US Marines Burn Dead Insurgents in Fallujah – 2004

Corpse Burns, the Smell Must be Horrid

The Iraqi city of Fallujah is already famous for some iconic, if not grisly images. We all remember the pictures of US contractors, aka Blackwater mercenaries, hanging from the Fallujah bridge after being dismembered and burnt.

And of course, some of the most violent street fighting videos of the US invasion and suppression operation came in the weeks following, and the year after as well.

I have no personal beef with any soldiers or militia who for whatever reason find themselves shooting at one another. War is a reality of human interaction and the idea of good guys and bad guys is a matter of perspective. The real issue is with the leadership of countries who send other people’s sons and daughters into violent and traumatising situations to kill and be killed.

However, there are ways, as a “do-as-I’m-told-grunt” to conduct yourself, and there are many rules governing war. The following photos are set to become the newest iconic Fallujah images demonstrating what happens when you send young and impressionable men into combat with poor leadership. They do stupid things, and, take pictures to prove it.

The photos below show US Marines pouring a jerry can of petrol over dead insurgents and then burning them. Allegedly other pictures show a marine feeding a dog some of the remains. I will update the gallery if I am able to source further photos, but at the moment this is all that has made it onto the web.

I wonder if the Marines did this as a form of payback for the burning of the Blackwater mercenaries. If so, they were misguided. Blackwater was responsible for a good deal of the hatred felt by the Iraqi population following the collapse of the Iraqi military. Their bastardry was notorious and things probably would not have gotten so bad had War Profiteers Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush not turned a simple, illegal invasion into a fuck storm of incompetence.

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    1. Fucking Ipad.

      The things I might say might be offensive to some but i’ll say them anyway.
      The military is nothing more than an indoctrination machine that utilizes the feeble minds of young men and turn them into psychotic killers, who won’t be able to discern the difference between a video game and real life anymore. And this applies to all military, of all nations.

      Einstein once said “The pioneers of a warless world are the young men who refuse military service.”

      And don’t bring me the bullshit talk of “oh, military men are patriots” and put bumper-stickers on cars, when most of them arrive in their nation after service only to be treated like shit and become homeless, mentally unstable and suffer chronic depressions. A true patriot is someone who defends his/her family (owning a gun is actually a right I don’t have and you Americans should be very thankful for having it) and helps and works for the prosperity of the community as a whole. This, is true patriotism. Serving the elites, the Rothschilds, the banking and corporate zionist fucks, is not.

  1. i agree with portugese dude .. the reality is the military is glammed up by the media and governments when reality is youre becoming a trained killer .. youre becoming a scumbag in a suit. what it boils down to only more insects being ushered into situations they are tricked into by governments. youre a young man and you see the military as something cool and a regular wage. you are a pawn and nothing more and can be wiped out like a bug and no one will ever gove a fuck. and neither will you when youre dead and gone mr soldier. no job is worth your life

  2. I can’t say that I agree with war and the notion of good and bad guys being a matter of perspective when you consider that invading and killing people is done for conquest and exploitation.

    The soldier is only ever innocent when they do not join the army willingly, such as in conscription. If they join to fight for their country willingly then, even if they do not realise that they are actually fighting for rich business interests, they must face the consequences of their choices in life and in war that often means death and in public life that often means disdain.

    The real issue with life, and it has always been this way, is that people obey without thought or question. Not many people possess critical thinking skills anymore and they just digest whatever they are told and obey.

    We live in a society of robots and our leaders via the media reprogram us all the time.

    1. Very well said sir.

      One must address the fact that conscription only exists in less than 20 countries worldwide these days, so in most nations, men and women join at their own free will. I only wish they dared ask the question of who they are really serving before making such a life altering decision.

      It’s so sad that a huge part of people cannot make the correlation between the actions of their military and government in foreign nations and the repercussions that follow (like I showed with the 1953 Iranian Coup D’Etat article and the subsequential Iranian revolution of 1979 and the rise of Anti-Americanism).

      Ron Paul actually made some interesting speeches on a term the CIA itself invented called ‘blowback’, basically the consequences of imperialism.

      A thing many Americans don’t even know is that before the creation of Israel in 1948, the USA was the most admired and respected country in the Middle East. I am not bulshitting you, google it. Why? Because it was perceived that the US stood up against what was wrong, because the USA itself came to be after a long struggle with Great Britain, and because it supposedly defended great ideals, such as fighting oppression and standing up for freedom, individuality, equality and justice.
      Today, the US and it’s ‘allies (my country included) following the orders from it’s master, Israel, are the oppressors.

      So how can we expect respect, especially when the vast majority of the population doesn’t dare to speak up and take action against these people who are destroying the world and our own lives?

      The problem is not those who do wrong deeds, but those who watch and do nothing.

    2. I don?t agree, Empty. It is a matter of perspective even when conquest and/or exploitation is the aim. There will always be a segment of the population who will be convinced they are the good guys.

      Take the US invasion of Iraq. Many Americans think they did the right thing, that they were the good guys. It is a very difficult reality to come to when you face the fact your country is actually the bad guy.

      Yes, we all need to be responsible for our own actions and decisions, but I don?t accept that many kids who join the military appreciate what it is they are getting themselves into.

      Not every 18 year old seduced by a slick advertising campaign following 12 years of indoctrination at the hands of public schooling and Hollywood fairy tales is cognisant enough to realise what they are signing up for.

      Sheep don?t just happen. They are the product of design and systematic education. Prolonged ignorance is no excuse, nor is doing evil just because someone told you to. And for that matter, neither is saying that peer pressure got the better of you.

      But I can?t bring myself to judge the average soldier while the structure at the top remains in place and those average soldiers are trained to believe their actions are just.

      As for war, I don?t agree with it being a natural event, just that it is a reality and extension of politics.

      1. Normally I would agree with perspective and action and/or support of action but it gets messy when closely examined.

        Ted Bundy viewed his own actions as a matter of perspective and no doubt Genghis Khan was the same but was it really perspective that led these two and many others towards their course of action or was it just plain and simple, self satisfying egocentric greed.

        To equate action with perspective is to give it validation when perspective means to view with considered thought and no thought other than self gain can be said to have taken place.

        Anyhow it is all just semantics and no doubt worthless to those who are victims of those said actions.

        As far as the perspective of the population is concerned, well, their perspective is what they are told to believe and if they are told to believe by egocentric greedy people then the populations perspective is as worthless as the greedy person.

        Being brainwashed is no excuse for action taken, it might give reason for it but it does not excuse it. The Muslims are for the most part brainwashed but to view a Jihadist or a Zionist who kills others as a victim would be crazy, the same thing applies to soldiers who join to fight willingly, it does not matter what the reasons for joining were, the very fact that you kill when ordered to is what judgments will be made on.

        A person who fights invaders can be said to have moral high-ground, a person who invades can not.

        At the end of the day we cannot blame the person giving the orders without judging the people who carry them out, cause and effect, because we live in a society where we judge each other based upon actions and not supposed perspective.

        The reason why we have so much crime, immigration and extremely liberalised mentalities is because, in my opinion, we do not do enough judging of others, we should never be afraid to judge and critique as long as we do not cross the line into being judge, jury and executioner.

  3. Yes, and as long as that section of the population that believes they’re the good guys are the majority, the objectives have been met. The indoctrination has worked.

    Just like the Vietnam war, many Americans still think they acted justly and justifiably, even at the coat of 4 million Vietnamese, and for what? The communists won, and 70 thousand US soldiers and 4 million Vietnamese died for nothing more than the sake of those who actually profited from the war. Because that is what all wars are about. Money and control of land and resources. There are no other ideals. And if they think they’re actually there to help the people of the country they help to invade, then they’re helpless themselves.

    War was never about helping anyone. And this is what people need to realize the next time they say “I support the troops”.

  4. Those smelly, rotten corpses are better off burnt to control disease & such! I am not saying that it was the reason that they burned them, but it is a far better solution then letting them rot in the streets.

    1. True. I’ve never been in combat, but my roommate Jesse last year had served in Iraq. After the war he got really addicted to a whole array of prescription drugs. He was a very troubled individual, especially in the last year of his life.
      One night we got drunk and he told me about some truly horrific things he participated in over there.
      One time there was a group of adolescent boys that would walk by the building he was stationed atop, and they would occasionally lob a grenade up onto the roof and then scatter.
      Well, according to Jesse, he got so fuckin’ pissed that he chased one of them into a vacant building and slit his throat, and pulled his tongue down through the slit, giving him a ‘Mexican Necktie’.
      It’s hard for me to imagine him doing that, because he was a very calm and non-violent seeming person.
      I always thought he used stories like that as an excuse for not getting his life together and breaking his drug habit. I may have been wrong.
      He overdosed last spring. I considered it to be a suicide, because it seemed like he didn’t want to live anyways.

  5. Look, I hear you loud and clear. I agree, but, Fallujah was hell, my best friend was there, matter of fact the shemagh in my avatar is from a fallujah insurgent. So im a little baised. Bottom line is young nieve patrotic young men signed up to defend their country after 9/11. Whether of not is was a false flag who can really say. You need definitive proof for such a substantial claim. There was only Patriotism after immediately after 9/11, every american felt it that day. The feelings and ideals that followed are a different story. Point is, any american who served strictly beacuse of 9/11 in the days and weeks that follwed is and will always be a hero. They didnt know what the future held, none of us did. All every american knew at that point was that we were brutally attacked….oh, and fuck israel. I support the full re-establishment of Palestine.

    1. Sorry, lost a point….fallujah was hell, and my first reaction is that given these men lived there while they were fighting there, i seem to think burning tje bodies in a strategically important building that required occupation would be an effective and respectful way to fight disease and stench. Its cremation.

  6. Sigh…okay here this goes……had my brother survived Iraq I may of been shaking my head in shame at these pictures and at this post..writing like the gentlemen above but no..he was killed in Acton over there so instead of shaking my head out of shame it’s out of sadness and anger……do you know why my lil brother joined the marines at 16?..wasn’t because he had’s because he wanted to make a difference in the world..yeah that may sound corny but ask any man whose been in Iraq serving it country about how shittastic that kid brother did that because he wanted to..he had to get the approval from everyone because he was a MINOR..he joined a lil over a yr before iraq happened..he wanted to travel..well he sure the fuck got to..huh? that fucking shit filled litterbox called iraq..he was getting shot at..killing people..watching his people getting killed before he could even buy a motherfucking pack of cigarettes in the us!!….he’d write me… once every other month…or fucking 5…NEVER…if he fucking could find time from trying to keep his ass alive to get to a cafe..yet whenever.I’d talk shit about iraq to ant he’d always…ALWAYS stop me!!!….telling me I’m wrong for feeling like that..he’s okay..he’s doing what he wanted to always do ..helping make a difference..he’d tell me that it’s not fair the shit these people go through day to day….here in the us were free to do whatever the fuck we want to yet there woman can’t even show there fucking faces!!…I feel for it…I agreed..I supported him…and the military…I supported all this shit…operation freedom!..Go go go…go to Hell uncle Sam..when my lil brother came home on leave..finally…he wasn’t the same….he was all manly and strong..cold..all he would do is watch cnn..msnbc..saying about how he should be back with his’s nit right..there’s guys with family’s over there that need leave more then him..even though he had served to the limit..when he came home it was because he was made….visiting the ones who came back in caskets..never sleeping…telling me just bits and pieces of shit..telling me that everything is going to be okay..he’s making a difference…my brother died doing what he loved..what he wanted to always do..he died following in our fathers footsteps…for the right..he was killed in action AFTER everything was quieting down…in 09…really!?!?..he made it through Hell..just to die from his specific job….so please..before you guys put all U.S.soldiers in this category and judge them all..know that not ask of them were dumbfucks like these ones..some served with pride and for the right reasonings…

      1. @Acneska

        I am rather fond of your comments and tend to agree with most of what you say but you should try to understand that an all-out assault is not always the best way to win a battle.

        I will use war as the example here, why do you think that over the many thousands of years of war that took place it evolved from basic stand-offs to tactical, carefully planned attacks?, because smaller forces with superior tactics can beat larger forces with simple tactics.

        What I am trying to say is that simply insulting and antagonising people with different views will get you nowhere. Even if you disagree and feel angry about a statement posted it is far better to calmly counter the argument with logic and counter evidence.

        A person will be more inclined to listen and learn if they are presented with reasoned argument but that very same person will automatically go on the defensive if insulted and whilst in defence mode they will close their ears and eyes to anything you have to say, in other words you will have failed to educate a potential learner.

        It is wonderful what a calm and collected argument can do, many people disagree with my comments all the time but they will still read to the end and listen to what I have to say and even partly agree with some of it because I have not come across as aggressive and I did not put them in defence mode.

        I do not mean this to be an insult, merely constructive criticism.

          1. @Portuguese Dude,

            Hahaha, unlike in an orgy where I would like to feel friction I don’t mean to create any friction here, my point is that if we are to be teachers then we must act like teachers.

            A teacher often knows a great deal about their chosen subject but when a student states an idea that may seem absurd to the teacher the teacher does not turn around and call the student a retard and laugh in their face, they instead counter the students argument with one of their own.

          2. Oh my…well this post of mine has sure seemed to start a reaction I wasn’t aiming for.ummm first off everything I say on in the site will never be ment against anyone here unless specified with an @ before your name..okay….I just wanted to try to show you guys a different point of view….I can assure you I’m not in any need of schooling..I’m very much aware of the bullshit our government and presidents have been pulling…i only put my blinders on for my brother..iTs just when I saw how the comments were going I had to put in my two cents…in hopes that maybe it would help someone see it from theother side…that didn’t happen though…goreorgy haha…i don’t know..maybe I should just stop putting in my two cents in about things and just play around like I’m a weeg or some shit…sigh

          3. @Lady, your opinion is as welcome as anyone else’s.

            if everyone thought the same here and had the same opinions, conversations and debate would grind to a halt. and i love the debates and philosophies of others and sharing of experiences and knowledge, as well as laughter its how we learn more about each other and the various portions of the globe we inhabit.

            not being a traveler myself, i have learned a great deal about the world here.

            without individual ideology to share all we’d have to talk about is sex…and who wants to do that? 😉

    1. @ladywicked666,

      I can appreciate how close to home these types of posts can be for people who have lost loved ones in the army but the army is a trained unit of professional fighters whose job it is to win battles by force and those battles are chosen by high level government.

      I will acknowledge that a lot of young people join up because they think that it will be one great big adventure but the reality is that it is kill or be killed and your opponents are trying just as hard to kill and stay alive too.

      We can all agree that our governments are not worth fighting for let alone dieing for and when these soldiers return home injured they are abandoned by the army and by the government.

      The above does create emotional distress for the families of soldiers but at the same time would it not be better to try to educate the young about the realities of war and army life instead of turning a blind eye and supporting the current system out of fear of trampling on the memories of lost ones.

      There is value to be had in educating the young and inexperienced, even if it only saves a few from the pain that you yourself went through.

    2. Lady, unfortunately your brother was lied to. He wasn’t there to do what he was promised to do. They lied to him, to you and the whole world.

      Your brother’s intentions may have been good, I don’t doubt it, but he wasn’t there for the reasons he was told.

      No disrespect, and I’m sorry he died, like I’m sorry for everyone that died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

      1. I understand but I want you guys to see that while yes I now know that it was all for nothing and what not…not all soldiers were or are bad..some are just doing like they’re being told..and some like my brother actually do it because they think they’re making a difference…I ment no offense to anyone..nor was a seeking sympathy..I was doing it for my brother name..he prided himself being a marine..I come from a very militant family…we all believe in honor and protecting our people and country..well used to…they’re all dead now and fuck everyone/thing in my opinion…well except y’all and the ones in my realtime life..

        1. Hi LadyW, you can 100% blame the Jews for your brothers death. Israel did 9/11 in order to justify America Invading Israel’s enemies and taking control over middle east oil. The Jewish bastards are ultimately responsible for the death of your brother. Sorry for your loss LadyW.

          1. I don’t agree with some of these comments, because I know what it’s like to have someone in the military that you love die. Not someone who goes to murder for the hell of it or to rape little boys. There are some guys that go over there to help and try to change things. Granted not much changes, but to group them all into one ‘they’re all awful’ category is ignorant. I’m sure your brother was an awesome dude. And nothing anybody says will change your opinion of him.

          2. I honestly don’t think anyone here is trying to imply all soldiers are bad, but that they were lied to, like we all were, and went there to kill and die for the elites, not to help the said people of the countries they went to and surely not the American people.

            There is a huge difference.

            I do think, however, that nobody should join the military, rather, get some guns and defend one’s family (I can’t do that here in Portugal for example). That’s what everybody should do.
            If nobody in the world joined the military, how much do you wanna bet we wouldn’t have the problems and wars we have today?

    3. I thank your brother for his service and sacrifices. I dont care what the powers that be motivations were. He died trying to make the world a better place. Bottom line. He and his Brothers in arms will always be heroes. May he rest in peace.

    4. Hey, thanks for sharing that. I can only imagine losing a sibling. My roommate wasn’t really even a friend, and I never judged his actions, since I have little idea what he has been through.
      As much as I disagree with the war, and our Zionist agenda, I have a high degree of respect for soldiers. Every group of people throughout history has needed to call on selfless and dedicated people to go to war.
      On the other hand however, I have just as much respect for someone who because of the strength of his moral convictions, refuses to go to war.

    1. @realitycheck07,

      The problem is that soldiers fight whoever their government tells them to and if their government is corrupt and bad then the soldiers actions will reflect that.

      Having an army is like having a loaded gun, the gun is just a tool but the owner will use that tool to either kill in self defence or to kill for self gain, the former will give the gun a good reputation however the latter will give it a bad reputation.

      Even though the owner, in our case the government, is ultimately to blame it cannot be said that the tool, in our case the army, is innocent either because this tool is made up of many people who possess a free will and could if they wanted to refuse to obey the owner.

      I don?t hate the army however I do hate how people in all walks of life just accept orders without question, how can we ever escape the shackles of slavery if we cannot think and act for ourselves.

      1. I realize that a soldier is pretty much the governments bitch, goes with the territory. I don’t think that nations capable of helping other nations should always sit by and do nothing when they have the capability to help. Not jump in every war but when they can. Comes down to standing up to the bully a lot of times and I know nothing ever goes according to plan and in war, a lot of fucked up shit happens.

      2. Also, the states is reliant on opec (Saudi conflict oil) but fagbama and the environuts are fighting the keystone xl pipeline that would run from Canada down to the USA , bloodless oil. You Americans ought to push the govt to see it through. It is also safer than trains and tanker ships and trucks.

  7. No matter what anyone says the Taliban are an extremely oppressive outfit that nobody should be forced to live under. Many afghans and Iraqis are still very grateful for allied intervention and afraid now that the allies have pretty much gone and Fallujah is now Taliban controlled again. Everyone happy now?

  8. I didn’t go until 2007, but this isn’t shit…doubt it was in retaliation to any one particular thing, they’re marines all they do is retaliate. Your buddy in front of you drove over a copper wire and exploded, and you see the fucker who pushed the button run off. What do you do

  9. These 18 year old kids are malleable and are quickly indoctrinated into the US killing Machine. They are called Jarheads for a reason, because they are empty vessels or (Jars) ready to be filled with “patriotism” and this false sense of duty to their country. All they become are high class muscle men for Big Business, for Wall Street the Bankers and Bond Markets. I think its unfortunate that this happened, war is ugly, but other countries are hell of alot worse than us, this is desecration of dead bodies, not desecration of live ones as we have seen in syria, iraq, afghanistan, etc from locals. I rather it be them than us everytime.

  10. Some Iraq Vets (as they have matured) have come clean about what a out of control mess that went down in Iraq. Hundreds of thousand’s killed for no reason whatsoever. Some in a painful torturing way. Raping every child in a family prior to shooting them to death.

    Now they are back and wondering why they have PTSD. Iraq was one big WAR CRIME from start to finish. And as American’s we are crazy to think people in the Middle East are going to forgive and forget.
    And we are even crazier to think that Israel is our friend..

  11. The US government has been corrupt from day one. Yet those asshole politicians have the majority of people in this country buffalo’d. The Bill of Rights is a fucking joke, the Constitution is a joke. And who do you think puts the words to these laws? Lawyers, aka devil’s spawns. The politicians tell them what they want and the fuckhead lawyers finalize their words to make sure they can get away with whatever the hell they want to. I remember in the book “The Turner Diaries” that the revolutionaries were taking over and hanging from street lights and signs were politicians, lawyers, etc., all the mf’ers in the government. YES! Best part of the book. I say we load each and every one of those bastards, along with all of their respective family members (we don’t want to leave anyone who could breed), load all of them onto a cargo plane and fly over Iraq and just open the cargo doors. And the plane would have to fly really low so the cocksuckers didn’t die when falling out. No, no, no, we want them to experience Iraq in all its glorious colors for as long as possible. Justice served.

  12. OK, I understand that it was a lack of proper training and no guidance. I do think however that, this abomination was made out of revenge for the cruelty toward the same suffering by any North American that still has the image in their head of dragging a deceased American Soldier, in chains through streets where he was eventually pissed on then set ablaze. You dish it out, then you better be able to take it.

  13. OK, I understand that it was a lack of proper training and no guidance. I do think however that, this abomination was made out of revenge for the cruelty toward the same suffering by any North American that still has the image in their head of dragging a deceased American Soldier, in chains through streets where he was eventually pissed on then set ablaze. You dish it out, then you better be able to take it.

  14. OK, I understand that it was a lack of proper training and no guidance. I do think however that, this abomination was made out of revenge for the cruelty toward the same suffering by any North American that still has the image in their head of dragging a deceased American Soldier, in chains through streets where he was eventually pissed on then set ablaze. You dish it out, then you better be able to take it.

  15. and thus is why we call them…”Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children”! they think they are the one only US Military Force! the US Marine Corps. just think they are god’s most of the time…until i put them in there PHucking Place! they hate when i tell them, they don’t even have there’re own departmen. they are…”Departmen of The United States Navy”! and that pisses them off! so all in all…i say, i hate the US Marines!

  16. My ultimate hope and goal is accomplished and fulfilled on the day every single USA’s army and mercenaries whom invading , occupying , terrorising, ‘stabilising’ others and any country to be exterminate and ceased to exist outside of it’s own glorious , most democratic country .
    Stop policing and destabilizing the earth or one day God bless and grant prayer of the oppressed and suffering soul by an event every nuclear warheads and weapon for mass destruction Uncle Sam go malfunction and earthlings will become witnesses of the biggest mega nuke mushroom ever and at least one country , the USA is gone to oblivion.

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