British Comedian Tommy Cooper Suffers Heart Attack and Dies Live on Stage

British Comedian Tommy Cooper Suffers Heart Attack and Dies Live on Stage

British entertainer and comedian Tommy Cooper suffered a massive heart attack on stage and died in front of a TV audience of millions while performing the hit variety show Live From Her Majesty’s. As he collapsed helpless to the floor, the audience in the packed theater kept laughing, having thought it was an act. Thus, the 63-year-old Welsh legend died as he had lived – making people laugh. April 15, 2014 marked 30 years since the entertainer’s death.

Tommy Cooper was one of Britain’s most popular and loved entertainers at the time. His act was broadcast live from Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End. He had a drinking problem which likely contributed to his death. At first, he used alcohol to get over the anxiety to perform before live audience, but later it became an addiction.

I wonder what people who exploded laughing felt after realizing that they laughed at someone’s death.

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          1. I just dig the fact they were so trained to laugh at a portrayal of reality, dispie the fact it was real reality hitting them in the face balls. Wonder how many viruses lost their sense of humor that night.

  1. It’s funny that all that people that was laughing when he die are now dead and now we laugh of them for being laughing,if you listen carefully sometimes you still can hear them laughing and I’m laughing lol

          1. I saw it first time round and here I am , still alive . Well sort of , actually I feel like one of the living dead , damn you Smirnoff and red stripe !!

  2. I’ve heard of a lot of comedians who use alcohol to loosen up before they go on. Heck, I used to do it before I commented HERE so I could get comfortable and crazy. Graham Chapman of Monty Python was like that, too. It’s a pro trick, but a dangerous one. I have no doubt that it contributed to this guy’s demise.

    As far as laughing at the dead… As long as YOU can take it in return when you kick the bucket… Then, by all means. Laugh away. I’m sure a lot of these audience members felt bad after the fact, though. Most people don’t find death amusing. Just us sick fucks with a dark sense of humor. 😆

    1. and a blonde at crotch level seems to have been what lit the fuse. PERFECT timing for a set up for the “fake a heart attack because this bitch may just suck my cock right now” routine, which obviously, the audience was pickin’ up what they though he was puttin’ down.
      Now he’s a skeleton and STILL amusing the fleshy virus.

  3. It is strange how often so much occurs that is harmful or results in death that audiences believe to be part of the act. Several deaths have occurred due to error of the act and I always wondered how come assistants and crew don’t do something. Surely they know what is part and what isn’t right? Especially in cases where dangerous stunts are involved. I recall a levitation trick went wrong and the girl wa s basically squeezed to death after the rope attached to a harness got tangled or something and as she was levitated she died. In interviews crew said it wss odd behavior ad she had never before performed the act like that but still, crew thought it was part of the act so they continued. They didn’t realize somethibg had gone wrong until she was unlevitated back to the stage and didn’t get up. Aaudience witnesses stated she appeared ro be struggling but rhought it was part of the act because they thought she was acting out being unbalanced while levitating.

    1. I guess shock? For some people it’s better to just think the actor is not dead and is just playing a trick or some excuse their mind comes up with to not deal with it.

      To them it’s better to think “Everything is alright” then think “Oh shit our actor is dead in front of hundreds of people and children.” Coping mechanism I guess?

      1. Well you don’t see many comedians with assistants, and considering I’ve never heard of the guy before, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that he would be confused with a magician just by looking at him and his assistant. So don’t get your panties in a bunch.

        1. That is how He became famous, He did hilariously bad magic tricks. Look on YouTube ..Very funny man The variety performance in which he died is a live event held the UK every year with the Queen in attendance. And it was normally entertainers ( Comediens,singers, Bands etc.who were at the top of their game..To get an invite to perform was know as one of the highest accolades for a performer.

  4. Not for nuthin’ , but that was pretty funny and as a comedian that must be a helluva way to go? What I’m wonderin’ is why didn’t the blond bitch or his crew not know what was goin’ on and help him, they had to know it wasn’t part of the show.

    1. Ahhhhhhhh….she is blond……they say he was the tightest person in showbiz….he would give taxi drivers the exact fare and would slip something in the taxi drivers pocket and say have a drink on me….that something was a tea bag…..

  5. a fuc*n drunk givin tea bags as a tip to a cabbie shoulda got ran over long ago not a funny
    thing to do! i bet if he did that in nyc. the cabbie would have got out & kicked him in th nutz and knocked a few teeth out. then told him to suck on the tea bag!

    1. I never understand why cab drivers expect a tip just for doing thier job. I used to always tip black cab drivers till i realiised the scam and also how many black cab drivers have done shit like been prepared to leave me in the middle of a quiet area at night because they were going home and it was in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. (black cabs aren’t supposed have thier lights on if they aren’t prepared to take you a certain number of miles} So, fuck em as far as I’m concerned no one gives me a tip for doing my job.

      1. Different cultures wicked mama . Literally every person I meet or have met in say hotels in the US , have automatically expected a tip , it’s just par for the course . I only tip our taxi drivers if it’s a bit of change for the same reason you mentioned .

  6. I wondered if he smoked cannabis? Speaking of…everyone ready for 420? Got my ear wax/ dabs. Making apple buds….got my wake n bake breakfast prepped. Yup.. it’s taking too long for the day to be over!

  7. This is the perfect example of human nature. A man falls aver in the thralls of death and everyone laughs. Don’t give me any guff about the audience not being aware of his death. Everyone should have recognized that what was happening was not funny whatsoever.

  8. I remember this being on TV . The audience had no clue until the news broadcast the following day . Watching it now seems strange , he was down for a long time and noone made move . Maybe they all thought it was a part of his routine he’d just ad-libbed or something .

    He was a naturally funny guy Tommy Cooper , even if he was a tight arse , which I’d never heard until today . Even just his daft face with his fez on his big head was a scream 🙂

    1. Yeah , his last crap trick . His tricks were intentionally garbage though , part of his act . He made me laugh by just how he appeared …. a big dope with a silly hat . His humour wouldn’t go down nowadays , too straight .

  9. Thanks, I never saw that video. He performed to the final second of his life.

    The audience could only laugh as they were conditioned to by the atmosphere of the performance show, obviously none knew they were watching a man actually dying.

  10. Tommy died in the saddle, a really dramatic way to go but yes I think a good way too. The last thing he heard was a thing he was good at, making people laugh.

    Doesn’t look like he suffered much either, no clutching of the chest or gasping, is he really just snoring away there, and what’s with the arm movements?

    Well, his last trick was a good one and wherever he is now, I suspect he’s quite chuffed with himself grinning a lopsided grin.

  11. R.I.P Tommy you were such a funny guy , he always used to say that he will always want to die doing what he loves doing the most … make people laugh . He truly had his wish granted that day , he died in front of a laughing audience exaclty how he would have wanted it . This guy is a legend and he is truly missed by everyone that loved him .
    Missing you Tommy

  12. Holy shit… I saw this for real. I was there that night. A trip to London with a youth club I was involved in. Just a daft wee guy. This is one of the many reasons I’m obsessed with death and gore. Seen a lot of death and gore in my life. Fucking video gives me the chills but :/
    That was just the heart attack. He didn’t exactly die on stage at that point. He was still alive. He died a good bit later while they tried to revive him, that much is fact. Tarbuck originally announced that cooper was recovering to us in the audience because he was still talking at one point, but then it was announced later on tv and radio that he’d actually died… Heard two conflicting stories about when he died as well. One states it was back stage, the other states it was just before he got to hospital.

  13. Re: “I wonder what people who exploded laughing felt after realizing that they laughed at someone?s death.”

    If I know TV, then the laughter was caned (laugh track).

    He was doing nothing funny at the time, and did not look like he was preparing to do something funny.

    Did this happen on live TV? Did someone check on him, with the expected flurry of activity soon following? Did the show cut off with a “Technical Difficulty” message?

    I mean, “Live” TV is rarely live, after all.

    The way he was contorting and writhing meant that he instantly went into ventricular fibrillation. It seemed he didn’t suffer much at all. He probably wasn’t feeling too well for God knows how long – a few hours or a few days, maybe. By the time the IM caused his heart to fibrillate, he probably didn’t even fully realize that something was very wrong.

  14. If you look closely the heart attack start just before he called his assistant on stage..He grimaced as he held his arms out..You can see him looking towards his left arm where I am guessing he had shooting pains..the only good thing with a massive heart attack is that you black out so you are spared the crushing pain..You could here the death rattle down the mic..RIP dude British Legend

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