Auburn, Washington Shell Robbed After Clerk Suffers Heart Attack

Auburn, Washington Shell Robbed After Clerk Suffers Heart Attack

Auburn, Washington Shell Robbed After Clerk Suffers Heart Attack

Group of no-gooders entered a Shell gas station on the corner of 201 Auburn Way South, one proceeded to steal 2 pepperoni sticks. After eating one stick, the no good thief offers other delinquent the last stick. Store clerk saw this and charged the teen for the snacks, argument broke out about payment. The teen boy offers $1 for restitution. In the heat of the moment the employee gets struck by a minor heart attack and collapses to the floor.

The teenage, spur of the moment thief, reenters the gas station to take money out of the register as clerk lays on floor unconscious. Three minutes after leaving the scene good samaritans arrived and called for medical attention. The store clerk is said to be in the hospital on life support.

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  4. The media gave a different narrative. They made it sound as if the kids and one adult were just shopping when the store clerk had a heart attack. Rather than helping, they decided to rob the place.

    That isn’t entirely true. As shown in the video, they were already caught stealing, and when confronted by the store clerk he had a heart attack and they saw it as a opportunity to steal more things.

    I wonder why the MSM left out that detail?

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