Asian Woman Puts Hand in Sausage Grinder

Asian Woman Puts Hand in Sausage Grinder

Asian Woman Puts Hand in Sausage Grinder

No exact location is known, but somewhere in Asia is highly suspect.

A lady has got herself encased in a dill of a pickle, better yet, her hand inside a grinder. Onlookers look with fright and disgust, they also don’t look happy about the woman’s situation.

You have to hand it to her for not whining like an utter failure.

Looks to be a cafeteria of sorts. She is holding up the line to quality grub.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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87 thoughts on “Asian Woman Puts Hand in Sausage Grinder”

    1. My question is, why the fuck did she think, (Or why would any person think, at ANY point) that putting your fucking hand in a meat grinder is a good idea for any reason???? Look… We all have done stupid shit, but if, for whatever reason, I decide to put my fucking hand in a fucking MEAT GRINDER, I probably shouldn’t be surprised if my hand gets turned into fucking hamburger. What the FUCK did she think any other possible outcome would be??? Stupid fucking cunt chink bitch.

          1. I thought that was pakis/indians (all the same) they wash their asses with their left hand and eat with their right. Then they serve white people food with their lefts….or hadn’t you connected getting the shits with every time you eat paki food yet?
            Yeah..indian is the most popular food in ass

          2. Lol, Pakis and Indians are far from the same people as Eastern Asians, Eastern Asians have a far higher IQ (even higher than white people). To stick those dumb ass religious nuts into the same category as Eastern Asian is a bit dumb in itself…

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