Ankle Injured by Weed Eater

Weed Eater Injury Compilation

Ankle Injured by Weed Eater

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @kgives, who injured his ankle using a weed eater. I always thought those things are called “weed whackers“. You learn something every day:

I was using an electric weed eater and tripped on the cord and accidentally gripped the handle and hit my ankle.

Thanks for the pics, @kgives:

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59 thoughts on “Ankle Injured by Weed Eater”

  1. Mexican’t! Lmfao you stupid fuck!!! Only rookies and VERY old women use corded yard equipment unless it is a rope tied to your Yardnigger™. Get leather boots, screened face shield and some thick clothing next time. If you can’t fined some thick work pants perhaps @carnage-2 will let you use his mother’s crotchless leather chaps. Stihl and Echo are very good brands for power equipment instead using an electric blender motor hooked with a string.

        1. Who says that you can’t learn anything from a gore site? I used to play drums in several working bands during my misspent youth. I also dabbled with geetars and have a K-Yari 6 steel string acoustic and a 1991 black Fender Strat. Never heard of Hawk guitars and thanks to the Holy Book of Google I am now enlightened greatly oh porcinian one. Many tanx.

          1. Paul McCartney plays one Doc. That’s when I heard about them. However, I don’t know why he plays it left handed. The Beetles referred to him as their Right Hand Man for a long time. I’m glad they eventually worked out the Bugs though.

            My favorite song by him, is when he drank too much prune juice. “Band with the Runs.”

          2. Can’t find any Google ref to Macca and the Hawk, but there’s Bob Marley who did have one. :o) Better than being known as their ‘back door man’ I guess.

            I recorded some jamming out just prior to having a stroke back in 2012. Unfortunately, I don’t have anywhere near the coordination to play the drums or guitar these days. Still, that guy out of Deaf Leppard, Rick Allen, lost an arm and then had a special kit to still be able to rock out professionally. I think that in the case of a stroke though, the whole motor cortex in my situation was damaged and even with a special kit, the neurons are just not there to ever regain what was lost.


  2. “weed eater” ? i dont know what is this..
    but seriously english peoples call things like they are. i m surprise that they say “Donkey” instead of “small grey horse”.

    “weed eater” made me think about some junkies at first i admit XD

  3. Was the weed less for it to eat that it chose to graze on to your ankle ? It appeared to have angrily gnawed at ya ; but here’s an advice, not to go day dreaming and tripping over these kinda beasts and be a tad extra careful as they always come unforgiving .

  4. This is minor. Waaaayyyyy back when I got my EMT certification I had to do 20 hours in the emergency room. I gotta say I got to see very little but one guy came in with his calf muscle filleted open by a brush cutter. I got to hold his leg while a neurosurgeon checked him out and I could clearly see all of his tendons working as the doc had him move each toe and flex his foot. It was pretty fucking cool! Incredibly the guy wasn’t making a sound either and he did tell me it hurt like a fuck!!

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