Arm Seriously Injured with a Power Saw

Arm Seriously Injured with a Power Saw

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @yopauliewog, who had a fight with a power saw and lost:

The injury happened at work about 5 years ago. I was reaching overhead with a power saw trying to cut a piece of wood, and the blade binded which caused the saw to kick back. It just missed my face, but unfortunately the saw ran up my left bicep twice, which gave it that “V” shaped cut, and the skin was left just hanging.

To make things worse I was two stories in the air and had to climb across the roof and then down a two story ladder. Today I have a pretty knarly scar and a great story to tell, but still have almost full function in my arm.

Thanks a lot for the pic, @yopauliewog. The saw may have won the fight, but it did not defeat you. You’re still having the last laugh, so it’s all good.

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  1. A friend of mine just cut his upper thigh with a chain saw today… Too bad he didn’t take pictures while on the job. He tied it with a tourniquet and drove from Toronto to Peterborough on a truck that blew a piston because one of his spark plugs exploded. Only on 7 cylinders. He drove 85kmh on a highway that was 100kmh and 18 lanes. Lots of fingers were shared and horns were honked too. Fucking idiots, he was bleeding everywhere. Wish I had the pictures.

  2. @yopauliewog
    Don’t ya never ever ………..screw it ! Damn !! my words just got power sawed .
    Anyway that was 2011 .
    I hope you do not attempt winning over any “kick backs” from power saws as they always come brutal and nastier than that “Bulldozer the man mountain ” from ISIS who just got nabbed . He was one like the Power saw.
    Be all focused when you are especially working around these brute machines .They seem happy when they get to taste some flesh and blood if you aren’t careful.
    Good for your arm to have retained its original reflexes .

          1. Hey @blucon Was it that movie Saw, SawIII or whatever were someone wakes up in a room handcuffed to a pipe or something within reach of a saw. How fucked up is that where you’re given the choice to cut off your hand to escape!

          2. I know the first saw is with two guys chained by their ankles to some pipes and only a saw close by..

            I like the saw movies.. but you have to really pay attention.

          3. Hey @brand-wall I knew you’d know the details. When those horror movies start to get numbered like Friday the 13th 6 and someone would every detail in that movie, wow! But you have a young brain. Hope you and the baby doing OK.

          4. Yeah Boy @ BornToRun The movie was SAW III ! sequel to the other two prequels .
            Hollywood has a way with capitalizing with sequels after sequels if the first movie turns out to be a mega blockbuster.

            Imagine how fucked up could that be where you’re given the freaking choice to free yourself from captivity but either there will be some Chain saws ,swords , sharks and things or in the worst case scenario some of those blood thirsty hounds /lethal injections waiting to shut the day lights off.

    1. @Pit Viper
      Oh C’mon , give up worrying yourself about your Boyfriend . If you think he isn’t as careful as he ought to be then bring him on here to the Bestgore and I am guaranteeing you he will have you shrug your worries off sooner than later .

  3. This happened five years ago and we’re just now getting to see pictures of your paper cut? Between the time you got that nick on your arm and now, there have been videos of people getting their heads ripped apart, torned apart or just crushed apart.

    There has been videos of people jumping from very tall buildings in a single bound and landing on the pavement with their heads exploding and the brain spilling over a mile radius. Girls getting killed and having pool hoses shoved up their cunts. All these horrific events took place between now and five years ago.

    Your paper cut don’t impress me. Get off the stage!

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