it without the hope or whatever you call it by beleving in god, people at least try to be good people, and that makes the world a better place, so strike a conversation on that i’m interested in your opinions…

  13. Hey im a muslim and i just wanna say not all muslims are like this, these people are douchebags i mean i love americans and the US hell i even hate all form of terrorism in iraq i just want iraq to be peaceful again, the dumbest thing us did was kill saddam hussein cus thats when the terrorists dared to come out and do such things, saddam had them in place!

  14. lol thats why were all gonna die you see all this animosity and BS no one can get along
    so fuck it let’s all kill each other then maybe we’ll be happy eh ?

  15. unnamed
    September 27th, 2008 at 8:36 am
    this is extremely insulting, as a muslim, not all muslims are like that, and before you say this is a terrorist thing, look at what the U.S soldiers did in the Iraqi jail.



  16. I am American and i am sick of piece of shit muslims that wear towels on there head! They are just animals that torture and behead people. In America I have to put up with illegal Mexicans everyday, now i have to put up with these fucking towel heads and there whining. Americans cant even say merry christmas anymore because it “Offends Them”. They are just so dirty and need to stop whining about how bad there treated. The only country that doesnt put up with there shit is Russia. I just cant explain how much i hate muslims. For all you that comment on my comment just think of how Uncivilized they are!

  17. im an american and a muslim and i think america is a fuckin slave to Israel u niggaz go to Iraq to fix shit up well why cant u muthafuckas jus let them deal wit their own problems u fuckin idiots u niggaz start wars n then blame tha people u had it wit,then why start a fuckin war???!!! go watch how palestinians been fightin for 50 years against those fuckin kykes n we never bitch! …we got the fastest growin religion so suck my dick haterrzzzzz.

  18. How can you compare a people who kill women and children and use retards for suicide bombers to a group of guards who put womens underwear on prisoners head? They are an ignorant savage people. Look how backward their countries are in the 21st century. They only progress is foum the christian west influence. Instead of looking a space they are still looking to install electricity

  19. you know what? people think “muslim” when they hear terrorist because they all beleive and pray to the same book and think were all infidels right? also what about 911 they were fuckin muslim right? get the picture or find a different religion unless of course you aggree… in that case your as dumb as the rest of em

  20. i dont see shit… it plays, but i can only listen to audio, which isn’t very helpful as to what is happening, but… its just dark untill the end where i see almost black-on-black silhouettes

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