British Tourist Dies in Thailand When Fireworks Shoots In His Face

British Tourist Dies in Thailand When Fireworks Shoots In His Face

British Tourist Dies in Thailand When Fireworks Shoots In His Face

A 51 year old British tourist reportedly died when a firework he was trying to set off shoot into his face. The incident happened in Pattaya, Thailand just hours after the New Year countdown to 2020.

In the video, the alleged tourist is shown stooping over the fireworks, staring into it even after it clearly was lit up. The thing then goes boom, inches from his face. The cameraman could have stayed on the scene for aftermath footage.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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170 thoughts on “British Tourist Dies in Thailand When Fireworks Shoots In His Face”

          1. @darkflare
            It could have very well been a *Dark Flare* that did this ya know, and not a firecracker. Cause being that It was pretty dark outside, and nighttime,,, WAIT!!! are you sure that You were not the one that were partly responsible for this do this?? And i say partly cause the guy did stick his melon right on top of that explosive even after he had lit-it.
            So Yep,,, darn-right B G Bro! 😉

          1. @GoatNuts
            First-Off,,, Man your username makes me Chuckle/Laugh every single time that i come across-it dude.
            And yes my good B G Brother We Will Never, Ever Get Well,,, but instead remain sick puppies t’ill we die. So you are here with us, and right where you belong my man, 😉

        1. I’m from Britain and I saw this incident first thing the next day, but didn’t think it would make its way to BG.

          This is such a pity. Lit fireworks that haven’t sailed up yet, are extremely dangerous to fuck around with. Gunpowder explosives and magnesium. Why was he bending over its possible path, to check it?

          Still, even if he survived his face would be mangled and possibly blind.

          BG is the best teacher. Life can be extremely cruel.

          1. @Mr Spock
            Best-Gore is a great teacher indeed my good man, and B G Brother.
            It’s too bad that this guy did not have enough common-sense to not stick his face right over a firecracker. I Mean you can quite easily light it up while remaining a full foot to the side of it while sparking her up, no?? Poor Guy’s face & vision will be fucked for life now 🙁

          1. @ParadiseFaIIs
            Great Minds Think Alike, my good B G Sibling.
            I Hope that 2020 has been kind to you so far, and that you have a great New-Years,
            and that it’s a happy, and prosperous one at that. 🙂

        2. I bet ya his face was blistered and stained with a shit ton of blood. And his eyeballs are probably melting and oozing out of his eye sockets from the heat of the firecracker causing him to go blind.

      1. SHOT IN THE FACE by bad jonny

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    1. Agreed good riddance. I’ve been to patayaaaaa. Absolute fucking shit hole.
      Full of fuckin paedos and loosers like this cunt.
      I love how my local brit papers reported he was there with his thai ‘fiancée’ lol. Any cunt in the uk over 18 knows this translates to ‘was spending his two week vacation with a pattaya hooker’
      I guess they protect the family… but they aint protecting anyone from the fact he was stupid enough to look a lit commercial firework in the face.
      You had it made son. Quit the UK, done the walk of shame with family and friends and made it to Pattaya, land of dreams. But instead of keeping a low profile and pokin that pussy you had to blow yer head off.

      Fiancée going through her phone already looking for new income, sorry i mean loving Farang boyfriend

          1. What the fuck does that have to do with anything? What, are you 15?
            Btw I’m a log cabin republican. That means I suck so much wood, I’ve got splinters in the roof of my mouth. How about you grow up and stop with the political patty cake.

          1. Hello my dear! How nice of you to notice my return 🙂
            All the best wishes and i wish you all the best in health for 2020.

            I have been lurking on bg during my absence 🙂 But yeah I have been busy with my new job, and trying to better myself and take a bit more care of myself.

            I have started doing daily walks 1 to 2 hrs a day, and lost already 25 kg in 6 months 😀
            And my job is going very fine, making promotion to a higher function next month, so all is going very well!

            How have things been with you, and here in BG? I noticed that Mark has returned 😀

      1. I wonder if the Thai government spends a lot of money on advertising in the UK. I live in the US but have yet to see a single advert about Thailand. I spoke to a professor from a local university who happens to be from there and he said 99% of all foreign visitors are there for “drugs and prostitution”

  1. I can’t see how that killed him, the bang wasn’t very impressive so I think the firework was more of a pretty pattern one than a banger so if anything his face may be burnt but I doubt dead.
    Aftermath vid required

  2. I was in Pattaya, Thailand for new years eve years ago with a friend. It was an awesome time. The fireworks were crazy, especially the firecrackers, loud as hell. They were so loud and fiery that we had to duck into a little store to avoid them. Good times.

          1. Doesn’t look like he was capable of thinking. If he was capable of doing something so stupid, how the fuck did he make it to 51?

        1. A) he was seeing double “booze”
          B) the English in the instructions sucked “Chinese import”
          C) he was dared to do it “friends”
          D) he wanted to die “the prostitute he hired was male”
          E) he fell asleep “zzzzz”
          F) all of the above “after having unprotected sex with a he/she boy in Thailand he went out with his only friend (tranny holding the camera) was binge drinking his sore anus when he bought fireworks labeled with foreign writing and picked a Hell of a time to pass out.

  3. HAHAHA!!! That idiot kept his face over the launch tube even after he lit the fuse. Why? What was he looking at/for?
    Now that older dude walking by with the obvious young prostitute. Now here was a guy who knows how to celebrate the New Year. Your the Man dude.

    1. What is it with mortars and alcohol on the holidays, then? I remember that retard from Maine, USA, Devon Staples, who got himself into the Darwin finals with his July 4th fireworks lobotomy. This Brit certainly made a good case.

  4. If they aren’t chucking us outta tall buildings…errr…helping us to commit suicide…they’re giving us dodgey fireworks! At least it was only a POME. (Pronounced, “POM ĒĒĒ”. Thought I’d help the tourists out there. 😉 )

    Also for the tourists: “P.O.M.E” stands for, “Prisoner of Mother England.” Now you know. 🙂

  5. An absolute Balloon. His photo in the UK newspapers showed his lovely white teeth, beautiful and would put George Michael’s pearly whites to shame.
    But now this guy’s gob (and teeth) look like George Michael’s after he’s been in the ground for 3 years. The British abroad – the brain turns to fruit flavoured jelly when they venture further than Blackpool.

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