Blackened Corpse of 32 Year Old Man Recovered from Bitumen Boiler in India

Blackened Corpse of 32 Year Old Man Recovered from Bitumen Boiler in Hyderabad, India

In India, a man apparently fell into a bitumen boiler and died. The video shows the workers using an excavator to recover his blackened corpse from the tank. Got to love how spectators retreat from the corpse at 1:14.

According to the info I got, this incident happened in the city of Karemnagar, state of Hyderabad, India. Unfortunately, the interweb tells me the city of Karemnagar is actually located in the state of Telangana. Not sure which part of the info is correct and which isn’t, but it doesn’t really matter that much. At the end of the day, it’s all India.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

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    1. I don’t particularly care about the monuments themselves. But what I do care about is how the leftist elites are encouraging revisionist history in order to hide the fact that it was democrats who invented the KKK, White League and Red Shirts, along with drafting and passing Jim Crow laws to scare black people away from the voting booth.

          1. Yeah, a lot of women seem to grin when I’m around… I always thought it was the red nose, and the car that goes BANG and the doors fall off…

  1. I am iron man
    Has he lost his mind?
    Can he see or is he blind?
    Can he walk at all
    Or if he moves will he fall?
    Is he alive or dead?
    Has he thoughts within his head?
    We’ll just pass him there
    Why should we even care?
    Nobody wants him
    He just stares at the world
    Now the time is here
    For iron man to spread fear
    Vengeance from the grave
    Kills the people he once saved

    Thanks for the memories Sabbath!!

  2. He is already a self made statue of stupidity so they should make him a plank and write this is what happens to idiots who fall in boiling hot tar at the work site don’t let this be you! Then display him at the entrance for all the other workers to see.

  3. Twas a time not even that long ago when upon seeing a ghastly sight like this as it emerges from the hole people would cover their mouths and look away. Now all we see is them raising cell phone cameras and jockeying for a clear picture!

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