The Leftovers of War – Skeletonized Bodies on Iraqi Battlefields

The Leftovers of War - Skeletonized Bodies on Iraqi Battlefields

Continuing what appears to be a series on the land invasion of Iraq which kicked off in 2003. Most of the photos presented herein are from 2004. Today, I have a theme. Skeletons. Yes, this post is dedicated to skulls and maggots and skeletal bodies left where they fell and all the gruesome processes that influenced them between their death and their discovery.

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    1. Absolutely! And, no more skeletons in those murderers closets from the false flag Iraqi invasion. Well, for the time being, that is! I love these real life, mini-series showing the world, what the Zionist Owned Mass Media won,t.

  1. In Iraq, many of the people who died in wars either get eaten by wild dogs or other wild animals. Sometimes if the body has no identification, a relative picks a body and they just bury it like it was their own.

  2. I love that pic on the bottom…

    Just for a prank, I’d love to get a picture of that, drain my toilet, and place the picture inside, and close the lid.

    My anniversary is coming up, and my wife thinks I’m going to buy her some more roses again this year…

    …little does she know


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  3. It creates a strange experience when looking at skeletons because we know that this is what we look like under the flesh and yet at the same time we feel disassociated with it.

    I have looked into mirrors before whilst examining my facial features and imagining that the flesh wasn’t there and it creates an odd feeling. I mean here I am, a walking skeleton as it were and yet I am alive. I have a mind, I have an understanding of what I am and what I will become once the flesh rots away and yet there is still a feeling of disassociation.

    When I am having sex with my girlfriend I do not consider such trans-physical propositions, nor while I am eating etc, therefore our minds create that disassociation due to our physical framework as it were being considered secondary to the first hand experience of our external reality.

    I guess that means those of us alive cannot truly understand the concept of life as a skeleton because there cannot be life as a skeleton. Without the blood, muscle and flesh we cease to have life and that is where the disassociation comes into play after all we cannot understand that which we have never experienced.

    My conclusion, just like a politician we all have a skeleton in the closet and most of us like to keep it hidden otherwise our fleshy career here on Earth will be over.

  4. It is interesting to see how the United States just can’t seem to figure out how to secure its border with Mexico, because the Saudis are quite capable of setting up a 900km multi-layered border fence with Iraq to secure their country.

    This shows that the politicians are lying about their ability to setup a security perimeter.
    They choose not to do it, but they could most certainly setup a fence to secure the border.

    To get rid of all the incentives that cause these people to come here in the first place would be the best way to solve the illegal alien invasion issue.

      1. You must’ve had it rough my friend. I understand it. I’ve lived in a world of shit since I was young. I held everything inside, while I smiled and moved forward. Finally,2 years ago , something happened to me and long story short, I cut all ties with everyone I know,and confined myself to walking the slummiest parts of .DTLA, taking pictures pcof skid row. Thing is, because im clean cugr

  5. Awesome post Obli!! I would love to have some of these laying around in my yard. I also love skulls, I have a silver laughing skull ring, and for Valentines day my boyfriend got me an awesome skull w/crossbones necklace in white and black diamonds.

  6. Thanks for the pictures dude! I was in high school around that time the Iraq invasion happened, so clueless to what was actually going at that time like most indoctrinated fools. Even when I did open my mind I was more drawn to the inner experience spiritual side of life, shit like this war and politics over the world I didn’t bother to think about up in tell I started visiting this site. And I’m glad I stayed ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. 3IR You asked what radius the stench would be on the body.
      Depending on how long it’s been in the stage of decomposition and the wind come into play. I ues to ues dead woodchucks as decoyes for the live ones when I hunted them back home.
      I would set them next to there hole they would get curious and check them out. Then I would bag another one that day after three days they would really reak of stench, I was only ten feet from the hole on an upwardly incline I would get a wiff and yuck! But I got ues to it. Now imagine if it was three days out in the sun on a hot summer day then take it and burn it. The stench is overwhelming! Trust me I know.

  7. Bonefied post Obli! Even though it wasn’t meant to be humerus, it really tickled my ribs. I’m sure one of those looks like Pelvis Presley. I’m gonna skullk back to bed now, I’m running a femur and don’t want anyone within my immediate radius. Hopefully I’ll be better by to-marrow.

  8. Looking this gallery and previous “Thank you for your service” it’s clearly visible all bodies are in urban areas.
    Pictures were taken in mid to late November 2004. So this bodies belong to Battle of Mosul which officially lasted November 8?16, 2004 or maybe Second Battle of Fallujah which was a long one ( 7 November ? 23 December 2004). Most of the bodies were involved in fighting and largely killed by long range sniper fire or artillery shelling. Pictures show warm and sunny weather so bodies start to decompose and dry very fast. Local dogs and crows has plenty to eat since no attempts were made to move or bury the bodies. Coalition forces mostly found them where they were killed.

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