Asian People Brawl with Garden Tools

Asian People Brawl with Garden Tools

Comical CCTV video from Asia (China, I guess), shows a man and a woman, armed with garden tools, emerge from around the corner and engage in a fight. They are followed by a group of people also armed with garden tools who expend the fight into a brawl.

A guy then emerges from a nearby building armed with a meat cleaver. He needs a lesson on dangers of using short range weapons against longer range ones.

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  1. I like how they just casually leave like if it was just simply the end of a show… πŸ˜†

    Im gonna guess this is China’s National Pi?ata Day, where people goes for a free-for-all battle with farming tools against each other… unless there’s a woman in there. πŸ˜†

    1. China men is funny with garden hoes. It look like 2 men and 1 woman against something like 7 guys, or maybe she was one of those she-boys, not really sure but it was nice to laugh again. πŸ™‚

        1. Thank you DK, I do feel numb but my other dogs and kitties do help a lot, and my friends and family too i guess.
          You know what my sister told me? She said “you should try working on having a real child” for some reason I really wanted to slap her.

          1. Hmm thinking about it, if you had a child, your priorities would switch, and the pain for losing another member of the family would be easier to tolerate. I think thats what she ment at least… 😐

          2. I dont know your sister, or in what tone she told you that, if it were out of malice or in pity, but im sure she probably understands why you got mad at her… In the days of today its rare for one to respect other’s suffering.

    1. hahahahaaha that is funny, I found in my life experience that out of all the Asian woman I have met, only the China women think they can fight even if odds are stacked up against them.
      One time I was with my niece and aunt driving down the road and my niece flipped the finger at this car that was honking at us, the car chased us off the free way and tried to rear end us at a stop light, so we stopped at a gas station and was scared of who was going to get out of the car and kick our butts, only to see this little China woman jump out screaming her head off that she was going to kill us for “showing her the pinger” OMG we could not stop laughing our asses off the more we laughed the more she got mad. lol

          1. lol I may have said it myself once or twice but I don’t recall anyone else ever saying it lol. I’m still here I’m just trying not to talk as much, I’ve been in a very strange mood lately and I seem to be lashing out at people for very stupid reasons or for no reason at all. I figured it’d be best if I just stay away for a while. I’m am feeling slightly better so I’ll probably come back soon πŸ™‚

          2. Maybe it was you I stole it from then lol.

            But I’m sorry to hear that @Jack. It’s no fun feeling that way πŸ™

            It’s good that you’re taking a step back though. Have some time to yourself and work through it. Maybe it’s from trying to quit smoking? Regardless, take care of yourself and we’ll all be here when you officially come back πŸ™‚

          3. Jack I don’t feel you did anything wrong. Sure there was conflict back and forth but we all have arguments. No one should hold anyone at fault for that because it happens on here very often. I understand completely how you feel though. But from my point of view no harm no foul and keep it moving. If you want to post in whatever mood you may be in do it.

  2. What do you do when the neighbors get rowdy?
    Rake them hoes, rake them hoes
    Mandarin accents start screaming loudly
    Rake them hoes, rake them hoes
    Slants flee the garden, then they fill the street, with
    Rakes and hoes, rakes and hoes
    Better watch your ass, or it’s gonna get beat, with
    Rakes and hoes, rakes and hoes

    1. Thanks. This video reminds me of an old video where some guys on a moped steal a lady’s purse in china then it turns into a giant street brawl. Someone edited the video with the song Kung Fu Fighting playing over it and I just could not stop laughing

  3. so, its a women fight with an guy.
    followed by “maybe” the husband who try to help his wife.
    2 vs 1
    then followed by others guys who help the first one.
    6-7 vs 2
    then come the “possible” brother, out of his house with cleaver (who also take a direct hit in hand, can see blood on his hand)
    6 vs 3
    then come around 10-15 “boys” (look pretty young) that come to help the first guy

    20 vs 3
    better to go away.

    as everybody seem to move away, i guess the trio family have run away or severly injured in an corner and beat for death out of camera.

    nice shit btw XD

  4. Im wondering why a gang of Asians are in a street fight with gardening equipment. China is fucked but surprised this isn’t a video from tialand or Malaysia. Also hello all, I’ve been on this site for a few years now but never really spoke up. I’ll break out of my reclusive shell to join the best gore community and it’s enterraining and fucked up ways πŸ™‚

    1. Ha Ha fuckin Chinks @thedre bro!

      slant eyed merciless bastards
      just ready for a kill any minute
      some local brew got them all drunk hickers on the lose
      those garden tools look ancient and of the beaten track

  5. When the aliens finally reveal themselves to us and they tell us why they have remained hidden for so long, I expect to see this clip right along with the stock footage of the Nazis marching and the nuclear bombs being detonated.

    1. Murdered our un-armed servicemen.
      Over a fuckin tree.
      Cut down the Great shit bag I mean leaders tree after all in the end though. I remember that day well…too bad the cowards didn’t show back up when our guys came back with axes and ax handles.
      Those folks need to kill the current shitbag…they are literally 2 inches shorter than their Southern brethren from malnutrition while each Kim seems to get fatter and more un-balanced as that tragic comedy plays out in the Hermit Kingdom.

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