British Tourist Dies in Thailand When Fireworks Shoots In His Face

British Tourist Dies in Thailand When Fireworks Shoots In His Face

British Tourist Dies in Thailand When Fireworks Shoots In His Face

A 51 year old British tourist reportedly died when a firework he was trying to set off shoot into his face. The incident happened in Pattaya, Thailand just hours after the New Year countdown to 2020.

In the video, the alleged tourist is shown stooping over the fireworks, staring into it even after it clearly was lit up. The thing then goes boom, inches from his face. The cameraman could have stayed on the scene for aftermath footage.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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169 thoughts on “British Tourist Dies in Thailand When Fireworks Shoots In His Face”

  1. It *looks* like he had it right side up to start, then for some dumbass reason flipped it over and lit the fuse. Maybe he wanted to see what it would do if the barrel was blocked. Obviously this former MI6 agent dropout didn’t understand the explosives concept of “tamping” and how you make any explosion about ten times nastier if you block up the path of least resistance for the concussion. It actually looks like he had his hands holding down by the upside down base as it burned.

    So long, pedo-tourist fuckhead.

  2. Honestly the Brit media (as cancerous as any other media) are behaving like he was some unfortunate who bought dodgy fireworks but god bless best gore for showing what I suspected all along: the last Darwin Award of the 2010’s! Good riddance and his quite sexy partner will have cheated on him and will now spend all his money he left behind

  3. Anyone spotted that Fat Westerner in gay white flip flops at 00:12 being led by an assertive hot-looking Thai girl?

    My money is that the Westerner is there for a Dirty New Year party and was looking to get laid by any loose girls taking money, lol.

    Now, if our Fireworks Dude had gone down that path instead, he would have had a jolly good time and gone home after.

  4. Fireworks amateur here. The guy is either dead or wishing he was. He just ate 500 grams of shell at muzzle velocity of 140 kilometres per hour, translates into about 7800 newtons to the face (punched by 1.5 Mike Tysons using max effort, with no glove) along with fifty gallons of red hot incandescent gas, and countless particles of clay, burning metal, and charcoal burning away his eyelids and broiling the eyeballs. If his neck wasn’t broken he’s blind and possibly deaf. Best case scenario: no face. Worst case: paralyzed, blind, deaf with no face.

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