Brave Brazilian Woman Knocks Out Thief with a Mannequin

Brave Brazilian Woman Knocks Out Thief with a Mannequin

On March 7, 2014, during a robbery in downtown Maringá, in Northern Paraná, Brazil, shop owner wrestled a thief for a gun he had used in an attempt to intimidate the thief away. While everybody else left the shop owner to deal with the thief on his own, a young woman, without a hint of hesitation, grabbed the shop’s mannequin and smacked the thief over the head with it, knocking him out.

Great display of bravery on behalf of the woman. After she’s taken care of the thief, then all of a sudden a whole whack of people showed up to “help”. Brazilians and their mannequins

Props to Best Gore member Yochan for the video:

Here’s also a TV report on the same incident – it contains pretty much the same footage but with highlights and also a footage of the thief being taken away on a gurney by paramedics:

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