Thank You for Your Service – Gallery of US Invasion of Iraq, 2004

Thank You for Your Service - Gallery of US Invasion of Iraq, 2004

Here I have US forces invading…I mean, occupying…I mean, helping Iraq in 2004. We see dead men who were fighting to defend their land and many of whom seem to have been the victim of Uncle Sam’s “Bomb first, ask questions later” policy.

The US and British involvement in Iraq in 2003 onward is what led to the forming of radical Sunni groups, most notably what would become ISIS. This, and the ousting and execution of Saddam Hussein have been the key components in the current Middle Eastern conflict. It’s really no wonder that the Iraqis are none too thrilled with the Americans and that is why American/Israeli-funded groups like Peshmerga had to come forth to do their work for them. Although now, ten years later, US is getting ready for another massive Iraqi land invasion…I mean, occupation…I mean, going to help.

Thank you for your service.

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      1. They were combatants who took up arms against US forces. Blaming the soldiers who fought there instead of the politicians who sent them is like blaming the gun used in a murder instead of the murderer who used it.
        I fought in that war and agree it was wrong, and I’d love nothing more than to see the politicians who started it executed for treason. Frankly, any of the gung-ho chickenhawks who supported the war and tried to tell me what to think, but didn’t enlist and go fight in it, should also be lined up against a wall and shot.
        I will never forgive the government for what they did and will never forgive the raisin-sacks who tried to tell me what to think……from the comfort and safety of the United States.

      1. I don’t feel sorry for anyone that has the blind courage to fight with the enemy and kill you.
        war doesn’t discriminate male or female. I bet you if that bitch was told to kill all your family she would. she’s trained for that.

        1. Hehe, that’s true. I can imagine him looking through his wallet at streams of photos trying to remember which one it is 🙂

          But, on a serious note. If it is true it will be interesting to see how it plays out as IS have around 20 Lebanese prisoners. I wonder if we will see a hostage exchange?

          If so, the West will be up in arms after all the Yanks and Brits recently allegedly beheaded in the IS propaganda videos.

  1. The zionist owned media hid the fact that the reason we were attacked was due to our support for Israel and our military bases protecting Arab dictators….America has way more Arab enemies now than before 9/11….If you want to know who rules you, just find out who you can’t criticize….

      1. Its inner interests that can be easly mistaken by paranoia. We all know today what they were doing in Iraq, they just had the right to defend themselves from the invasion. Same happened with Lybia, but thats a different reason, another chapter from the same book.

          1. @derK The reason why I’m saying that is Russia is speaking agenst U.S. they have been quiet for years.
            I have my bug out bag ready just incase, shit hits the fan!

          2. @Nazanin – Because Iran still controls a large portion of the oil in the middle east. They are Israel’s main target.

            @bigstickemUP – Russia’s got their hands full right now with the eastern Ukranian situation.

        1. Lol! Or the U.S.! The way the shit is going in this world who knows. The new leader that took over sadams place is just as worse as he is. He would have nuked Israel but some computer malfunction set him back several years. So what is worse off, letting sadam live or killing him?

          1. Under Saddam it was great if you where Sunni. If you where Shia, Kurdish, Christian, or Yezidi it was hell. None of the factions will ever be happy but then again, no one is really happy. But i dont believe in god so i dont really care.

        2. Define “winning” I don’t think you comprehend how much this conflict is our own doing. We set up this power vacuum and the second it gets too bad we will mop it up FOR REAL. Like we did with Saddam, with the force of our entire… 1/409th of our military. Right now we are just spraying axe cans onto a camp fire and watching the smores burn. The second any Jew is in trouble, they will grab the fire extinguisher

  2. Off topic but has anyone heard about a documentary called We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook? Covered a lot of angles on how the entire thing was planned a year before and covered a lot of new evidence previously unheard of. Barely came out a day ago and already it has been removed from the net and I was about half way through watching it too.

    1. I did a lot of digging on that incident – wish I could have seen the documentary. The stuff I saw did show a lot of preplanning and major coverup/discrepancies. Unfortunately, every time there is one of these fake episodes too many loonies come out of the woodwork making it even harder to show people indisputable facts and the masses turn a blind eye.

  3. Okay, I think I am done reading the articles of Best Gore now. Ever since Mark left the towel headed monkeys took over all they do is complain and spread propaganda left and right. I am all for some dead people. Either it be a Jew or a Muslim or an American. But for the sake of all that is equality left when Mark was gone. Mark had a charm to him that made me think. Now, as a filthy Jew, I will tell you we aren’t the best of people and a lot of liars exist in the massive Jew community. But Judaism and Zionisim are two completely different ideas. One happens to use the other as a means of speech. But for People like ATE and Obli who trash talk the Americans and the israelis for little to no reason other than blind one sided hate is just boring and uninteresting to read.

    Let’s set the record straight, Palestinians aren’t a mass group of people getting slaughtered for no reason. You can’t launch missles and throw bullets at a country and expect them not to be pissed at you. Also the six day war is very close to the best military knowledge, power and genius that was ever carried out by a nation.

    Now, before I get called a Zionist pig, allow me to explain that I am not a Jew of choice but by birth by my mother and was born in Moscow Russia. I only wish to say that your edgy posts of dead Americans is fine, but when you try to be so edgy and call them monsters. You are just acting like children, name one country that never fucked up as much as the Americans.

    1. @Ego – “name one country that never fucked up as much as the Americans” – this is a fairly true statement, but when does it end, this US greed? The rest of your reply I won’t bother commenting on as I don’t agree but don’t wish to repeat what has already been explained over and over again by some very intelligent and well read individuals on this site. I’m still learning but feel free to leave…

    2. awwww, @ego PLEASE dont……(i can hardly say the words)…….LEAVE BESTGORE?!!!

      what will the site possibly do without you?

      it always baffles me when people vow never to visit a website again- like some grand gesture, or foreboding threat that is supposed to shake other members to the very core.
      some people are so fucking weird.

      if you are going to stop visiting and commenting on a website – then just fucking do it? no need for the public service announcement

    3. Yeah it’s become shit now, best gore prides it self on propaganda free news. THE TRUTH!! But all it writes about is probaganda. It’s become so anti Jew / anti American, the news it broadcasts has become distorted like mainstream media.

  4. Some men were born to kill. What would you have some of us do without war. Shake each others dicks around and make peace with everyone? Fuck that, machine guns and rocket launchers idgaf. Semper FI.

  5. That one went through……oh well.
    Just wanted to say I agree with Ego. Too much “I know it all” garbage on Best Gore. Reeks of ignorance, and I offer only this: clarity is the enemy. Why? because it filters out all other information or bends all information to fit a developed view.

  6. The coalition forces were looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and yet they are the ones who possesses them. Apart from the Vietnam war, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, Iraq invasion was the worst decision ever to be made by one man in the name of USA. Because of this, the innocent American and British citizens will be the target by the Jihadists through out the world.

    1. There was no reason for america to be there.waste of money and, more importantly, lives on both sides.

      Weapons of mass destruction? Where? Where were all the primed, ready to fire warheads? All they found was junk from the fifties.

      Nobody believes that shit. Thats why “weapons of mass destruction” is one of the longest running jokes by comedians in america.

      1. Our Prime Minister at that time lied through his back teeth about WMD’s, he’s still at it now only under a different guise, he’s carved out a very sleazy, dirty living under the title ” Middle East Peace Envoy “.

        I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a sick, sad, pathetic, absolute utter bullshit joke of a moniker for a person in my whole life. He is one thick skinned cunt.

        For his role in 2004 alone, that utter scum bag ought to have been brought to task, forced to fully explain how, when, where he obtained the intelligence to give the go ahead for such folly.
        It won’t happen though, we all know who he panders to. Piece of shit.

      2. Hey @Obli – let all the sleeping sheep leave (or keep sleeping, as they’ll never wake up). Obviously they have not bothered to read all the articles posted or they just cannot comprehend what’s happening. They want to believe their fairy tales. Their comments show their ignorance and it seems out of the many BG members they have little support. Keep up the good fight (and humor) – you have a great balance in your articles.

      3. so usa pull troops out = is will start killing every one that don’t support them mass killing of innocent people , Weapons of mass destruction left to it the is will kill every one if thay could why don’t muslims get out of white countrys same thing

  7. Considering the decade of bullshit we were fed about Al-Qaeda terrorists and Osama Bin Laden killing us at any moment, I’m still skeptical when I see this shit.

    This whole thing is ridiculous, seriously.
    Does anyone think that a credible attack on the United States can be launched by Islamic State jihadists?
    Do you think their armies of camel commandos can cross the Atlantic Ocean?
    This is absurd.

    Why have we not sealed the borders, even if we assume that this threat is real?
    Muslims still enter the country, why?
    The most common sense thing in the world to do is quite obvious.
    This action would be helpful in curbing such a threat, but I’m not an expert military strategist.
    We automatically can’t do this because this would be “racist”.

    1. Absurd indeed, those rag tag toss pots couldn’t fight against a well drilled force, they’d get slaughtered and then some.
      Oooo, the big boogeyman IS is coming, let’s all shit our pants. Nah, sorry, ain’t gunna happen.

      1. @ obli – oh, you didnt hear?

        the song “do they know its christmas” was released (again)

        it cured ebola, bob geldoff got a knighthood(again), midge ure didnt (again), everybody linked arms and sang – and the whole world was saved….for christmas!

    1. i second that bro thay hate usa so much why the hell was thay useing a jeep as a getaway car you carnt get more usa than a jeep thay dont mind driveing something that was built by the states the quicker them mankind haters all get deleted from from the world the better civil war is comeing then thay be no isamic state thay trying to take on the world thay aint got the wepons for that not even to take on them selfs

  8. I’ve read most comments. I am a marine served 6 1/2 yrs. Out of those yrs I was deployed for 5 of those yrs. Child killing is not what we do or want to have to do. When I was shipped to Berundi we were hunting warlords. They employ child soldiers. Now you tell me are you going to let a child shoot you or are you going to take that target out? I had to take a child out. I think about that child EVERYDAY. This happened in ’95. Thats right 20 yrs and I still can’t get over it. We don’t sign on the line to kill children. I served the US MARINES proudly and would do it again without hesitation. So next time your country needs our help don’t bitch and complain when a child holding a ak47 gets dropped. The USA are not war mongers. We try to stop the wars anyway possible. If women and children get hurt or killed then so be it don’t call on us to save your sorry asses. FUCK!!!!!

  9. I see nothing wrong with our bomb first, ask questions later policy. Fuck it, why send hundreds of guys to near certain death? Cut down on the numbers of fecal vermin our kids will have to deal with by bombing then go in and mop it up. Dead ragheads are always better than dead troops!

  10. war is hell in war one must kill to save him self or his brothers. if one compared brutality between our troops and iraqs troops you would see beheadings mutalations, americans kill swift like, not torturing are foe for the scare they hope to set in the minds an hearts of there enemy (us troops)
    . hell is war heaven an absence of war love in hell leads to the after life, he that preaches love knows not war me thinks

  11. “George Herbert Walker Bush: ‘Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.’ That is a famous 1992 quote by George Herbert Walker Bush to Sarah McLendon, a Texas journalist -who Bush had known for years -and, who was the grand dame of the White House press corps at the time. McLendon had asked Bush: ‘What will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran contra?’”

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