50 Illegal Immigrants from Afghanistan Suffocated In a Shipping Container

50 Illegal Immigrants from Afghanistan Suffocated In a Shipping Container

Newsflash – if you load a shipping container up with people and seal it air tight, there’s a good chance you’ll deliver a cargo of human corpses. Especially when it comes to long haul rides, such as those from Afghanistan to Western Europe.

Something’s telling me our European friends will not feel terribly sorry for the loss of lives here. Multiculturalism crowned with influx of Muslims to all parts of Europe has resulted in unheard of increase in rape, murder and other forms of violence.

In all fairness though, I think these people were genuinely trying to escape unavoidable suffering in their home country. They probably didn’t care if they’d get any benefits from any western governments, for as long as they could be away from war (which they did not start) and in a place where they could apply themselves. I mean – if these men were terrorists, they would be flying to Europe first class.

I wonder if they’d died with mouth wide open to have their discoverers shut their jaws with strings. Also – does a Muslim man have to die a martyr to get his virgins or would these men qualify too?

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80 thoughts on “50 Illegal Immigrants from Afghanistan Suffocated In a Shipping Container”

  1. They gambled their lives in that container seeking at least a fresh start or better opportunity to the place their heading, to have a bit of decent lives than what their country could offer. I think a terrorist(s) are well funded to even haul their asses inside that big coffin.

    1. “Oh, you think that’s funny, huh? How would you like if I came to your house, m’kay, pulled down my pants, hovered over your sink, m’kay, and dropped a terd twinkie right there in your sink?”

      Your pic is fucking hilarious…

  2. They must have been ass fucking each other in that container while they took their last breattknowing they would soon be by Allah’s side. You always want to get that last bust/ejaculation in if you know death is near. You don’t want to die with that demon seed inside you. There were no sheep/goats/pigs/little boys around so they did each other. Allah Akbar! Li, li,li, la-

    1. it could be the reason why they died before they reach their destination…maybe the intense ass fucking happening inside resulted in rapid decrease of oxygen they breath even if let’s say… there is a hole or gap to the sides of the door for air to go inside. Why didn’t they bang the head of one of their dead to create noise like allah akbhar or the barney song maybe someone in the ship could hear em or if their lucky sun’abitch it’ll create a hole to let more air inside. They should’ve used a raft next time

  3. If you are wondering why there are bands around the heads of some of the folks, that is an attempt to keep the mouths shut.
    Those folks have been dead for a while, if their tongs have started to swell enough to push their jaws open.

    1. From what I have been tought over the years, you are somewhat right.
      In decomp, the ligiments that hold the jaw shut are one of the first things to go limp and the mouth very commonly drops open.
      Morticians use a simple knot, that goes through the tissue in the mouth, through the inside of the nose, and a knot is made, cinching the jaw closed permantaly.

      Or, some package twine or ducttape around the head works fine too.

      Toung swelling comes down the road, lots of gasses are created, must smell about the same as it did when they were alive.

  4. Muslims are bad enough in Europe but France also has a Congoloid problem, they got mobs of DArk skin apes rovering France and publicly mob and grab and rape White WOmen.

    ITs just what Congloids… I hear their trying to be even mOre Dieversity by immigrnation Orangutaun people
    to make more European Oragutangian

  5. To be 100% honest, I feel more for the women and children trying to escape than for the men. Was this yet another attemp to hold their women back? Hauling a shipment of men only? I find it hard to believe none of them had babies or wives who would have benifited. Yes I’m sure it would have been considered dangerous (and they would have been right considering the outcome) but still a chance worth taking for the ones you love.

  6. All I can think of in sceenes like this is, fuck.
    How many times has it actually WORKED?
    Pretty easy to see it when it all goes to shit.
    On the other hand, you get a smell container full of poop, candy wrapers and “allahakbar” scribbled on the inside walls.

    1. Absoutly fucking disgusting.
      Everywhere in the wold has the same idea, if it doesn’t work and is the wrong thing to do, thenwe will make sure we do the wrong thing, even better!
      If it doesn’t work and is fucking retarded, we will make it not work even more than when we first began, and make sure that it’s really, really exspensive.

      I scratch my head at how all this, exists. We live in a fucking cartoon, and everybody wants to take it seriously.

      Fuck I hate this race.

        1. “You think You have a good idea, but MINE’s EVEN GOODER!”
          Yha, like the movie “idiocricy” (I think that’s how it’s spelled)
          the forst 15 minutes or so was very, very entertaining, due to the fact that it is very, very on point.

    1. Hmmm, you unintentionatly stumbled across a question that, untill now, nobody as dared ask.
      Where did they do with all that piss and shit, and most likely puke, seeing they were on the ocean and couldn’t get their eyes onto the horizion.

      Must have been mighty slushy in there.

    2. i would think they didnt last very long. They would get carbon dioxode poisoning, start to panic, breath heavier, then pass out and die from their very own last breaths….makes me wonder if suffocation, like alot of other deaths, release the bowels as well.

  7. The annoying thing is these people Only aim at trying to get here in the UK. If they are trauling Europe its only because England is their final destination because our Government is too soft, in fear of being labelled racist & the benefit system throws cash at them, putting a bigger strain on our already crippled economy. I appreciate we have a multicultural society, but someone forgot to close the gate & its now got too far out of hand that we have a multicultoral society, an economy shot to shit & absolutly no jobs anywhere.

  8. this tragidy could of been prevented if someone had poked a couple of holes in the walls,it`s so sad to see such a waste of human life,ahhh who am i kidding !
    good for the bastards and may they rot in hell cause now there are 50 less suiside bombers…

  9. when the reffo’s (refugee’s) land in Australia (few boat-loads a week) and they are given refugee status, our government gives each family a $10,000 package which includes TV, washing machine, fridge etc.

      1. Just found it. Via Rail train accident near Aldershot station in Burlington Ontario, about 30 minutes from my house. 1 locomotive and 5 railcars all de-railed with 75 injured and 3 dead. I didnt see any video or photos yet. Canadian news is alot like the US. Pretty censored when it comes to this kinda thing.

          1. Fuck they all ready removed the video. See thats what I mean. It was originally from The Huffington Post but if you just google “train derailment in Burlington, Ontario,” Im sure it will show up

          1. Yup, just a dead link with a shitload of garbage about the emmies/oscars/ asskissing arena for overpaid do nothings who pretend to stuff

            Pretty cool when gore hits close to home.
            Oh, and Black Superman, thank you very, very much, for not asking all of us to be kind to those who died near you, becasue it has something to do with you, then changing the rules all-of-a-sudden (you know the posts I’m refering to, selfish stupid shit-rivits)

          2. Oh and the fact it happened in my back yard don’t bother me. There was a de-railment about 100 meters from there a couple of years ago. That stretch of track is shit. That’s why I get on the next stop down.

  10. What a horrible way to go. I wonder if they knew what was happening and panicked trying to escape. The minutes leading up to the end, in pitch black darkness must have been terrifying. I’d like to find the stupid cretin who thought shipping people like rodents was a good idea and burn him alive. Seriously, it reminds me of bringing home a pet rat and not providing airholes.

    1. Oh wow, we have a bleeding heart.
      Remember, um, tweeker (crankgorilla? what? ….nevermind that, that’s a whole diffrent thing that makes dismissing whatever you say all the more easy)

      These asshole CHOSE to get into that container, and if they wern’t bright enough to demand one with ACCESS TO AIR, then what happened was exactly the way it should have.

      Go be sympathatic somewhere else.
      “I’d burn him alive…” whatever, I’d buy him a fucking sandwhich.

  11. they are ‘queue-jumpers’, they have to pay the people smugglers a lot of money (US$5000+) to get a spot on the boats, if they are real asylum seekers why don’t they go through the correct channels? these are not the starving souls you see on TV with absolutely nothing, (no food, dressed in rags etc) they ALL have cell phones,decent clothes with gold/jewels sewn into them (heh heh probably?) The people that say “let them in, have some humanity” are NOT the ones that have to live next-door to them.

    1. And that’s exactly the problem, and it will never, ever get any better.
      These assholes’ (government) only concern is how they will look, what the people will think and all of that worthless nonsense, but when the flood gates open and the AROGANCE of these people come in like a damn tital wave, it is so bad to deal with.

      Mexicans are the PLAUGE here, especially in the western U.S.
      They smell something feirce, they are dumb as shit and they have ALWAYS turned where they live into the same type of shithole that they ran away from.

      I REALLY wish it was legal to kill 3 people a day.

      1. one of the worst things about Muslim ‘reffo’s’ is they come from a place where the women are covered literally head-to-toe (burka’s or whatever the fuck they called) Australia being a warm AND liberated place, well girls wear mini’s and ‘titty-tops’, these blokes sexually assault/rape young girls and women, then BLAME the girls for being too ‘tempting’ or ‘asking for it’, the courts actually take into consideration their previous culture and sometimes give them lighter sentences! Why do they even want to come here, I ask? We are a FREE country, I’ve seen the bastards demonstrating with placards & signs saying “Freedom can go to Hell” AND “Australia is for Islam”, sob, they want our beaut country for themselves!

        1. It seems like every low class, can’t-think-for-themselves, paricytical race of shit that infaltrates other countries have one major thing in common……they WILL ALWAYS work on turing thier “host” land into the same type of shithole that the ran away from.

          The fact that the bleeding-heart, broken legal system (insert location here, they are ALL bunk it seems) do not make examples of them, but, by doing what they do, just ENCURAGES THEM to……ah shit, you know what I’m saying. No need to talk so many words about how bad and retarded things are.
          We are all, so fully well aware of it, and also just as sick to death of it all too.

          That’s why it’s nice to come here, to talk about something else.

  12. Illegal is always illegal, remember that kids… life is shit and harsh and that’s what you get when your country is crap and you have to end up immigrating to another country… Immigrants .. the very definition of that is insulting itself …. the fact that you have to leave your own country to migrate to other country… pretty sad state.

  13. Six years later but mark you’re quite right, i do not give two fucks in fact i’d love to see more of this stuff. I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight

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