Brazilian Cameraman Covering Protests in Rio Hit in Head by Explosive Device

Brazilian Cameraman Covering Protests in Rio Hit in Head by Explosive Device

49 year old Brazilian cameraman with “TV Bandeirantes” by the name of Santiago Ilídio Andrade was pronounced brain dead after he was hit in the head by an explosive device while covering protests in Rio de Janeiro on February 6, 2014. People in Rio were protesting bus fare increases. It is believed someone brought with them a firecracker and set it off in the middle of the demonstration, wounding the cameraman.

Santiago Ilídio Andrade was taken to the Souza Aguiar Hospital where he underwent brain surgery to stop bleeding and stabilize the intracranial pressure. Besides the cracked skull, the cameraman also lost part of his left ear. On February 10, 2014, he was placed in a medically induced coma.

A few days later, police arrested a college student and a tattoo artist named Fábio Raposo who confessed to “participating” in setting the firecracker off, but said he did not intend on hurting anyone. Authorities plan to charge him with first degree murder. If convicted, he could be face up to 30 years in prison. Other people were probably involved in the incident too.

I have a few videos of the incident. Here’s one angle:

Different angle:

Slo Mo of the moment the cameraman was hit (from the second video):

A few pics:

50 thoughts on “Brazilian Cameraman Covering Protests in Rio Hit in Head by Explosive Device”

      1. Who really knows what it means, and who really cares? I believe his idea was meant to be somewhat derogatory. Let’s not try to educate the world on the “dirt” language. Mother fuckers don’t want to learn English when they move here. The last thing I want to do is learn their “dirt ” language by osmosis.
        No offence to you fellow BG’er…I’m just sayin’

        1. This happened in Rio de Janeiro where they speak portuguese, a language that no one is forcing you to learn. In Portugal and alot of other countries in Europe the students are forced to learn english, so I don’t see why you complain.

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          Most prescription drugs are fucked too. You know how many people have died from weed; 0. Synthetic drugs have killed hundreds of thousands.

  1. I’m sure he knew there was a good chance someone could get hurt, but I highly doubt he thought it would actually kill someone.
    I can’t see 1st degree murder sticking. They’re not going to be able to prove pre-meditation or intent to kill. But then again, I don’t know the laws in this country.

    I am super curious as to how high the bus fare is there & how much it was increasing, and even how often it goes up.
    I think ours here is $2.25, and even the people I know who are jobless & barely scraping by have said that they think it’s a good deal.

    1. Its about 2$ here in Brazil, the problem is not the fare, the problem is the service it is really as bad as you can imagine in so many situations. However the protests overall ARE NOT because of the bus fare, this was a media way of seeing it, people were complaining about every single huge problem about the government, and yes, when we talk about brazil there are tons of problems.

  2. Can someone interpret what the jig at the end was screeching? And also, maybe someone should invent some sort of device, or contraption to protect your head when going into a dangerous situation…only a brain-dead douchebag would enter a protest zone without the appropriate headgear…

  3. Sorry for the guy, but things will worsen until fucks world cup. Other guys with cameras run for him not to help, but to get best angle.

    Ending: today firefighters were in a favela in Sao Paulo to extinguish a fire and were – at gunpoint – robbed.

    This place is going to blow!

  4. DAMN!!! Oh man, oh man. That looked so brutal and terrifying!!! :O

    Stupidity of some people. Accident or not, why bring that shit to things like that?! Poor lil feller.

    Although it did make a very pretty kaboom… Am I right or am I right?

  5. Fuckin hell… Brazil’s fireworks are the shit and the piss!!! Clearly not intended for use in a largely crowded area, but that was intense. I’m tired of these sparklers and little spark fizzling/spinning/spewing fireworks… I need to get my ass to Brazil for the 4th of July!

    1. @oldgregg
      you just made me remember something totally random! back in the day (the 70’s) when skateboards first made their appearance, I had a green skateboard….I wonder whatever happened to it…

      …aww the good ole days…

      ..sorry totally off topic…

  6. Shit, being brain dead would be better than having to listen to those fools screaming. I would be so pissed too if I was hit in the head by a fucking rocket, and all anyone does is scream and fucking jerk me around. Quit rocking me and get my broke ass to a goddamn hospital!

  7. Sucks for that dude. Wrong place at the wrong time. As for it being a firework, to me it looks more like a failed attempt at a crude pipe bomb. Probably didn’t cap it right, and instead of exploding it took off like a rocket.

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